Spandex Everywhere!: Hilarious Workout Videos from the 80s

Let us celebrate the funniest era of fitness.

I’m doing the Totally Awesome 80’s Run with a friend tomorrow morning (expect a recap with photos next week), so this week we’ve been planning our decade-appropriate costumes. In the name of research, I unearthed all kinds of hilarious clips from old workout videos, and I just couldn’t not share them with you. I mean, it’s Friday after all—I’m positive you don’t have anything better to do.

So without further ado, here are the seven best 80s workout videos the Internet has to offer. You’re welcome.


The dude! Look at the dude on the right!! At 1:49, he starts leading the workout. Solid.

I simply do not understand the set in this one. Why, on the back wall, is there a fluorescent star, diagonal lines and … is that a fire or something in the middle? Also, when did belts go out of fashion as workout accessories?

Um. I’m getting a distinct (and creepy) S&M vibe from this one. Anyone else?

Oh, right. Suspenders. Who wouldn’t work out in suspenders? Also, holy teased hair, Batman.

Ah, The Firm, an absolute classic. Why they’re working out in front of a bunch of styrofoam statues is beyond me. However, a friend writes: “I did that video every other day one summer. It’s legit.” So, there’s that.

Mousercise is on YouTube! I tooootally had this video as a kid and used to do it all.the.time. I even remember the songs. Like, every word. Guys, I think I found the solution to childhood obesity.

Part 1:

Part 2:

What roundup like this could be complete without a little Richard Simmons? Here’s a collection of clips from his Sweatin’ to the Oldies, which launched him to fame in the 80s. Richard’s lovely and all, but I’m sure his success had to do more with the dancing rocker ripping it on the electric guitar.