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Michael Coard

City Life

Schools, Stop Removing the Names of Racists From Your Campuses

Keep them there and let everybody know what terrible people they were.

City Life

Charles Bowser: The Ultimate Power Player

The legal colossus who inspired a generation of Black politicians in Philadelphia.

City Life

Dear Philly: Stop Patting Yourself on the Back Over Octavius Catto

Here are 10 more Black statues that need to rise.

City Life

OPINION: I Took on the PPA and Won

Coard: And my court victory could be worth millions to Philly drivers.

City Life

Five Reasons African-Americans Need to Stop Drinking the Poisonous Clinton Kool-Aid

Coard: Reject the labeling of Blacks as super-predators by voting for a super president for Blacks. Vote Bernie!

City Life

This Is the Monster Celebrated on Columbus Day

Coard: On October 12th, Philadelphia celebrates a racist, rapist, robber and genocidal maniac. This needs to stop.

City Life

Rename a Philly Street for the Great Charles Bowser

Coard: I’m supporting a campaign to have Nicolas Street renamed in honor of one of the city’s greatest change agents.

City Life

America’s Founding Racism Rears Ugly Head in Charleston

Coard: Sticks and stones will break your bones, but systemic racism will kill you (if you’re black).

City Life

MOVE 30: Inside the May 1985 Assault on MOVE

Coard: Remembering Philly’s bomb-dropping, guns-blazing, child-murdering day.

City Life

10 Steps for Emancipation From Police Brutality

Coard: Why today’s police departments are modern versions of colonial-era slave patrols.

City Life

Remembering Philly’s Champion of African Consciousness

Coard: Edward Wesley Robinson Jr. would have turned 97 today.

Things to Do

The Revolution Remains Untelevised

Coard: Remembering Gil Scott-Heron, hip-hop godfather and Lincoln University alum.

City Life

It’s Time to End Black History Month

Coard: I agree with many whites who argue that Black History Month should be abolished.

City Life

10 Reasons Cheyney Alumni Are Suing Pa., Feds

Coard: Here’s what the federal civil rights lawsuit we filed today is about.

City Life

The Monster We Celebrate on Columbus Day

Coard: America officially celebrates a man who raped and tortured his way into history.