Losing It: Thanksgiving Is Worse the Second Time Around

Robin overdid it this week—and she's blaming YOU. Go figure.


Disclaimer: Contrary to my promise at the end of last week’s column, what you’re about to read will not be about my kids and their weird eating habits. We’ll save that morsel for next week. Instead, this week we’re going to talk about: gluttony.

According to Wikipedia and the movie Seven, which scared the bejesus out of me, it is one of the Seven Deadly Sins. I am Jewish and, therefore, not well-versed in said Sins. What I am well-versed in, however, is guilt. This past Saturday I piled a huge hunk of gluttony on a paper plate, paired with with a heaping portion of guilt, and fell head-first off the wagon. I think I may have bruised my ego in the process.

Saturday night was Post-Thanksgiving, my favorite party of the year. It’s usually a Pre-Thanksgiving party, but my friends, having just had a baby, couldn’t get it together until after the holiday this year. The premise of the party is that my friends Hal and Amy make a turkey, a brisket, and a sweet potato something-that-tastes-like-heaven, and then ask everyone else to contribute their favorite Thanksgiving side dish and a bottle of something delicious. Check out the photo to the left and you’ll see that it was all there:  Stuffing. Corn souffle (my contribution, which I tried to healthy-up by using low-fat sour cream. While delicious, this dish has less-than-no nutritional value). String bean casserole. Mashed potatoes—I could go on.

Robin’s Weight Tracker
Starting: 130.4 pounds
Current: 126.2 pounds
Goal: 113 pounds

And then there was dessert. My friend Mia’s insanely good challah bread pudding with chocolate ganache and, finally, Hal’s salted caramel pie with homemade whipped cream. Hungry?

I went into the day with a plan. I did Body Combat that morning (more on that below) to burn some serious calories, and then really watched myself for the rest of the day. As for the party, I was going to have a little taste of everything so as not to feel deprived, and then stop once I felt satisfied.

This so did not work out.

Once my hand had made its way into the chip bowl and then slam-dunked into the buffalo chicken dip, I was a goner. Not only did I fill my plate the first time (I didn’t want to offend anyone by NOT trying their dish), I went back for seconds. SECONDS!! As if I wasn’t gross enough the first time around. By the time dessert came out, I did what every good Weight Watcher disciple does and said, “F it. I’ve already thrown the day away. Might as well finish what I started.” Well done, me.

By the time I got home I felt bloated, nauseous and guilty as hell. I had let myself down. I had been doing so well and was feeling great about myself. Why couldn’t I have stuck to the plan? But then I realized, I did this for my readers. My fans. How bored would they all be if I just kept losing and losing? This blog needs ups and downs. Drama. This was not my fault at all. So thanks to all of you for letting me pass the buck and walk away from my ever-present food shame spiral. If only for the moment.

Left to right: my friends Jessica and Rhonda, me, and instructor Allison

What I Did This Week

Prior to being a gross pig on Saturday night, I’d actually had a good week! Inspired by last week’s column, I started hunting around for fun recipes to try. I’ve found quite the treasure trove at Skinnytaste.com. I’ve made their Asian glazed drumsticks, Thai coconut curry shrimp and petite turkey meatloaves so far, and all have been delicious. I’ve also created a Facebook group for sharing healthy recipes here. Join us and find something new and fun to cook!

Saturday morning I attended Body Combat at the Ambler Y with my very fit and very enthusiastic friend “R”. She loves this class and swears by the instructor, Allison Berkhart, who she says will keep you kicking even when you feel like you don’t have another one in you. And there was kicking alright. Lots and lots of it. Mostly of my ass, I think.

Body Combat is based in martial arts, and at different points during the class Allison had me wielding a pretend sword and stabbing a fake someone with it, uppercutting a fake someone in the jaw, and jabbing a fake someone in the nose. By the end I was sweating like a beast, a very empowered beast. Best not to mess with me these days or me and my invisible sword will strike you down! I will be seeing you again soon, Allison, because your class was amazing and I am still sore four days later.

Next up: Why kids and dieting are diametrically opposed, and burning calories with Gleekercise!


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