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Victor Fiorillo

Senior Reporter at Philadelphia Magazine

philadelphia music venue chris' jazz cafe, which is reopening under a live streaming only model for the foreseeable future
City Life

Center City Music Venue to Reopen This Weekend — Without a Live Audience

Philadelphia’s longest running jazz club pivots to a livestream only model for the foreseeable future.

a rendering of a wawa drive thru only store that you will not be allowed to enter
City Life

Wawa’s Newest Concept? A Store You’re Not Allowed to Enter

Yes, the convenience-store chain just announced the world’s first drive-thru-only Wawa.

ed mcginty, an anti-donald trump protester in the villages, florida
City Life

Philly Expat Becomes One Man Anti-Trump Army In Super Conservative Florida Retirement Community

“I haven’t seen so many middle fingers since I graduated from Cardinal Dougherty,” says the most hated man in The Villages.

City Life

Don’t Look Now, But Philly’s Homicide Count Just Broke a Record

And, no, it’s not a good kind of record.

Pennsylvania Health Secretary Rachel Levine, who just responded to some of the transphobia against her
City Life

Rachel Levine Has Had Enough of Your Transphobic Bullshit

Plus: One of Larry Krasner’s biggest friends comes out against him.

a patch of the pennsylvania state police's liquor control enforcement arm and a bartender pouring drinks
City Life

State Liquor Police Have Visited Philly Area Bars More Than 5,000 Times In July

But they’re not exactly issuing a lot of citations for COVID violations.

a police car that was set on fire in philadelphia
City Life

Here’s the Latest On the Four Cop Cars Set On Fire In Philly Last Night

Plus: South Jersey gym owners finally arrested for illegal reopening. And so much for the start of MLB.

rebecca rhynhart
City Life

Rebecca Rhynhart on Her Political Aspirations and the One Book Everyone Should Read

The City Controller talks about the game you can’t beat her at and the importance of leadership in a crisis.

City Life

Beware, Philly: The Dreaded Boot Is Back

Plus: The city postpones plans to force out the “protest camp” that’s been on the Ben Franklin Parkway since June.

chaka fattah, who has been released from federal prison
City Life

Chaka Fattah Sr. Has Mysteriously Been Released from Federal Prison Way Early

Not bad for a guy who was just resentenced to ten years in prison last July.

scenes from some of the philadelphia events canceled due to the new coronavirus moratorium
City Life

Here Are All of the Big Philadelphia Events Canceled Due to the New Coronavirus Moratorium

Plus: City of Philadelphia managing director Brian Abernathy says a Black person should replace him.

philadelphia police using tear gas on protesters, who are filing a lawsuit over the use of tear gas
City Life

Dozens of Philly Protesters Just Sued the City Over the Use of Tear Gas on I-676

Meanwhile, a separate suit was simultaneously filed by residents and protesters in West Philly surrounding police activity at a protest there.

a white wildwood cop punches a black man in the head repeatedly
City Life

Prosecutors Investigating After Wildwood Cop Punches Man in Head Over and Over Again

Plus: Rachel Levine has some potentially bad news for all of us.

facebook posts from two philly cops suing the city after they were punished for social media activity in the Philly police Facebook post scandal
City Life

Current and Fired Cops Sue City for $18 Million Over Philly Police Facebook Post Scandal

They claim their First Amendment rights to free speech were violated when the police department punished them over their social media activity, some of which was deemed violent and racist.

the black taxi, one of two philadelphia restaurants shut down by health officials after citing them for COVID violations
City Life

Philly Health Officials Shut Down Two Restaurants After Citing Them for COVID Violations

Plus: Mike Pence manages to avoid a potentially germy fist bump with John McNesby. And Philly wants to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup.