The Checkup: Michael Solomonov Consumed 104,000 Calories in Doughnuts

The chef admitted to eating hundreds of doughnuts leading up to the opening of his new Pennsport eatery. We crunched the caloric numbers

• I pretty much choked on my lunch yesterday when I read how many doughnuts chef Michael Solomonov estimated eating before opening his new fried chicken/doughnuts joint, Federal Donuts, in Pennsport. Bon Appétit has the money quote: “In the last few months it’s conceivable that I’ve eaten 300 or 400 doughnuts,” Solomonov says. “Last week I probably ate 10 a day, which is disgusting.” Yes, Mr. Solomonov, that is disgusting. And by my count, if we estimate that each donut had around 260 calories—the same as a glazed donut from Dunkin’—you consumed as many as 104,000 calories just from doughnuts alone. Makes me wonder how much fried chicken you tested, too. I shudder to think.

• Speaking of things you shouldn’t put in your mouth: light bulbs. A little girl in Indiana with something called pica disorder has an unfortunate penchant for eating them.

• A new Swedish study found that 40 minutes of cycling three times a week works as well as medication for migraine sufferers. Researchers aren’t entirely sure why, but it’s likely due to our good friend endorphins.