The Checkup: Lululemon Sues Calvin Klein Over Pants Design

A waistband could make or break this case. No, seriously.

• I’m no legal scholar. And quite frankly, I thank my lucky stars almost every day that I scrapped my undergraduate dreams of becoming a lawyer long before I ended up in law school—or even took the LSAT, for that matter. But even I couldn’t help but be interested in this Bloomberg story about a lawsuit filed in Delaware in the matter of Lululemon v. Calvin Klein*, in which Lululemon is suing the pants off Calvin Klein (I couldn’t resist) for what it believes to be patent infringement related to a—yup, you guessed it—pair of pants. Lulu claims Calvin’s “Performance” pants rip off the design of its own “Astro” yoga pants, pictured at right, including the V-shaped waistband and two other design elements. Lulu went so far as to patent the design last year—something that’s apparently pretty hard to do in the fashion world—and is now asking the court to weigh in and settle the matter, and award unspecified damages.

• A Massachusetts doctor is refusing to treat people who are overweight and obese. And it’s totally within her right to do so. CNN has more (video).

• Uh, yikes. A nurse in Ohio accidentally threw away a kidney intended for a transplant, causing the University of Toledo Medical Center to suspend its live donor-transplant program. Efforts to save the organ were futile. ABC News has more.


*Probably not the official name, but it sounds good, doesn’t it?