The Checkup: How Your Favorite Farmer Could Be Deceiving You

In the words of a coworker, "Is nothing sacred anymore?" A Wall Street Journal article on farm stands is, well, depressing.

• I regret to inform you that the organic apples you pay more for at the farmers’ market might not actually be organic. And just because the farmer is local doesn’t mean all his produce is; I don’t know of any Pennsylvania farms that grow Chiquita bananas, for example, but plenty of farm stands that sell them. Oh and also (siiiigh) farm-stand produce might not be any more farm-fresh than the stuff at the Acme—and, in fact, supermarket produce tends to have a longer shelf-life thanks to optimized storage conditions. Depressing, no? Head over to the Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch for seven more reasons why farm stands might not be all they’re cracked up to be.

• Motivation to (finally) quit? Smokers get less sleep, and worse quality sleep, than nonsmokers. Reuters has more on a new study.

• In the category of Kids Developing Adult Problems, the CDC reports that more and more kids have high blood pressure these days, thanks to diets overloaded with salt. CBS News has more.