Hannibal Buress on Bill Cosby: “You’re a Rapist”

Comedian Hannibal Buress called Bill Cosby a rapist in a bit at the Trocadero on Thursday night. Cosby has been accused of sexual assault by multiple women.

Last night at his late night show at the Trocadero, comedian Hannibal Buress did an extended bit about Philadelphia native Bill Cosby, calling him a rapist. Cosby has been accused of drugging and sexually assaulting multiple women, including Barbara Bowman in Philadelphia magazine. He has not, however, ever been criminally charged with rape (the legal definition of which varies by jurisdiction).* The above recording starts about 15-20 seconds into it.

“It’s even worse because Bill Cosby has the fuckin’ smuggest old black man persona that I hate,” Buress said. “He gets on TV, ‘Pull your pants up black people, I was on TV in the 80s! I can talk down to you because I had a successful sitcom!’ Yeah, but you rape women, Bill Cosby, so turn the crazy down a couple notches.”

“I guess I want to just at least make it weird for you to watch Cosby Show reruns,” Buress says later. “I’ve done this bit on stage and people think I’m making it up…. when you leave here, google ‘Bill Cosby rape.’ That shit has more results than ‘Hannibal Buress.'”

Buress — who has done stand-up for years and is a regular on Comedy Central’s Broad Citypraised Bill Cosby: Himself in GQ, and noted how hard it is not to curse on stage. He specifically praised Cosby’s bit on drugs, which is one of the funniest parts of that special.

Immediately following Buress’s Cosby bit, a man in front of the bar downstairs at the Troc threw up all over, causing such a commotion I first thought people had gotten into a fight over Bill Cosby.

*Editor’s note: This line has been updated to reflect the fact that the legal definition of rape is jurisdiction-dependent.

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  • Dark Diggler

    Never heard of him and he’s probably seen his career peak after that. You don’t f with a show biz legend. Not like that.

    • oledoit

      nobody ever heard of your scrub ass either Kevin

      • Dark Diggler

        YOU have, phaggot.

      • Dark Diggler

        oledoit likes to rape little boys. I have proof.

    • herc_roc

      Whatever dude is a legendary rapist.

      • DarkDiggler

        Same can be said about you.

        • herc_roc

          Umm OK. #iguessso

          • Well, rapist maybe, Legendary? Not so much, if at all, Herc.

          • herc_roc

            Definitely leaning more on the legendary side

    • Except that Hannibal is on one of Comedy Central’s hottest new shows that just got renewed for a second season. Guess Kevin’s a bit out of touch with the ‘biz.’

      • sabretron

        Hot like Chris Rock hot?

        • Nah, Hannibal’s still up and coming, but he’s a stand out performer.

    • Mary Jo

      Sure he’s a legend, but making a few great movies (maybe even as good as Ghost Dad) doesn’t give Roman Polanski the freedom to drug and rape thirteen year old girls as he pleases. Bill Cosby isn’t the victim here.

    • SisterChristian69
      • boosto

        that’s no reality. those are just ACCUSATIONS. show me the evidence. the convictions. the proof! oh wait there aren’t any.

  • Rusty S.

    “Cosby has been accused of drugging and sexually assaulting multiple women…

    He has not, however, been publicly accused of rape. ” Um… Thats rape!

    • brooklynRick

      No, thats an allegation.

      • rebecca

        so was the first one.

        • John hedlenssonn

          hence ” accused “. Not convicted. you guys are morons.

          • Sean

            I’m not saying Cosby did or didn’t assault these women, but if your blind faith in the justice system leads you to only considering those convicted of crimes as the only criminals in this country, then you are the moron. The pitiful, short-sighted moron. The sort of moron who’s too pitiful and too short-sighted to even scratch the surface of the introspection required to think outside your seemingly limitless box. The sort of moron who doesn’t even know he’s thinking inside a box at all. The worst kind of moron. You’re a dangerously impotent thinker.

          • Sorghum

            At least he is a “thinker”

          • chettmixx

            Sean, so you suggest believing everything that someone tells you without evidence! If there were multiple cases of Cosby drugging and raping multiple women, don’t you think that one or two of them would have pushed for legal action and gotten results? I’d like to see evidence before I start calling people out for vicious crimes

          • Akron

            Exactly-chettmixx. Why aren’t the victims (alleged) speaking out and why have they kept silent for so long?

      • HipHopSays

        so….someone drugged and sexually assaulted can then give consent for
        sex? i get what you are trying to parse out but honestly, i am unsure
        why you’re trying to have a framing conversation around something that is fundamentally problematic.

        • Ghost_Babel


        • thatoneguy

          So… someone accusing you of a crime means that people should consider you guilty just because this is “something that is fundamentally problematic”? The seriousness of the allegation has nothing to do with whether or not he is guilty.

          • Ghost_Babel

            It’s his fallacious reasoning that is problematic.

          • Josephine Tinker

            Yes it does, some folk would like to destroy him, because he refuse to be controlled, he is his OWN MAN:

        • Danie

          I don’t think you understand what an allegation is. Watch this:

          “HipHopSays drugged and raped three women in Detroit before posting this comment 4 hours ago!”

          *You have now been accused of drugging and sexually assaulting multiple women just like Bill Cosby.*

          See? Did you do it? Maybe, maybe not. We don’t know because its just an allegation at this point and it would be stupid of us to just assume so just because someone said you did.

