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Joel Mathis


Philly Metro Area Slips to 7th-Largest in the U.S.

The D.C. area now surpasses us in population.


Study: Segregation Is Bad for Your Health

That’s particularly bad news in Philly.

City Life

DNC Security Won’t Shut Down City

The Scoop: Officials say they have a “flawless” security plan.

City Life

Wolf Will Let GOP Budget Become Law

The 2015-16 budget impasse is over. Just in time for the 2016-17 budget impasse?


Is Nugs.net the Future of the Music Biz?

Philly-area buddies created a live music library. Can they save rock n’ roll?

City Life

Pa. Legislature Mulls Lead Crackdown

In the wake of Flint, legislation to test for and reduce lead in the environment.

Wilt Chamberlain
City Life

Recording of Wilt’s 100-Point Game to be Preserved by Library of Congress

Nobody else has come close.

City Life

Rendell Skeptical of Soda Tax

The Scoop: He argues against targeting a single industry for revenues.


Praise for Penn’s Philadelphia Grid

The Guardian dubs it a “utopian ideal” that lives on both here and around the world.

City Life

Police: This Guy Exposed Himself to Amish Women — Because They Couldn’t Call for Help

Then, one day, he met an off-duty state trooper.

City Life

Brussels-to-Philly Flight Canceled

American Airlines cancels flight after terror attack.

City Life

Tougher DUI Penalties Possible

The Scoop: New bill would require ignition interlock device after first drunk-driving conviction.


Comcast and Amazon Are Joining Forces

The online retailer now has pages to sell Internet and cable packages from Xfinity.

City Life

Did Ed Rendell “Mess Up” Taxes for DNC Donors?

New York Post says Rendell is “scrambling.” Philly DNC officials dispute that.

City Life

Police: Deadly Turnpike Robbery Committed by Retired Trooper

Clarence Briggs killed two people before being shot and killed.