Jenna’s BCBSR Diary, Week 3: The Bachelor Takes Precedence

Please tell me I'm not the only one who missed Monday's training session to watch Emily say "yes" to Brad

Jenna Bergen

Okay, I’ll admit it. I watched The Bachelor this season. Not because I’m a hopeless romantic that believed Brad Womack would find true love, but because I couldn’t resist making fun of it. Between crazy Michelle; Brad’s total inability to answer questions for which he hadn’t rehearsed an answer; the nonstop use of the word “amazing”; and the utter ridiculousness that the women believed they might actually find love by kissing the same guy, I couldn’t have been happier to watch the train wreck unfold every Monday night. So when a friend of mine invited me over for a Bachelor finale party, I, of course—despite the fact that I was supposed to run three miles that evening—said yes.  I snacked on grilled cheese sandwiches and sipped champagne and poked fun at poor Brad instead of training and it was totally worth it. I promised myself I would make up for the missed run tomorrow.

Seeing that I had to work off the previous evening’s grilled cheese, I was definitely motivated to get some cardio in. I did four miles at the gym, and made sure to keep the incline at a 1.0 so my legs wouldn’t be shocked for my long, outdoor run on Saturday. For the most part, I felt pretty good. I’m still starting my runs out slowly and increasing in speed after the first mile or so, but at least I’m logging the distance.

I took a great Spin class at the new Sweat location in NoLibs for my cross-training, and, phew! What a great workout! We did lots of hills, so I really worked my legs. It felt good to give my knees a break from running.

Three miles today! I was at the gym again, and I wasn’t into the idea of working out until I changed out of my work clothes. After that, I felt more energetic and ready to sweat. However, the miles didn’t go very quickly. I’m definitely looking forward to my outdoor run on Saturday. It’s supposed to be beautiful weather and I can’t wait.

What amazing weather! I forgot how alive the city becomes in the spring. I loved seeing everyone out and about and the sudden arrival of sundresses and flip-flops.  I was also happy that today was a rest day.  I  sat outside and enjoyed happy hour guilt-free.

It was a little chillier today than yesterday, but the sky was so blue and the sun so bright that I couldn’t have been happier on my four-mile run. Time passes much more quickly when I run outside. This is the first week that I really feel like I’m back on track with my training and it feels great.