          • Will Vega

            Difference being there are multiple witnesses, few of which spoken out. You on the other hand made that up with no facts or testimony to back it up, so it’s hearsay.

            If it was false, why are so many women coming out all of a sudden?

          • Billy Oatmeal

            Could be for money? Bill has got to have some money to spare these days : )

          • W_N

            Maybe because Bill Cosby, a black man, is calling out the black community for being it’s own problem and the black community would rather do what they do without accountability. So, take out Bill Cosby.

          • Akron

            One word-MONEY! That’s why they are coming out now, but I haven’t heard anything in the news about it, which I’m sure we would if there were substantial allegations.

          • Danie

            I don’t think you understand what hearsay is. Watch this:

            “Someone told me once upon a time that HipHopSays drugged and raped three women in Detroit before posting this comment 4 hours ago!”

            This is Hearsay.

            And who are so many women? You mean the two women who were over the age of 18 when said rape happened? The two women who admittedly only hung around him because they thought “he would make them famous?”

            Don’t just assume things, especially when it’s something that can destroy a person’s reputation for no good reason.

          • Will Vega

            I used the wrong word to describe it, but the point still remains. One person vs several.

            You don’t think SEVERAL WOMEN coming out of the woodwork is a bit strange, hm?

          • Danie

            Who are the SEVERAL WOMEN? And no i don’t . 7 out of 9 witnesses recanted there testimony in Troy Davis’s case but it was to late and an innocent man died because of it. Rape is no different. Proof is what matters, not the number of accusers is one person or several.

          • Will Vega

            I see you don’t like to read beyond what you prefer to hear. The names are Barbara Bowman, Tamara Green, Andrea Constand, Beth Ferrier, and nine other unnamed. It’s hard to prove rape and sexual assault especially from that long ago, which is why this type of thing is highly controversial. If it had been just two women, then that’d be hard for me to accept. But 13? I guess if it was 100 you’d still think it’s untrue.

            And the Troy Davis case is a different animal (police pressure, witnesses saying they had a confession from Red Coles, ect), but even then how many recanted their testimony with this case? How many confused Cosby with someone else? Hard to do that when the man is up close and personal. But if you want to cite unrelated cases, OJ got away with murder. Oh wait, he was innocent according to law the first time. My mistake.

            But I bet you’ll prefer to eat your Jello pudding pops while kicking back and marathon The Cosby Show acting smug about it. Go ahead, I won’t stop you. Hollywood is filled with this type of stuff, the powerful tend to get away with alot.

          • Danie

            “It’s hard to prove rape and sexual assault especially from that long ago.”

            You’re exactly right. Better to just assume the worst of someone without proof then, right?

            ” OJ got away with murder. Oh wait, he was innocent according to law the first time. My mistake..”

            The first time? What are you even talking about he was charged not guilty and is in prison for a separate event. You do know what facts are right? Try google every now and then. Troy Davis case proves that people can lie, make mistakes, and/or be coerced into saying ANYTHING.

            “But I bet you’ll prefer to eat your Jello pudding pops while kicking back and marathon The Cosby Show acting smug about it. Go ahead, I won’t stop you. Hollywood is filled with this type of stuff, the powerful tend to get away with alot.”

            Chill. Im out.

          • Danie

            “But I bet you’ll prefer to eat your Jello pudding pops while kicking back and marathon The Cosby Show acting smug about it.”

            Seriously…Chill bruh, that’s lame.

            Anyway Troy davis is no different. People lie, people seek attention, people get upset, and people get things wrong. And…O.J was acquitted, so the fact that you said that denotes your a person with a holier-than-thou persona who can see when a person is guilty w/o facts.

            What are the cases with these women? Did you read into them, or did you just see “hey women said this guys a rapist who somehow magically evades justice while being a black man in america”? Let me go get some pudding pops while you answer this.

          • Will Vega

            “Anyway Troy davis is no different. People lie, people seek attention, people get upset, and people get things wrong.”

            No it isn’t. Witness testimony out in the open recanted due to police tampering resulting in a man’s death ≠ women with allegations coming out years later. It’s pretty sad that you honestly don’t realize that it’s harder for rape victims to press charges especially with a person in a position of power. While a couple would be questionable (The Anthony Anderson cases which were thrown out), several more is pretty damning especially since Cosby paid some of them off. Why would you pay them off if you have nothing to hide? Why isn’t it worth going to court to prove your innocence?

            “And…O.J was acquitted, so the fact that you said that denotes your a
            person with a holier-than-thou persona who can see when a person is
            guilty w/o facts.”

            So was Casey Anthony. You talk about Troy Davis but OJ, naw. Completely legit. You’ll probably say the same thing with Casey Anthony. And the classic “Kettle calling the Pot Black” comment. You have an arrogant attitude as well, honey, judging by your condescending tone from the very first post.

            “What are the cases with these women? Did you read into them, or did you
            just see “hey women said this guys a rapist who somehow magically evades
            justice while being a black man in america”?”

            Yeah, It’s clear to me you haven’t been reading the cases that have were revealed publicly. And it seems like you rather be suckin’ down on those puddin’ pops and worship the poster of Lord Cosby in your living room rather than question the situation.

