Run For Your Mind

Log three miles this Saturday to fight the stigma surrounding teen depression and other mental health disorders

All too often, parents and educators dismiss mental health issues like depression and other mood disorders in young people as mere adolescent angst and ambivalence. The Minding Your Mind Foundation battles these misconceptions by educating communities about early warning signs of mental health disorders and fighting the stigma surrounding them. On Saturday, June 4, they will host the 5K Run/Walk for Your Mind at South Ardmore Park to raise funds to support outreach programs and research being conducted at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Center for Neurobiology and Behavior. Top finishers in each age group will take home an award, too.  — Kathryn Siegel

$25 ($35 on-site), June 4, 8AM, South Ardmore Park, 1498 South Sussex Road, Wynnewood,