Lithe to Open in Old City

Plus: Walk-Star and Stems debut at Rittenhouse

Lithe fans will soon have a new spot to sweat, as Lithe Method plans to open the doors to its fourth location in Old City on April 1, 2011. The new, 3,500-square-foot studio will have two fully equipped classrooms—which will hopefully cut down on how often Lithe-ers are shut out of classes—and will offer the same list of classes currently offered at LM’s NoLibs, Rittenhouse and Ardmore locations. (You can check out the schedule here.) The roster will include Lithe’s two newest workouts, Walk-Star and Stems, which are debuting at Rittenhouse this month. 

Walk-Star, a 4.5-mile speed-walking, outdoor workout, uses weights wrapped around wrists and ankles to work glutes, hamstrings, arms and tummy muscles extra-hard. Stems promises to melt two inches off hips and thighs through a brand-new floor and barre sequence. And both have arrived just in time to help us shape up for summer.

Lithe Method’s new location will be located at 219 Cuthbert Street, 4th Floor, right above Sweat Fitness.