          • policywank

            It’s just an allegation, but it’s an allegation made in stunning, consistent detail by multiple women over a number of years. Cosby seems to have suffered no real scrutiny over the allegations, which is sort of the point of what Buress was going on about.

          • Richard

            it was publicly known what the “details” where and easy to mimic.

          • john

            I think he did it…

        • W_N

          Nice use of a thesaurus.

        • chelovek5

          By your logic, if a white woman accused a black man of rape, I guess you’d be there with a pitchfork? It doesn’t matter what someone’s being accused of. You have to study the evidence and treat them as innocent until proven guilty.

      • Josephine Tinker

        Thank you for clearing it up:

        • mcshez

          Why do you keep ending with a colon? It feels like you mean to say more but hit “Post” too quickly every time. I do not think the colon means what you think it means.

          • Gary Stump Sr.

            Neither does “inconceivable”. :)

          • mcshez

            Or “incontheivable”. Then again, I guess the lisp would make it “inconthievable”!

    • In Pennsylvania and some other jurisdictions, there is a legal difference between rape and sexual assault. This Slate piece examines the topic: http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/explainer/2011/02/whats_the_difference_between_rape_and_sexual_assault.html

      • Tannim

        Except Cosby lives in Massachusetts, so your link doesn’t mean squat.

        • Moses

          Stupid comment.

          • Leo Eris

            Stupid comment.

        • Nicole W.

          It doesn’t matter where he lives; it matters where the alleged crime was committed. Since someone above you mentioned he settled out of court with a woman who claimed he sexually assaulted her at his Philadelphia area mansion (which he might have in addition to a home in Massachusetts), the link is valid.

        • Douglas Leas

          He also maintains a residence in Philadelphia, so your judgement of the link means squat.

      • Ghost_Babel

        Well, rape means successful intercourse. It’s not rocket science.

        • Josephine Tinker

          Who said it was successful?

    • Gary Ashman

      He’s been accused of it, but has never even been charged with any such thing. if Hannibal ever gets famous enough, he will discover that people will accuse big celebrities of all sorts of stuff without evidence —- Hannibal has just made that point with his own “act”.

      • musikfanat22

        That’s right. They still call Mike Tyson a rapist, though testimony came out that would have exonerated him. If you weren’t there, you don’t know…

        • rgl

          mike tyson was CONVICTED of rape. he raped a woman.

          • musikfanat22

            OJ was acquitted-so what. lots of people are convicted that are not guilty. Lots of people are acquitted that are guilty. Your argument is invalid…

      • aloryandaneaglet

        not being charged with something doesn’t make it not true. most acquaintance rape NEVER goes to court, and if it does it’s only 1/100 chance of conviction because there isn’t a witness so it’s just ‘he said she said”. doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. if you go by who actually gets convicted it would seem rape is extremely rare but it’s disturbingly all too common.

        • Gary Ashman

          Doesn’t make it true, either. Alory, I heard that someone saw you rob a bank. There you go, an allegation. Should anyone think less of you because of it, or should they expect evidence before buying in?

    • pfowlkes

      Cosby settled a lawsuit with Andrea
      Constand, 32, a former Temple University employee who claimed Cosby
      drugged and sexually assaulted her in his Philadelphia-area mansion in
      2004. Constand’s lawyers, Dolores Troiani and Bebe Kivitz ended up with
      13 witnesses, most referred to in court documents as “Jane Does,” who
      came forward voluntarily with strikingly similar claims of drugging and
      or abuse by Cosby.
      …But none of them stand to profit from suing Cosby for monetary damages;
      the statute of limitations on all their charges has expired. And their
      stories, which take place in several cities and span two decades,
      illustrate the same pattern of behavior, primarily the accusation that
      Cosby, then one of the most powerful entertainers alive, targeted them
      because they were vulnerable and gained their trust by promising to help
      their careers.Full article: http://www.people.com/people/archive/article/0,,20059561,00.html

      • Ghost_Babel

        Innocent people settle out of court all the time; especially when they’re rich. It’s quite possible he just didn’t want his name dragged through the mud publicly.

      • Akron

        Was it rape or did these women trade sex for Mr. Cosby helping them with their careers, then cry foul when their careers didn’t go anywhere? Lots of things to consider in this case.

        • Douglas Leas

          It’s predatory behavior and completely counter to his carefully constructed public persona. The fact is, he has the money and influence to hush up a whole lot of misdeeds, and the stories from multiple women who have no connection to each other bear striking similarities. Innocent until proven guilty, but then Michael Jackson was never found guilty either, was he?

    • Snowy

      If the sexual assault involved no penetration, in LEGAL terms, it is not rape. (Not that I believe for a second Cosby did anything like that.)

    • TJ

      If I rub my erect penis on your nose, that is sexual assault. However, it is not rape.

      • nominalize

        If I rub my erect penis on your nose without your consent, that is sexual assault.

        With your consent, it’s a typical Friday night in my house.

        • TJ

          No one ever gives me consent. :(

    • stageacter

      Actually, using “sexual assault” as a euphemism for rape is ludicrous. “Sexual assault” is when someone causes you to *fear* you are going to be raped. Rape is sexual BATTERY.

