The Checkup: Python Hearts Could Help Heart Disease Patients

Researchers are trying to understand how python hearts swell without damage.

• Now this is different: Researchers in Colorado are studying python hearts to see if they can come up with a new kind of treatment for humans with heart disease. Python hearts swell to more than double their size without any signs of heart damage when the snakes gorge on food; researchers wanted to know why. Turns out, it has to do with particular fatty acids in their blood that signal the release of heart-protecting enzymes—a chain reaction they’re hoping to develop as treatment for humans with heart disease. Read more about research over here on

• Pennsylvania drug stores are taking a serious hit from mail-order prescription services. So they’re taking their complaints to the PA Senate and House, where they’re hoping to get legislation passed that would offer more protections and level the playing field. has the story.

• In case you missed it on Friday, a Penn doctor is getting flack for jokes he made about fat people in a column he writes in an industry magazine. Boy, oh boy, are people mad.