The Cheesecake Factory Rolls Out New Healthier Menu

The chain known for humungous portions is now offering a lighter menu

Watch out, Subway—there’s a new healthy menu in town. The Cheesecake Factory’s SkinnyLicious menu, which was rolled out in August and September, features nearly 50 health-conscious items including appetizers, entrées and even a few cocktails.

We spoke with a staffer at the Cherry Hill location—she didn’t want her name in print—who shared how the new menu is going over with customers.

“SkinnyLicious is twice the size of Season 52’s menu,” she said, “which now means we have the largest calorie-controlled menu around.”

The majority is made up of classic Cheesecake Factory fare, which have been revamped to contain fewer calories. All of the entrées are under 590 calories, and the appetizers are under 490. Sorry, no desserts here—womp, womp.

Don’t expect the Mount McKinley-size portions of typical Cheesecake Factory dishes, either. The manager we spoke with assured us that while the portion sizes of the new menu are definitely not small, they are smaller. A SkinnyLicious burger is five ounces, for example, compared to the seven ounces in the regular-menu burger.

The nice thing about the menu is that it’s not just all salads; there are heartier options like chicken pot stickers and a trio of soft tacos.

And then there are the drinks: red sangria, mojito, cosmopolitan, Long Island iced tea—all for 150 calories or less.

So go ahead—drink up.