    • Ghost_Babel

      No, rape would be him actually having forced sex with the women. Allegations are not always truthful, no matter how many times they’re made. It could easily just be liberals wanting to knock down a conservative “Uncle Tom” a peg or two.

      • Blake

        Did you seriously just say that if somebody is falsely accusing somebody else of rape they’re most likely a liberal? People like you are the reason why conservatives get laughed at so much.

        • Jim Ferenzi

          Liberals DO tend to blur the facts a lot more often the Conservatives do, And honestly, there are a great number of persons who would love to get dirt on Cosby, that IS fact. after all, he often says it like it is, and that isnt always well received by the persons he’s talking about…

          • Ray Porter

            Conservatives and Liberals both do a lot of “blurring”, probably in equal measure. That being said, I don’t think Liberals give a squat what Bill Cosby says or does. He hasn’t been relevant for decades.

          • Ghost_Babel

            Anytime you call blacks (or any other demographic) on their excuses they’re looking for a anything to delegitimize that person. That doesn’t change the truth though. Even if Cosby DID rape those women, that doesn’t make what he said any less true.

          • Jim Ferenzi

            I disagree, they don’t like it at all, when an educated “Black” man disagrees with what they believe to be THE clarion call of the Messiah…Er, Dear Leader… Er… The President says… Look at how they attack any other Black man who has an Education and disagrees with what the party Big-Wigs say….

          • Ghost_Babel

            That’s what liberals do; they try to hide inconvenient truths by turning the truth-teller into a crazy conspiracy theorist or a monster. Or they just scream and shout and throw a tantrum… like any toddler. It’s like watching MSNBC.

          • Josephine Tinker

            What truths?

      • Guest

        Mother of god. Rape does not just mean “forced sex” it constitutes any kind of forced sexual act or sexual assault. Maybe learned the correct definition before you spouting off bullshit.

    • Jason Aaron Moran

      noun: accused; plural noun: accuseda person or group of people who are charged with or on trial for a crime

      he was not charged and did not stand trial so by definition he was not accused.

      • Robert

        past tense: accused; past participle: accused
        charge (someone) with an offense or crime.
        “he was accused of murdering his wife’s lover”
        synonyms:charge with, indict for, arraign for; More
        summons for, cite for, prefer charges against for;
        impeach for
        “four people were accused of assault”
        antonyms:absolve, exonerate
        claim that (someone) has done something wrong.
        “he was accused of favoritism”

        ” I am Accusing Jason Aaron Moran of telling half truths so that he could prove an invalid point.”

        • youareahypocrite

          you defined “accuse,” yet used the word “accusing” in your justification. Better luck next time

    • chettmixx

      People with fame and money become the focus of many crazy, money hungry people. Until there’s proof that Cosby done something so serious I’ll take the liberty of guessing that the allegations our false.

  • Jackeeeeeeeeee

    Cosby’s an icon…..Buress is a ass

  • Gordon Parks

    philly mag only covers negative stories about people of color in order to pander to their racist suburban base.

    • Rai_Golden

      Does that change the truth of the Buress’ statements?

      • Presbyton

        Considering Cosby’s never even been charged….

        • Rai_Golden


          Just keep making excuses, fella. You come off sounding like you’re jealous he got away with it, and if your moral standard ends at legal charges being pressed, I pity your alleged daughter.

          • Is ‘got away with it’ the same as Not Guilty? Is a ‘legal technicality’ the same as Applying The Law? Just like the LA riots, when the cops are found Not Guilty it’s a miscarriage of justice, but when OJ gets a Not Guilty, the jury system works.
            Please, give us All a break, will ya.

          • Bryan McCormick

            you sound like you’re trying to sell tiny violins to serpico, there are bad cops, there are bad jury calls
            you can’t use shortcomings as the rule of thumb, victims deserve better

          • Presbyton

            When did I say I have a daughter?

          • Philosoraptor

            Nice. Gawker. The same site that allows stuff like this to go up:


            I know that hating due process, but only for male on female rape trials, is the big feminist cause right about now. It makes sense from a sensationalist, short sighted, selfish perspective. But what baffles me is that they expect the majority of men to get on board with it.

            Yes, please, lower the evidentiary standard. Put me completely at the mercy of a bitter ex-girlfriend, put the male celebs at the mercy of crazed fans. Make laws called “yes means yes” which doesn’t change a single thing for real rapists (actual rapists can still lie about whether they said yes) and makes every normal person in the world technically a rapist because they didn’t sit down and have their “special legally-unambiguous consent” discussion before every lovemaking episode on the couch.

            If you are a reasonable person, then you should want all the guilty to be convicted and all the falsely accused to go free. Any policy you back should be trying to get as close to this middle point as possible. Most modern feminists care about 0% for due process in these cases, and would be perfectly happy if every single accusation lead to a conviction. They’d call those unfairly jailed men casualties of a greater cause.

            That is why we want nothing to do with your nonsense.

          • Rai_Golden

            Whatever helps you sleep at night, pal.

        • kabos

          He settled lawsuits over it. Read: he did not win the lawsuits– he paid to make them go away.

          • Presbyton

            Red Bull just settled a lawsuit with someone who claimed they were distressed because they didn’t grow wings.

          • Tharn Coultas

            Settling a lawsuit doesn’t mean you’re accepting guilt, or saying they’re telling the truth. Lawsuits get settled all the time just to make them end. Sure, he settled lawsuits over it. The fact that it was enough to end it, coupled with a complete lack of evidence or corroboration, shows the women were after money.

