Jenna’s Goodbye Post

I've got a new gig, but that doesn't mean you can stop sweating daily!

Jenna Bergen

To my very dear Be Well readers:

I’m writing with some bittersweet news, my friends: This will be my last post on, at least for the foreseeable future. No, I haven’t decided to give up my healthy ways for a life filled with potato chips and ice cream (although I will continue to eat both occasionally, because, well, I’d be crazy not to), nor have I decided to join the army (I’m just not that brave). What I have done: Accepted a position at Prevention magazine, where I will continue to cover fitness and do my best to inspire all of us—myself included—to sweat daily. Of course,, the little blog that I was lucky enough to start only two very short years ago, will continue—so please keep reading it!

This was a tough decision for many reasons, the greatest being that I believe in Philly. I believe that this cheesesteak-eating town is destined to become one of the healthiest cities in our country—if not the healthiest—and I will miss watching it unfold.

It’s been an honor to work with and learn from some of the city’s best health and fitness professionals, and a pleasure to write for you all. Thank you for proving with your interest in that health and fitness has just as much—if not even more—of a reason to be covered by Philly Mag as politics, shopping, and entertainment. For this, I will always be grateful.

In happiness and health,

Jenna Bergen