Paintball The Pounds Away

If running for cover, belly crawling across the ground, and dodging through the woods sounds like a good time, check out today’s Groupon deal. Fifteen bucks will buy you an all-day paintball pass, including equipment and 200 paintballs, at Lehigh Valley Paintball’s Hatfield location. I did a quick Google search to see how many calories a few hours of paintball burns and, while I didn’t find an exact number, there are quite a few guys online who credit their new slim physiques to the game. This guy says he lost more than 40 pounds.

As long as you’re moving through LVP’s 25-plus wooded acres (and not hiding behind a tree praying for the adrenaline-filled afternoon to come an end), I would imagine you’ll burn off enough to be good and hungry by the time your pseudo war ends.