Johnny Weir Will Be Fabulous (Hint, Hint) in Russia

Anti-Gay Laws Won't Stop America's Most Flamboyant Athlete.

shutterstock_114986182Jezebel reports that Coatesville homeboy Johnny Weir will be commenting on the Russian Olympics for NBC—despite Russia’s recent passing of anti-gay laws.

I’m a gay American. I’ve married into a Russian family. I’ve been a longtime supporter of Russia, the culture, the country, the language, everything about Russia… While this law is a terrible thing that you can’t be gay publicly in Russia, I plan to be there in full support of our brothers and sisters there and not be afraid.

If I get arrested, I get arrested; if not, great, but our presence is needed. For all the Olympians that worked so hard, a boycott is just the worst thing that you could do to all these young people.

PhillyMag profiled Weir back in 2007, in a piece that concluded: “He just holds up a middle finger and grins.”