The Upper Darby Police Facebook Page Has Won the Internet

Social media done right.

Over the weekend, Philadelphia comic great Chip Chantry sent me a link for the Upper Darby Police Facebook page. Being that the link was coming from a master of parody (as demonstrated by Chantry’s genius Hall & Oates Christmas video) and that the content didn’t seem to be what you’d expect coming out through official police channels, I thought it was a joke. But it’s not. It’s real. And it’s gold.

Below, some of the bests status updates from the Upper Darby Police Facebook page. (And yes, they also use the page to help track down bad guys, offer safety advice and locate missing pets.)

(If you aren’t seing the status updates, log into Facebook and then refresh this page.)

For more from the Upper Darby Police Facebook page, go here. And for the also hilarious Upper Darby Police Twitter account, follow here.