17 Days After FBI Raided His Office, Bobby Henon Is Still Silent

Has the councilman been interviewed by the FBI? He won't say.

Photo via City Council's Flickr

Photo via City Council’s Flickr

Will Councilman Bobby Henon ever answer questions about the fact that the FBI searched his office on August 5th?

On Monday, we asked Henon’s spokeswoman if we could interview him about the raid. We asked her the same question on Friday. And on Thursday. Every time, no dice!

Today, Henon’s spokeswoman told us that he would not be able to answer some of the questions we posed in an email. For instance, she said, Henon can’t say what the feds are looking into; only the feds can say that. Fair enough. But, we pointed out, Henon can undoubtedly answer one of the most important questions we’ve asked him: Has he or has he not been interviewed by the FBI?

Several hours ago, Henon’s spokeswoman said she would talk with Henon about our request. We haven’t heard from her, or him, since.

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