The Checkup: Dr. Oz to Host Free Health Clinic in Philly

Oprah Winfrey's favorite doc is opening a free clinic in Philly to help our city get healthy.

• Dr. Oz—yes, that Dr. Mehmet Oz of Oprah/medical-talk-show acclaim—was here in Philly over the weekend, conducting 15-minute physical exams for a few hundred Philadelphians over at Temple. I guess it was an eye opening experience for him because FOX 29 reported earlier this week that Oz will be back in October to run a large free clinic here in Philly. (I’m assuming it’ll be a sort of one-time, pop-up thing, rather than a brick-and-mortar clinic, since the story goes on to call it an “event.”) Oz handed over a health report card to Michael Nutter on Saturday, saying that “Philadelphia is not as healthy as it could be, not only by national standards but by the standards we ought to have for ourselves.” Apparently, we have a serious hypertension and diabetes problem here. Further news of the clinic should come over the summer, Oz added.

• Savvy scientists used the Beijing Olympics, when the air was temporarily cleaned up in China, to test the impact of environmental pollution on risk for cardiovascular disease, the New York Times reports. Determined: the correlation between the two is high.

• Uhh, this slinky can run on the treadmill better than a lot of people. Fun video here.