          • trixietimez

            not true. Lawsuits are settled all the time by famous people, by municipalities, and corporations. It means “go away, your claim was BS, and I’m not going to drag this out. If you have a legitimate claim, go tot he police”

      • What truth?

    • Eric

      Actually no. Cosby is a target of the black grievance set because he doesn’t tow the line on their narrative. If he was the typical celebrity who cries racism at every turn, PhillyMag would have never published any allegations against Cosby. That “racist suburban base?” They love Cosby.

      • microphone

        Or “toe” the line…

    • Mr. Man

      Takes a racist to know ’em and your underlying anti-white attitude is quite apparent here.

  • Amala

    Cosby has a long history of messing with women — both those who wanted his attention and those who didn’t — for decades. So don’t be mad at Burress for keeping it real. His academic credentials are also questionable. See Eric Michael Dyson’s book, “Is Cosby Right?” Jus sayin.

    • NEVER got the ‘just sayin’. You say it, then Own it. I’m continually amazed at how folks will just agree That It’s True. C’mon folks, if it Really happened, there would be Cosby consequences. These are just allegations, like ‘repressed memories’ of kids [or Roseanne] saying they were sexually assaulted. Really, could That Many people in our country Really have been sexually assaulted? Notice how it’s usually in conjunction with a victim’s alcoholism or drug abuse that they start ‘remembering’ these things from 20+ years ago? If they ain’t convicted, they ain’t guilty. Man, we Really love to drag dowm our rich, famous and opinionated, don’t we? Plus, doesn’t what Cosby says about America’s [black] youth actually make sense?

      • powkang

        i’m not really agreeing with you. but i do think you should have said “C’mon folks, if it Really happened, there would be Cosbyquences.”

        • lolz

          you win the internet

          • Dr. D

            You lose the internet for being unoriginal and not funny. Shut the **** up!!!

        • Jackie B.

          This guy….whoever he is, has just signed his WARRANT. Never heard of him!!

          • lol what kind of warrant?

          • susan_oconnell

            An awesomeness warrant, perhaps? You have the right to remain hilarious, Hannibal.

          • Defenseman13

            retards, all of you.

        • goodhall

          Happened. I know

          • sakira bey

            Ya, because you were there.

          • Boss Lady

            I know, too.

        • Bryan Fullerton

          Anybody can just come up and say that about anyone including you. You have any proof? Court documents perhaps even though that isn’t proof even with a conviction.
          Or are you just setting yourself up for libel?

          • Jeremy Bracewell

            You don’t know much about libel or free speech as it pertains to artistic performances, do you? It’s almost entirely impossible for a public figure to sue for libel. It is absolutely impossible to sue for libel when it’s a comedian onstage, doing a bit.

          • Bryan Fullerton

            You are correct. I am not an expert in that field. I guess thats good for people making unsubstantiated accusations. How about defamation of character? Comedian or not such accusations are not even funny. And they could damage a persons character.

          • morejoy68

            It could, also, damage Cosby’s character to sexually assault women.

          • Bryan Fullerton

            Could damage your character if you did as well. So have you? Maybe thats where you got your name? You get more joy from assaulting women?

          • Carshmail

            Would a false or unsubstantiated accusation help one’s character? I think that’s what Mr. Hannibal might be counting on.

          • mk

            It’s neither unsubstantiated nor false.

          • Carshmail

            Point of correction: no civil or criminal finding of guilt or culpability has been yet determined. Perhaps in your world, an accusation or accusations are tantamount to guilt. Glad I don’t live there. So according to US jurisprudence, without a finding or verdict, any accusation remains unsubstantiated.

          • Glen

            Seems like it didn’t damage Bill Clinton’s character in the eyes of most liberals and main stream media. He’s quite the celebrated character. Heck, even NOW didn’t go against him.

          • Danceroflife

            Ah, Bill Clinton didn’t sexually assault Monica, their relationship was consensual.

          • mrcoldheart

            Yes free speech allows you to damage someone’s reputation without proof. Especially someone who is famous. Thank you for allowing me to state the obvious.

          • Danceroflife

            Males tend to disbelieve women whenever they make accusations against a male, especially a famous one. These same males however, would never doubt their sisters, mothers or daughters if they accused a male, famous or not, of raping them.

          • Rusty Shackleford

            Even a full 3+ weeks later, catching just a snippet of your cobbled-together logic gave me pause, and the numerous inaccuracies you are babbling on about need to be addressed. As your profile pic indicates, you are too young to even remember these accusations, so I would read up before just spouting nonsense. A comedian can make jokes about anyone and it will rarely be considered libel or defamation. Cosby already had these accusations surrounding.him, so Burress isn’t doing anything but voicing his opinion, which is well within his 1st Amendment rights. Cosby has also stayed silent on the issue, including this past weekend on NPR, and has settled allegations out of court in the past. I commend Burress for bringing the topic up; people like Cosby assume bc they reach a certain age or status they can just freely criticize anyone, and never have the criticism applied to their own lives. Cosby has been shady at best on this issue, and obviously feels that his celebrity status recuses him from having to address this issue. As an advocate for women’s rights and the fight against sexual abuse of any kind, Cosby disgusts me with his non-response, and I hope.comedians like Burress continue to use comedy as a vehicle to discuss larger issues.

