The Checkup: The West Wing Cast Wants You to Walk More

The West Wing cast reunited to create a Funny or Die PSA for walking. Because they always walk in circles (duh)!

• I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the day the Arrested Development cast actually comes through on all those promises to do a movie. But since that will probably never happen (sigh), I’m just going to go ahead and revel in a different TV show reunion: a collabo of my favorite characters from The West Wing on a PSA-style video for walking. Walking! Because they always walk in circles on that show! Ah, self-referential humor. How I love thee. Check out the Sorkinian take on why you should walk more below.

• If you tackled the Broad Street Run yesterday (or any ol’ run, really), give yourself an extra pat on the back. A new study found that running extends your life by as much as six years if done consistently. Now that’s something to smile about.

• Holy. Moly. This 73-year-old Baltimore woman is in better shape—and muuuuuch more jacked —than I’ll ever hope to be. Hello, inspiration.