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Michael Coard

City Life

This Is What Black Voters in Philly Say They Want From the Next Mayor

As a radio host at WURD, a columnist for the Tribune and a TV host for PhillyCAM, I hear from a lot of Black voters. Here’s what they’ve told me they care about in the mayoral primary. 

City Life

Schools, Stop Removing the Names of Racists From Your Campuses

Keep them there and let everybody know what terrible people they were.

City Life

Charles Bowser: The Ultimate Power Player

The legal colossus who inspired a generation of Black politicians in Philadelphia.

City Life

Dear Philly: Stop Patting Yourself on the Back Over Octavius Catto

Here are 10 more Black statues that need to rise.

City Life

OPINION: I Took on the PPA and Won

Coard: And my court victory could be worth millions to Philly drivers.

City Life

Five Reasons African-Americans Need to Stop Drinking the Poisonous Clinton Kool-Aid

Coard: Reject the labeling of Blacks as super-predators by voting for a super president for Blacks. Vote Bernie!

City Life

This Is the Monster Celebrated on Columbus Day

Coard: On October 12th, Philadelphia celebrates a racist, rapist, robber and genocidal maniac. This needs to stop.

City Life

Rename a Philly Street for the Great Charles Bowser

Coard: I’m supporting a campaign to have Nicolas Street renamed in honor of one of the city’s greatest change agents.

City Life

America’s Founding Racism Rears Ugly Head in Charleston

Coard: Sticks and stones will break your bones, but systemic racism will kill you (if you’re black).

City Life

MOVE 30: Inside the May 1985 Assault on MOVE

Coard: Remembering Philly’s bomb-dropping, guns-blazing, child-murdering day.

City Life

10 Steps for Emancipation From Police Brutality

Coard: Why today’s police departments are modern versions of colonial-era slave patrols.

City Life

Remembering Philly’s Champion of African Consciousness

Coard: Edward Wesley Robinson Jr. would have turned 97 today.

Things to Do

The Revolution Remains Untelevised

Coard: Remembering Gil Scott-Heron, hip-hop godfather and Lincoln University alum.

City Life

It’s Time to End Black History Month

Coard: I agree with many whites who argue that Black History Month should be abolished.

City Life

10 Reasons Cheyney Alumni Are Suing Pa., Feds

Coard: Here’s what the federal civil rights lawsuit we filed today is about.