20 Days of Silence: Bobby Henon Still Won’t Talk About the FBI Raids

The FBI is reportedly seeking the councilman's communications with an agent in the Attorney General's office.


Photo via City Council Flickr

Twenty days ago, the offices of Council Majority Leader Bobby Henon — as well as the home of his powerful ally John “Johnny Doc” Dougherty — were raided by the FBI. The Inquirer reported last night that sources familiar with a search warrant say the FBI is seeking Henon’s communications with an employee in the Attorney General’s office, among other things. The newspaper also wrote that federal agents had raided two more “union-related locations” in South Philadelphia on Wednesday.

One line in the article stuck out to us: “Henon’s office said he would have no comment on the latest raid.”

Henon also did not respond to request for an interview with Philly Mag on Thursday. It’s the sixth weekday in a row he’s refused to talk to us about the FBI raids.

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