Holly Otterbein

Senior writer

Donald Trump at Geno's
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The No-B.S. Guide to Trump’s Impact on Philadelphia

America’s president-elect floated so many policy proposals that would impact cities like ours. Here are seven to watch closely.

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Trump: The View From York County

The president-elect had great support in rural parts of the state and country. We asked a York County Republican to talk about why.

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Johnny Doc Says Democratic Elites Need to “Wake Up”

Otterbein: He appears to have forgotten that he’s a Democratic elite, too.

City Life

Philly’s Biggest Winners of 2016

No, seriously. This year wasn’t a dumpster fire for everyone!

City Life

How to Get Involved in the Age of Trump

Our nonpartisan guide to getting active in local politics and fighting for the issues you care about.

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The Incredible Rise of the Philadelphia Independent Voter

The number of registered independents has nearly doubled here. Why?

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Exit Interview: Pit Bull U.S. Attorney Zane Memeger

Philly Mag talks to the prosecutor who brought down Chaka Fattah, cleaned house at Traffic Court, and flexed his muscle against the ironworkers union.

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Meet Trump’s Hype Man in Philly

The head of the city GOP about the media’s failure to predict a Trump victory, conflicts of interest and the Carrier deal.


In 2016, Jim Kenney Reminded Us What a Seasoned Politician Can Accomplish

Otterbein: Philly’s mayor had quite a first year. But there are risks ahead.

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To Resist Trump, Fix Philly’s Elite, Boring, Anti-Competitive Democratic Party

Otterbein: The 2016 election should be a wake-up call for the local Democratic machine, too.

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What Philly Republicans Think of Steve Bannon

To some, he’s a “disgrace.” Others are saying “wait and see.”

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ThinkFest Recap: Jeff Yass on School Vouchers

The stock trader thinks he can make Philly’s schools better — while giving kids money for college.

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Kenney Says Philly Turnout Was High Tuesday. It Wasn’t.

It was abysmally low. We must figure out why, and fix it.

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Martina White Wins Reelection to the State House

She’s the lawmaker behind two recent controversial bills.

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Philly D.A.: No “Founded” Complaints About Voter Fraud or Intimidation

Call 215-686-9641 if you witness anything funny at the polls.