Celeb Pulse: Adele Sings, 7-Year-Old Emerges from Coma

Plus: Alex Trebek has second heart attack, 50 Cent hospitalized, Emma Stone's raspy voice and more.

Adele’s Ballad Brings Girl Out of Coma. Several days after seven-year-old British girl Charlotte Neve slipped into a coma after suffering a brain hemmorrage, “Rolling in the Deep” came on the radio in her hospital room. Her mother began to sing along and then—catch this—the little girl began to smile. Two days later, she was able to talk and walk around. Nurses who witnessed the event credited the “unlocking” of the coma to Adele’s oh-so-catchy tune, a familiar stimulus to Charlotte’s brain. Bizzare, no? Apparently, such events are fairly common. [MSNBC]

Emma Stone’s Raspy Voice Result of Childhood Ailment. For years now we’ve all been wondering why Stone’s voice is so husky (you know you have). Now we have an answer. Stone, who is starring in the latest Spider-Man flick, opened up to the Daily Beast about the cause of her signature tone: For the first six months of her life, she suffered from severe stomachaches, a consequence of a hiatal hernia that she was born with, which led to her screaming herself hoarse every single day. Poor thing! Her vocal chords haven’t been the same since. [The Daily Beast]

Nora Ephron, 71-year-old Rom-Com Scribe, Died Tuesday. The esteemed filmmaker and screenwriter of When Harry Met Sally, You’ve Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, and Julie and Julia, among other classics, passed away on Tuesday after medical complications due to acute myeloid leukemia, a cancer that starts in the bone marrow and develops quickly. Ephron, a prolific writer, has left a legacy of strong, independent female characters (and the never-ending debate of whether guys and gals can be “just friends”). Bonus: Her best quotes [New York Times]

Alex Trebek “Up and About” After Second Heart Attack. This. Is. JEOPARDY! The 71-year old Jeopardy! host was hospitalized on Saturday for heart troubles, but on Monday his rep said that he was “in good spirits” and on the road to recovery. Trebek suffered his first heart attack in 2007 and bounced back to work quickly. He’s expected to be back on the set by the end of July for the taping of his 29th season. Can he make it to his 30th? I’ll take ‘A Good Cardiologist’ for $2,000. [Huffington Post]

50 Cent Survives Rear-Ender by a Mack Truck. The rapper was hospitalized for minor neck and back injuries and was left largely unscathed after his bullet-proof SUV was almost overturned by a mack truck early Tuesday morning in NYC. Creepily enough, Fiddy predicted his early demise back in January and has been hospitalized twice in a little over a month; back in May a burger got the best of him and he was treated for food poisoning. He’s got to take care of himself—his newest album will be released next week. [MTV]