The Checkup: Would You Eat Hot-Dog-Stuffed-Crust Pizza?

With "mustard drizzle"?

• Oh the British: funny teeth, charming accents—and hot dog pizzas? TIME reported earlier this week that UK Pizza Hut restaurants are debuting a new item: 14-inch pizzas pies with hot-dog-stuffed crusts that come with mustard drizzle on the side. (I mean, of course they do.) It’s funny because I love pizza, and I’ll even have a hot dog every now and then (only from the grill, thankyouverymuch), but the thought of combining the two seems positively repugnant. It’s like how KFC’s Famous Bowls slop so many things together that they end up creating a failure pile in a sadness bowl. No word on the nutrition facts of this pizza-hot dog super-creation, but I think you’d be pretty safe betting that it’d more than put you over the top, calorie-wise, for the day. (And maybe for the week.)

• Don’t drive on Monday if you can help it: Fatal car crashes increase on Tax Day, researchers say.

• ABC News has the story of a plastic surgeon who accidentally stumbled into a cure for migraines. His secret weapon? Forehead lifts.