Halloween Candy Sales Reach Record High

The dollars and cents of our sugar addiction

It’s official: Our sweet tooths have set a new record—$2.3 billon, to be exact, the most ever spent on Halloween candy in the US.

The National Confectioners Association brings us the news (with bells on their feet, I’m sure) that sales of candy corn, bite-size chocolates and other Halloween goodies are up to an all-time high this year. Per capita, Americans will spend $7.36 a person on Halloween candy.

Speaking of candy corn, manufacturers made 35 million pounds of it this year, enough for each American to down 27 pieces.

Makes you wonder where all that candy and sugar actually goes. I’m guessing straight to people’s hips, thighs and midsections. If you want a refresher about what too much sugar does to your body (spoiler alert: nothing good comes of it), read this. And for healthier Halloween candy you can make at home, try these recipes.