Your Best Skin Now

Our writer tests a luxe skincare line from a Main Line doc

Even though Eric Bernstein’s business is lasers (there are 44 at his Ardmore practice, Main Line Center for Laser Surgery), the dermatological laser surgeon is all about topicals. LaseResults, his own superluxe line which ranges from $36 to $85 a bottle, promises to combat skin woes like redness, enlarged pores and fine lines.

“If you’re going to do one thing to repair your skin, use a topical,” says Bernstein.

So we did. We slathered on the six treatments, from the Hydrating & Exfoliating Cleanser to the Calm & Restore serum—and, well, he was right. In two weeks, our skin looked firmer, pores appeared smaller and redness faded.

Move over, La Mer. There’s a new guy in town.