Actress Elizabeth Banks Makes Heart Attacks Funny

The actress teamed up with the American Heart Association on a video about women and heart disease.

Heart attacks aren’t usually the kinds of things that make you chuckle. But a short, PSA-style video with actress Elizabeth Banks—who I know best as Avery Jessup from 30 Rock but who you might know from Scrubs or the 40 Year Old Virgin—is pretty darn funny.

Banks, who wrote and directed the three-minute film for the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign, plays an overworked mom who, during a hectic morning, doesn’t realize she’s having a heart attack—right there in the kitchen. She keeps insisting that, no, she’s just fine, until her son makes her realize that, yeah, maaaaybe things aren’t so fine after all. The message, says Banks, is a self-care reminder to super-mom types who take care of everyone else but themselves. A factoid near the end reminds us that heart disease is the leading killer of women in America.