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Holly Otterbein

Senior writer


After Porngate, Can the D.A. Be Trusted to Prosecute Sex Crimes?

Williams’ handling of a recent sexual assault case raises questions.


17 Days After FBI Raid, Bobby Henon Still Silent

Has the councilman been interviewed by the FBI? He won’t say.

Hillary Clinton - West Philadelphia High School rally

Clinton Bashes "Trump Loophole," Vows to Take on Gun Lobby

She spoke at a rally at West Philadelphia High School on Tuesday.


Feds Charge Former L&I Employee With Attempted Extortion

Authorities say John Wright tried to extort money from a building contractor in 2015.

Donald Trump

When Trump Says He’ll Lose Pa. Only If There’s "Cheating," He Means in Philly

Here’s why that’s problematic.


We Want Answers: Jane Slusser

Jim Kenney’s chief of staff on the soda-tax win, and yelling with the Mayor.


Want Khizr Khan to Run for Office? Donate Here.

The gold-star father’s fans have launched a campaign urging him to get into politics.


Beverage Lobby Spent $10.6 Million to Kill the Soda Tax — and Failed

Here’s who paid the big bucks to defeat the tax (and who shelled out money to pass it).


Yes, Black Lives Matter Has an Agenda — and Philadelphians Helped Write It

“This is a huge milestone."


Hillary Clinton Just Gave the Biggest Speech of Her Life

And she nailed it.


Why Did SEPTA Kick Protesters Off the Subway During the DNC?

We dig into a convention mystery.


Obama Doesn’t Approve of Your Pathetic Voter Turnout, Philly

In a speech for the ages, the president urged Americans to do a radical thing: Vote for mayor.


Police: Actually, No One Has Been Arrested at the DNC Yet

If all goes according to plan, protesters won’t face any charges this week for disorderly conduct—thanks to a new city law.


Kenney: Trump’s GOP Is the New Know-Nothing Party

"Whether our families came to this country in 1776 or 1976 or 2016, this country belongs to all of us!"


A Visit to Trump Country

Polls have him winning Pa. Our reporter went home to see why.