Better Bike Lanes Are Coming to Philadelphia

Plus, Philly's school superintendent sounds serious about year-round schooling.

bike lanes in old city with concrete barriers

An early rendering of the proposed Old City bike lanes (image via Old City District)

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Better Bike Lanes Coming to Philadelphia

Philadelphia continues to grow its network of bike lanes throughout the city. But many of these bike lanes don’t actually provide any kind of significant barrier that would prevent cars from driving into them. In fact, some are simply designated by a painted line. But new bike lanes planned for Old City are different, as you can see from the image above.

These new Philadelphia bike lanes will boast a concrete barrier protecting bicyclists from the adjacent lane of car traffic. As of right now, these better bike lanes are only planned for Market Street between 2nd and 6th streets, and we’re waiting for City Council to give its legislative approval. But things are looking good.

Billy Penn has more on these new bike lanes.

So What’s This About Year-Round Schooling?

Cherelle Parker surprised a lot of people late in the primary race when she revealed that she wants mandated year-round schooling. So now that she’s almost certainly going to be the next mayor of Philadelphia, is this actually going to happen? It turns out that Philadelphia schools superintendent Tony Watlington is a fan of the idea. Per this report, Watlington intends to present a pilot program for year-round school as part of his five-year strategic plan. Enjoy your summers while you can, kids.

What Are You Doing This Weekend?

The Italian Market Festival sounds pretty good to me. And here are 92 other ideas.

Reader Mail

Yesterday, after Germantown’s Attic Brewing Company stirred up controversy by issuing a stern statement about parents who bring kids to their establishment, I asked whether kids belong at bars and beer gardens. And I quoted a woman who said she brings her kid to Attic frequently and that the real problem isn’t kids: It’s off-leash dogs in the beer garden.

Here’s what one reader, Amy, had to say in response:

I have three kids and would never bring them to a brewery. I’d actually like to enjoy myself rather than chasing or screaming at a kid to stop doing something they shouldn’t. There are plenty of other options to take your kids. Same with dogs. They don’t belong in places that serve food. It’s disgusting and if a dog were to jump on me while I’m enjoying my food or drinks, I would probably freak out.

And Rachel wrote:

I don’t bring drinks to the playground. Please don’t bring the playground to my drinking establishment.

Laurie’s take?

I’m taking my children wherever I think it’s appropriate or not. However if an establishment specifically says no kids, cool, we will get a sitter if we want to come. Random note: When you’re in a restaurant and my kids are excitedly giggling please keep rolling your eyes straight to the back on your head or I’ll do it for ya. Kids make sounds. Sorry I just had this experience recently and I thought I was going to fight someone.

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By the Numbers

$730,000: What ousted Temple University prez Jason Wingard appears to have earned during his first six months on the job. Despite the fact that Temple is a public school, we’ve never known Wingard’s salary until now.

21: Buses of asylum seekers that have arrived in Philadelphia since November. The most recent one arrived earlier this week.

9: Consecutive months of a manufacturing slowdown in the region.

38: TVs stolen from the back of a truck in Northeast Philly early this morning.

And from the Nothing-to-Live-For Sports Desk …

Okay, okay, there are Phillies games. They’re coming home, at least, for a series vs. the Cubs, so we won’t have to stay up till midnight on false hope of a comeback. They play tonight at 7:05, Saturday at 4:05, and Sunday at 1:35. Hey, howzabout some words of wisdom from Michael J. Schmidt?

All righty, then.

The Union face off against New England in Chester on Saturday at 7:30. While you wait for the game, enjoy this:

That’s all that’s on the agenda, friends. The thrill is gone. Oh, wait — maybe it’s not!!!

Rest ye merry!!!

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