Do Marathon Miles Up Your Social Status?

C'mon, you can be honest.

Over on the Philly Post today, executive editor Michael Callahan is going off about all the marathon one-upmanship lately. Yes, it’s in the air—the Philly Marathon’s just 10 days away. But how many times can you hear someone brag about their easy 21-miler last weekend—”It ended on a hill and felt soooo good.”—before you want to punch him in the face?

His post reminded me of one a former colleague wrote before running the Chicago Marathon last month. The headline says it all: “Shut Up About Running the Marathon.”

All this chatter begs the question: Have we gotten way too obsessed with marathons and mileage? Do you know someone who’s driving you crazy with all the hints they’re dropping (subtle or not) about their marathon training? Or, dare I ask, are you the guilty party?

Let’s dish in the comments, shall we?