Weight Watchers Success Stories

Jennifer Hudson's not the only one dropping pounds. Here, seven inspiring stories from local people who lost weight on Weight Watchers

Roxborough's Jennifer Ott went from a size 14/16 to a size 6/8 on Weight Watchers.

I feel as though I’m constantly being bombarded with commercials of Jennifer Hudson professing her love for the Weight Watchers program and, seeing that she’s lost an estimated 80 pounds on the diet plan, I can easily understand why. But, then again, she’s paid to follow it! So when my inbox was flooded with local “after” shots of real-life Philadelphians who have used the program to shed pounds and regain their health and happiness, all while working nine-to-five jobs and chasing after grandkids, I was definitely impressed.

All in all, I think any program that promotes a well-balanced diet and watching portion sizes without going crazy over calorie-counting is a smart, safe way to drop pounds and to keep them off long-term. If you’re thinking about joining a program like Weight Watchers or simply need a bit of inspiration, these are seven stories you should definitely check out.