          • Jeremy Bracewell

            Public figure status of Cosby makes saying pretty much anything against him as part of a performance legal. If he filed a false claim, that would be different.

          • AdamLucifer

            I dont think a self-confessed rapist has much of a “character” to damage.

            p.s. You know that “Bill Cosby” is actually a real person that drugs and rapes women, not a character in a sitcom, right?

          • Bryan Fullerton

            I still don’t see a conviction. Is he likely guilty? probably. But I would like to see the results from a jury or see the evidence myself. I’d have to say the one womans confession I did see was pretty convincing. But still I can’t predict the kinky stuff people will get into. One admission I did read was that the drugs were consensual. Without an investigation and trial nobody will know all the facts. Famous people go to jail all the time so don’t start the conspiracy crap with me.
            That all being said I am not the fool that is going to get on a comments section of a video and scream and yell and call people names. I reserve that for idiots that act like 5th graders running around calling names. :)

          • Carshmail

            I noticed you qualified your response by saying “almost entirely impossible”. In fact, it is very possible, and I would think that an unsubstantiated rape charge, would rise to the level of defamation, even if it turns out to be a precedent setter. It might prove difficult for the comedian to hide behind the protection of ‘satire’. If he hid behind the satire defense, then he is a coward without the courage of his conviction. If he meant it as ‘fact’ in his opinion, then I would think he was liable for defamation.

          • Donnie ReiIIy

            He is not liable for defamation since he is easily verifiable as not being the source of these allegations, Cosby is a public figure AND he settled several of these out of court. It is not “very possible” that Buress will be liable for any sort of damages against Cosby.

          • Desond Alfred


          • KRKBAB

            Give solid references. Put up or shut up.
            George W Bush ans Bill Clinton are Lizard people from an ancient superior race!!!
            I don’t have real evidence- BUT IT’S TRUE!

          • tedium

            Now more women are coming forward, one with photos of him in his robe. Also a man who worked with him has solid evidence. Now if there is a real news person left in American, he/she needs to go to PA and get the court records of the 13 victims who were willing to testify (before the original victim was paid) that he had drugged and assaulted them. He is obviously a sociopath and I hope to see some HBO specials of this comedienne for having the guts to say it.

          • Jeremy Bracewell

            There’s still the matter of Cosby being a public figure. Makes a libel or defamation case laughable. And it isn’t defamation if the comedian believes it to be true.

          • Carshmail

            Not quit true. Defamation is still possible if it can be proved that the plaintiff was defamed by statements made that were demonstrably untrue. Absent a finding of criminal guilt and civil judgement being made against Cosby, willful and negligence is not a stretch against the comic making these remarks.

          • Donnie ReiIIy

            Defamation requires proof of damage to a person’s reputation. Since these allegations have been circulating for years now, it’s unlikely Buress could be considered the “source” of any damage to his reputation.

          • Carshmail

            Since his ‘routine’ can be attributed as the source of the sudden resurgence of the rumors and accusations, it is my understanding that Cosby has had appearances cancelled, including a rumored series pilot. So there may well be a demonstrable harm done to Cosby.

          • Jeremy Bracewell

            Not if the plaintiff is considered a public figure. Pretty much makes him fair game. Oh, and libel/slander cases don’t rely on the facts being true. Just if the person speaking them believes they are true.

          • Jonathan C. Mitchell

            I guess you did not read my complete comments. I said the deformation is still possible. And that is true no matter who you are. With a public figure admittedly it is a bit more difficult to prove, but not impossible. In American jurisprudence, it is a recognizable offense to recklessly and negligent harm another. Mr. Buress would not likely be able to hide behind ‘that’s my opinion’. He would have to convince a trier of fact that his ‘opinion’ would have some basis in fact. And the fact is, while Mr. Cosby has some accusers, there has been no proof the he has committed a rape.

          • Aquaria

            No he wouldn’t, you stupid turnip with legs.

            The American legal standard is clear from New York v. Sullivan, you stupid turnip with legs:

            “The Court held that the First Amendment protects the publication of all statements, even false ones, about the conduct of public officials except when statements are made with actual malice (with knowledge that they are false or in reckless disregard of their truth or falsity). Under this new standard, Sullivan’s case collapsed.”

            So, stupid turnip with legs, you can say false things about people, unless you do it with malice.

            And malice is a difficult thing to prove, stupid turnip with legs.

          • youcangooglethat

            Clearly you don’t either since “libel” refers to written and published statements defaming another person’s character versus “slander” which is when someone says something defaming another person’s character. So let’s all stop trying to be the experts we are not.

          • Dee

            Let the courts be his judge and jury and where was his wife at when he was doing this in their house??

          • twong

            she had run to the store to get some jello-pudding!

          • King Arthur

            It’s too late for the courts to do anything and its now apparent his wife knew about the sexual assault and the druging

          • AdamLucifer

            So what are you suggesting – it’s all his wife’s fault? Frankly, the attitude of all of you enablers, excusers and blame-shifters is as contemptible as the actions of Cosby. And “Let the courts be his judge and jury”? Hell, no! We’ve seen how you Americans are incapable of seeing feet of clay in your heroes; let the court of public opinion have it’s say as it did with OJ – at least there is some kind of justice there – the absurd Statute of Limitations has ensured there will be no legal justice delivered.!

