Morning Headlines: Rendell Skeptical of Soda Tax

He argues against targeting a single industry for revenues.

Ed Rendell (AP Photo/Bradley C Bower)

Ed Rendell (AP Photo/Bradley C Bower)

Good morning, Philadelphia. Here’s what you need to know today:

Ed Rendell is sounding skeptical about Mayor Kenney’s proposed soda tax.

Rendell went on Rich Zeoli’s show on 1210 WPHT to talk about the tax. “I think the things that Mayor Kenney wants to use the money that would be generated by a soda tax for, like universal pre-k, are absolutely desperately needed. Do I think that his soda tax is a good idea? I said when Mayor Nutter proposed it that it singled out one industry. While it’s true that sugary drinks are a health problem, so are cheeseburgers. So are donuts. Are we going to do a tax on sugary donuts at Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme? Are we going to tax cheeseburgers at McDonalds, etc?” He also said the tax falls too heavily on Philadelphia’s poor. 

The ACLU says Philadelphia Police have failed to fix stop-and-frisk.

Philly Mag’s David Gambacorta reports: The American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania lambasted the Philadelphia Police Department in a report Tuesday over lingering problems with the way it handles stop-and-frisk, particularly in African-American and Latino communities. “As with the previous reports, this submission presents compelling evidence that the city has failed to remedy serious flaws in the police department’s stop-and-frisk practices,” reads the second line of the report.

People of color continue to be the primary subjects of sidewalk investigations. Black residents made up 68 percent of all stops and 77 percent of frisks in the first half of 2015, according to the report. Latinos were the subjects of 8 percent of stops and 11 percent of frisks. “Candidly speaking, the judge had some concerns, as we would expect, particularly about some spike in our third-quarter numbers in our pedestrian investigations and oversight issues, which we do not disagree with,” said Police Commissioner Richard Ross. Going forward, captains will have to do daily reviews of reports that officers are required to fill out when they make pedestrian stops. Currently, those reviews are done on a quarterly basis.

Sexism could cost Hillary Clinton as much as 8 percent of of the vote in New Jersey.

WHYY reports that a new Fairleigh Dickinson University poll suggests gender considerations would hurt Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy in the Garden State. “With men — when we bring up gender roles — conservative men, moderate men become much more likely to support Donald Trump and less likely to support Clinton And liberal women become more likely to support Clinton and less likely to support Trump,” said Dan Cassino, poll research director. In 2008, he said, “we found that (race) seemed to be costing Barack Obama three or four points in New Jersey, and, in this election, we’re finding effects of gender that are almost twice as big.”

Kathleen Kane, faced with charges she leaked secret information, says the prosecution against her is now leaking.

The Bucks County Courier Times reports that Kane’s legal team is accusing prosecutors of leaking an FBI wiretap recording in which Kane political consultant Josh Morrow says Kane provided him with secret grand jury information he gave a newspaper reporter. Kane’s lawyers said Montgomery County prosecutors leading the case should be disqualified as a result. But Montco D.A. Kevin Steele suggested the leaked recording might have come from Kane’s camp, which “could just be setting us up.” “That’s ridiculous,” Kane attorney Gerald L. Shargel responded. The judge gave Steele until April 6 to formally respond to the allegation.

The Phillies’ minor-league team will be named the “Cheesesteaks” for one night.

Philly Mag’s Arthur Etchells reports: The Lehigh Valley IronPigs, the Phillies AAA minor league affiliate knows the best way to a fan’s heart is through his stomach. On Sundays the team sports bacon themed caps, jerseys and pants. This season the team will change its name to the Cheesesteaks for one night as a salute to the IronPigs Major League parent, the Philadelphia Phillies. The team is currently holding a contest to decide the on-field cap to wear with their cheesesteaks jerseys; two versions are available to choose from, one with onions and one “witout.” Voting for #TeamWit or #TeamWitOut is being held via social media and on the website, The uniforms, which feature black jerseys with the word “Steaks” emblazoned across the front chest in a dripping Cheese Whiz yellow, will be worn during a game on Friday, June 10th.

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