Toddler with Cochlear Implants Hears Mom’s Voice for First Time (Video)

I dare you not to get choked up at this one.

There are moments in life when you’re so happy someone thought to have a camera rolling (and the courtesy to later upload the video to YouTube). This video of two-year-old Cooper, who recently received cochlear implants and hears his mother’s voice for the first time, is one of them.

A Yahoo blogger talked with Cooper’s mother, Lauren LaScala, who said Cooper was born with profound hearing loss. Last year, he received cochlear implants and in October, when the video was shot, was able to hear for the first time in his life. The eight-month-old YouTube video somehow managed to resurface last week and has since gone viral. It’s no wonder why: Cooper’s reaction when hears his mom’s voice (at about the 30-second mark, if you’re impatient) is positively priceless. Now, somebody please pass me a tissue.