          • Mehki_Girl

            At another house.

          • King Arthur

            Now the court documents have been unsealed.

          • Bryan Fullerton

            So what do we know now that we didn’t know before. Lips being unsealed are more damaging then the court documents more than likely.

          • AdamLucifer

            In any rational society an affadavit from someone confessing to drugging a woman in order to have sex with her would be sufficient proof that he’s a wrong ‘un.But of course it’s the US of A, where famous comedians and sports stars can not only murder and rape with impunity, but much of the population will actually become indignant at the thought of these “stars” having to answer to the same laws and standards of decency that the general peasantry do.

        • John Melland


        • justreadin

          OK I’m just saying thanks for the chuckle amidst ALL the crap going on….

        • stagzdbs3

          everyone in this post is a lawyer, sweet

      • Glenda

        They didn’t “remember it 20 years later”.

      • B Knew

        ‘Really, could That Many people in our country Really have been sexually assaulted?’ I have to sadly say yes. You can literally say at any moment, that someone in america is getting sexually assault. Whether or not it gets reported. And you cant say,”We dont see it, It dont happen.”

        • Robert Clark

          97% of rapes do not lead to convictions in the US.

          • smartguytvshow

            citation needed for that 97% figure. don’t just throw up any percentage and expect us to take your word for it.

          • Kevin

            You could also look it up yourself. According to this website: https://www.rainn.org/statistics
            he was basically right. They put it at 96%, while 97% of rapes don’t lead to any jailtime.

          • chettmixx

            How many of those are actually rapes?

          • Sarahndipity

            “The majority of sexual assault are not reported to the police (an average of 60% of assaults in the last five years were not reported).1 Those rapists, of course, will never spend a day in prison. But even when the crime is reported, it is unlike to lead to an arrest and prosecution. Factoring in unreported rapes, only about 3% of rapists will ever serve a day in prison.”


          • James Jackson

            You can’t factor in things that weren’t reported! That’s giving complete unknowns the same weight as those who have been arrested and put on trial. I’d also like to see statistics on how many criminals go to jail in “he said/she said” cases (since, sadly most rape cases come down to just that).

          • Jeremy Bracewell

            “Reporting” in this instance is reporting specifically to law enforcement agencies. That leaves counselors, psychiatrists, doctors, etc.

          • VirginiaLibertarian

            If I tell my doctor I was robbed this morning, should that automatically go down in the books as an “unreported robbery”? Of course not. You have no way of knowing whether the crime in question occurred. There may be little motive and it may even seem like a major stretch to imagine people just coming up with these stories for no reason; you can choose to believe them personally or not. But the fact remains that without proof, without getting the other side of the story, without evidence, what you have is merely an accusation, and including that in a statistic of actual crimes committed is absolutely dishonest.

          • 86% of internet stats are true.

          • Kevin

            https://www.rainn.org/statistics -There’s his citation.

          • youareahypocrite

            Justice Department, National Crime Victimization Survey: 2008-2012
            well this is awkward… How do you get surveyed as a victim if you are not actually proven a victim.

          • foxmantis

            Let’s get back to the real point. Hannible is a comedian and what he said was a joke. Let’s not over analyze this. Just laugh or not. If you block your ears for three minutes typically comedians move on to the next subject matter. Hannible is a great comedian lighten up. Thinken your skin or just go back to watching romantic comedies.

          • goodhall

            It is no joke as far as Cosby. He is a known sex offender. It goes back a long time.

          • Clare O

            there are lots of sexual offenders; i.e., clarence thomas. smh. i’m stopping at one because there’s only so much time in a day.

          • alice215

            and he’s scum too. your point?

          • HC

            Do you know him? Do you believe everything you are told or read?

          • Chappyricky

            Parody is laughing at the truth! Is Beress telling the whole truth or putting a negative spin on a truth of allegations ?

          • NC

            Because no one was put on trial doesn’t mean there wasn’t a victim. Many women who are raped seek medical attention or crisis counseling, but their perpetrator is either not identified, they don’t press charges, or there isn’t enough evidence to take it to trial. It doesn’t mean there wasn’t a victim.

          • Chappyricky

            Without a trial Bill is innocent! We are not guilty of anything in this country without being tried and judged!

          • James Jackson

            You ALSO can’t assume that there IS a victim. The very fact that there is no definitive way to KNOW is the reason these unreported “crimes” can’t be factored into the final statistics.

          • Jeremy Bracewell

            Ding ding! Finally somebody who didn’t learn law from idiotic Facebook posts.

          • VirginiaLibertarian

            There MAY have been a victim. There also may have been a liar. Whichever you think to be more believable is totally up to you…but that’s not a solid foundation for a statistic on anything other than what percentage of rape accusations Jeremy Bracewell chooses to believe at the word of the accuser.

          • Jeremy Bracewell

            Because you don’t have to be proven to be a victim. You have to prove the assailant. You really have no idea how the law works, do you?

          • youareahypocrite

            you really do not know what the definition of victim is do you?

          • youareahypocrite

            A person harmed, injured, or killed as a result of a crime, accident, or other event or action

            not someone who claims.the above

          • VirginiaLibertarian

            Whoomp. There it is.

