The Checkup: How Dana Torres Gets Ready for the Olympics

The 45-year-old swimmer hears a lot about her age—but it doesn't faze her.

• Here are the things I learned from a interview with Dana Torres, a 45-year-old Olympic swimmer who’ll participate in her sixth Games this summer in London:

  1. Her pre-swim-meet, psych-up mixtape includes the Doors, the Who, the Rolling Stones, and Kanye.
  2. She credits her ridiculously ripped abs, in part, to genetics.
  3. She used to be bulimic.
  4. She conks out the night before a meet with the help of Ambien (and claims lots of other athletes do the same).
  5. She meets reporters for steak and potatoes to do interviews. How can I get in on that?

• Crazy cool: an experiment in which paralyzed rats were able to “walk, run and spring deftly over obstacles,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

• You probably heard that New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to ban sodas or sugary drinks that are 16-ounces or larger at restaurants, movie theaters and food trucks. Yeah … Mickey D.’s and Coke aren’t too happy about it.