Opinion: Five Reasons African-Americans Need to Stop Drinking the Poisonous Clinton Kool-Aid

Reject the labeling of Blacks as super-predators by voting for a super president for Blacks. Vote Bernie!

Hillary Clinton (center, Matt Rourke, AP). Protesters (left) and Bill Clinton (right, photos Dan McQuade).

Hillary Clinton (center, Matt Rourke, AP). Protesters (left) and Bill Clinton (right, photos Dan McQuade).

A version of this column also ran in the Philadelphia Tribune.

Black people love “Billary” (i.e., Bill Clinton plus Hillary Clinton equals Billary). But Billary doesn’t love Black people. Never did. Let me count the ways:

1. Billary believes Black children are vicious animals. When she was being her real self in 1994 and not a presidential candidate, she described Black juvenile delinquents as “super-predators (with) no conscience… (who need to be trained) to ‘heel.’” First of all, she completely ignores America’s blatant racism that created and continues to create inadequate schools, little or no job-training, and poverty-stricken neighborhoods, all of which in turn creates delinquency. Second, our children are not irredeemable and remorseless monsters with no conscience. A very small percentage of them instead are young, immature, alienated, and misdirected human beings who made mistakes. And third, our children ain’t no damn dogs that need to heel. 

2. Billary doesn’t think Black lives matter. Despite the fact that white cops consistently and repeatedly murder unarmed Blacks with impunity, Billary doesn’t believe that the “Black Lives Matter” issue is a legitimate issue. When a young African-American woman approached Billary in South Carolina in February with a sign reading “We have to bring them to heel” and said “I’m not a super-predator,” Billary abruptly cut her off by dismissively turning away, ignoring her, and telling the audience, “(Let’s get) back to the issues.”

3. Billary says the “Black Lives Matter” movement supports African-American gang members, condones African-American drug dealers, and opposes Africans in the Motherland. Those comments were made by Mr. Billary here in Philly last week when he was confronted by “Black Lives Matter” activists. Instead of listening to their legitimate issues, he yelled: ”I don’t know how you would characterize the gang leaders who got 13-year-old kids hopped up on crack and sent them out into the streets to murder other African-American children. Maybe you thought they were good citizens — she [meaning Hillary] didn’t!” He then added, “I’ll tell you another story about a place where Black lives matter: Africa!” Mr. Billary actually said all of that. Verbatim. And Ms. Billary refuses to disavow those statements or even distance herself from them.

4. Billary supports the racist death penalty. After politically dodging the issue for years, she was forced in October to respond directly when asked by a voter in New Hampshire. She made it clear that she supports states killing people. Since 1976 when capital punishment was reinstated, 35 percent of the persons executed — which equals 495 — were Black, despite the fact that Blacks constitute only about 12 percent of the U.S. population. And currently, of the 180 persons on Pennsylvania’s death row, more than half (a total of 96) are Black, despite the fact that Blacks constitute only 13 percent of the state population. The other Billary, while campaigning for himself in New Hampshire in 1992, flew back to Arkansas to preside over the execution of lobotomized Ricky Ray Rector, an African-American whose mental capacity was so minimal that during his last meal he told the guards he wanted to save his dessert for later that night after the execution.

5. Billary makes racist jokes. While in Manhattan on Saturday she appeared onstage with Mayor Bill de Blasio in a pre-written skit in which he said “Sorry, Hillary, I was running on C.P. time.” Billary willingly and actively participated in the racist sketch and laughed. But when she was later called on it, she blamed the mayor.

Bernie Sanders opposes incarceration over education for Black juveniles. Bernie Sanders opposes the condemnation of the Black Lives Matter movement. In fact, not only did he officially include Black Lives Matter activists on his staff to assist him in addressing their legitimate concerns; he also fought for Black equality and got arrested and roughed up several times while marching with civil rights activists in the 1960s. In addition, he was one of the few elected officials in the 1980s to actively oppose America’s complicity with the apartheid government of South Africa. Bernie Sanders opposes the equating of African-Americans with gangs and drugs and opposes the ridiculous accusation that African-Americans reject their brothers and sisters in Africa. Bernie Sanders opposes racist state-sanctioned murder, i.e., capital punishment. Bernie Sanders opposes racist jokes. But enough about what he opposes. What does he support?

Bernie supports and has relentlessly fought for a $15 minimum wage, ending police brutality, demilitarizing the police, providing universal health care for everyone in need, granting freedom to non-violent drug users, shutting down the billion dollar prison industrial complex, and providing free and affordable public college education. His decades-long active support for Black causes is so impressive that he’s been endorsed by the following African-American personalities:

And last as well as least (yes, I said “least”), Yours truly, Michael Coard — lawyer, professor, radio/TV show host, and journalist/columnist, but mostly, “The Angriest Black Man In America”

Reject the labeling of Blacks as super-predators by voting for a super president for Blacks. Vote Bernie!

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