Losing It: Hello, Size 26 Jeans

We should probably start calling Robin "The Incredible Shrinking Woman." A shopping spree revealed that she finally fits into her old jeans size!

Hello, friends! It’s been two weeks since last we met and much has happened. Because there are few things I like more than a good list, and since I have so much to share, you can enjoy my last two weeks in list form:

  • Previously on Losing It… Hallie and I went to work on my closet and cleaned out all of the undesirables. I am basically starting from scratch with my wardrobe, which means that I needed new jeans STAT! Where else does one go for jeans but to Nordstrom, so I headed to the KoP one day after work. Needing both a cute pair of capris and a pair of nice jeans, the sales woman and I had our work cut out for us. We started with a huge pile of size 27s and … wait … what’s that? They’re too big and I have to go down to a size 26? The same size as my seventh grade Cavariccis? Well, slap my ass and call me Sally! Bring me everything you’ve got in a size 26 so I can strut around like John Friggin’ Travolta (Don’t hate. Whatever is going on in his personal life, I am still a huge fan. Grease Travolta was totally my first crush.) in front of the three-way mirror. I ended up with a pair of Citizens capris, that have essentially become my new uniform, and a pair of Hudson jeans. Why has no one told me about Hudson before? The back pocket flaps totally help with my ass-less-ness!
  • Robin’s Weight Tracker
    Starting: 130.4 pounds
    Current: 119 pounds
    Last week: 119 pounds
    Goal: 118 pounds
  • Fast-forward a few days to Memorial Day Weekend and yours truly was in Margate, husbandless and childless. Holla! My wonderful hubby and mother-in-law took the kids to Brown for the weekend for their class reunions, leaving Mommy all sorts of free to head down the shore with Hallie and her family. I haven’t been on vacation in a while and these three days were, truly, just that. The weather was gorgeous, the beach was packed (and to it I wore my skinny bathing suits. Buh-bye Spanx-esque Miracle Suits!), and I managed to not go completely insane in spite of the wealth of food that was a mere spitting-distance away from the front door. While, yes, I did go to Tomatoes Friday night and had to hit Dino’s on my way out of town, I didn’t beat myself up about it. I also had yogurt from the new self-serve yogurt place three—count ’em three—times in as many days. Did the girls working there give me a weird look when I came in for the second time on Saturday? Sure. Did I care? Nope. Anyway, as this was a working vacay, I had to get some exercise in. Saturday morning my friend Alysha and I hit up Core Fitness for Zumba with Adam and burned some serious calories in a seriously tight space. Sunday morning, friends and I ran the Kenny Wayland Memorial 5K and I bested my previous 5K time by three minutes. I’ll take it!
  • The past week has seen me at the gym, receiving encouragement over the phone from Dr. Charlie and continuing to track everything on My Fitness Pal. I even tried out a new class at the Newtown Athletic Club on Sunday morning. I haven’t done any sort of barre-based class since I tried out Lithe Method quite some time ago and thought it was time to give it another shot. Judy’s 8 a.m. Barre Essentials class fit perfectly into my day so I grabbed my toe shoes and headed over. Kidding. I think part of the problem with Lithe was that I was in crappy shape and just felt plain overwhelmed by the whole thing. I had very little exercise confidence (Is there such a thing? If not I hereby coin that phrase and will be mass-producing shirts in the near future) at the time and didn’t know if I would be able to hang. Now, however, I’m in a completely different place, mentally and physically. When Judy gave us a choice between two- and three-pound, weights, I took the three-pounders. When she gave us the choice between putting our leg up on the lower or the higher barre, I chose the higher. Looks like my exercise confidence (see how it just rolls off the tongue?) has gone from an all-time low to an all-time high in a mere six months! I no longer fear classes that I’ve never taken because I know that I can take whatever they dish out. That being said, Judy’s class was a killer and my legs were shaking at more than one point. And I have learned that the plank and I are not friends.
  • Lastly on this fun little list, I bought some new workout tanks the other day and am finally buying smalls instead of mediums. Thank God, because every time I purchased something medium-sized, a little piece of me died.

And there you have it, folks. Two weeks in a nutshell. Next up, I’m moderating a panel discussion at this Saturday’s Be Well Boot Camp. Who else will be there? I’m also supposed to be running Congregation Beth Or’s Oy Vey 5K on Sunday. But only if someone is available to watch my kids. Anyone want to babysit?


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