Philly Bedbug Scare Far From Over

Experts plan national summit

A few weeks ago we posted an interview with local bedbug expert Changlu Wang from Rutgers University and since then the stories I’ve heard from friends and colleagues of bedbug infestations in the city have only continued to grow. A few days ago a co-worker came by my office with a story that her neighbor picked up the bugs on a recent trip to Africa and on September 20th “V” posted the following comment on the Be Well blog: Hi Everybody, me and my girlfriend are dealing with a bed bug infestation in Philly! Uggh.  …. this bed bug extermination process is really beyond the pail.

Now, Chicago is hosting the first-ever National Bedbug Summit. Experts in medicine and extermination will be coming together “to plot a solution to the infestation epidemic plaguing cities across the US.” Check out the clip from Today below, and please continue to share your bedbug experiences, stories, and tips for getting rid of them in the comments.

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