          • chettmixx

            And the on to the weather:

            A 20% chance of rain usually mean that it’s going to rain.

            That’s what I come to understand in life.

          • soft2ct

            definition of a bullshit statistic

          • Sarahndipity

            for those needing a “statistic” on this..

            “The majority of sexual assault are not reported to the police (an average of 60% of assaults in the last five years were not reported).1 Those rapists, of course, will never spend a day in prison. But even when the crime is reported, it is unlike to lead to an arrest and prosecution. Factoring in unreported rapes, only about 3% of rapists will ever serve a day in prison.”


          • Bill

            no charges no conviction!!… so lets play the game.. the rules are… you can accuse without proof.. “i heard Hannibal.
            molested his 9 yr old boy-cousin when he was 16”

        • dcm5150

          Did you know that 72% of all made up statistics actually correlate 83% with actual statistics?

          • Faith_In_Reason

            Citation needed.

          • Josephine Tinker

            According to whom?

          • Tony Harrington

            But there is only a 50% chance of that.

        • Ole White Dude

          One in five will sexually assaulted. If you have daughters, wife, you owe it to them, and yourself, to learn how to protect them and get instruction on how to detect and identify circumstances and situations which could be detrimental to their bodies and mental well being. Many women don’t ‘come back’ from rape and sexual assault. Get educated, get prepared, get armed w/ knowledge and what ever else you need to protect your wives and daughters.

          • Chappyricky

            Sadly sexual assault is very commonplace. I have people around me that I know very well who were victims of rapes and attempted rape or groped by deviants.

          • Ole White Dude

            We all know someone who was assaulted, although we may not know it. It is far too sad. Imagine, one in five. That is an astonishing statistic and a very sad indictment on our society. I feel sometimes we need to revert to the ole west mentality when it comes to such crimes. Try them, hang them. Make it public. As long as capital punishment is kept in the closet, it fails miserably as a deterent to such unacceptible behavior.

          • Chappyricky

            I understand your feelings but Rape is not a crime worthy of the death penalty. And too, there are far to many men accused of rape and are too victims of the sick minds. For those who have been wrongfully incarcerated by overzealous prosecutors, we might have put innocent men to death. Considering the history of this country that is not to farfetched of a notion. As for capital punishment, it has been said that the U.S. leads the world in execution.

          • Ole White Dude

            With the inmates running he asylm today in the justice system, there is little chance of an innocent person being put to death. Now that DNA research is prevalent, there are far more solid convictions that were say 30 yrs ago. We differ on this point and that make neither of us bad persons. Just means your perspective is different than mine as a result of our varying frames of reference and life experiences. I respect your opinion and I would agree w/ you whole heartedly but then we’d both be wrong. Haha. just kidding. yea, evil women do exist as do evil men. The depths of man’s depravity continues to sink lower as each generation steps to the forefront to embrace the socialist mantra of social diversification and multiculturalism. “There is no wrong and there is no right”, bullshit. I fear I will see a generation of sociopaths if i live long enough. As for leading the world in capital punishment, I say put n an HOV lane at the gas chamber or a drive thru. Don’t let the scum of the earth sit on Death Row for 18 yrs, exhaust hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses to house, care, feed and finance legal appeals. One appeal, one bullet. And, i would do away w/ the expensive process of lethal injection. Firing squad of seven men, average cost of a 30-06 bullet is .50¢ so that’s $3.50 and all but one has a blank round which even less costly. They don’t feel a thing, it’s over in .2 seconds and the tax payer is not held accountable to pay forever to support a beast incapable of feeling remorse or rehabilitation.
            But, like I’ve been told many times, I’m a throw back to another era of time and I believe in cowboy justice.

          • Chappyricky

            I can agree on some points. Still an error in the death penalty come with irreversible correction if at a later date the person is found innocent. I would rather set 100 b guilty men free than to incarcerate one innocent man. as for violent criminal I’d rather let 100 violent men live than to kill one innocent man.

          • Lizzie Jean

            And also, first and foremost, teach your sons, brothers, uncles, friends not to rape. We are always preaching the teaching of how to avoid rape, but teach your children not to rape as well.

          • James Jackson

            What does that class look like? How do you teach such a class without making the poor kids taking the class think that they are already rapists, and the only thing stopping them is this class? Is there a class on teaching kids not to murder? Assault? Steal? Rob? Damn! I shouldn’t be locking my doors, I should be out there telling people not to rob my house!

          • Ole White Dude

            yes, there is such a class. It was called Sunday School when i was a kid. And we weren’t taught about rape, or murder but about what is morally right and wrong which covered a multitude of self indulgent and hedonistic behavior. Worked for hundreds of years.

          • Chappyricky

            You nailed it!

          • Ole White Dude

            Lizzie Jean, I could not agree more. Sons learn from their fathers, but some of them get off the reservation so to speak and go wild. If it were my son? I’d agree to castration if he raped. But, I’m pretty much an ole hardazz w/ little tolerance for rude behavior. I would castrate all rapist. They’d never commit THAT crime again.

          • Chappyricky


        • Jean Pierre Tintenier

          The more i read the new the more people have been raped….. soon it ‘s going to be 90 % of people in America have been raped or sexually abused.

          • Chappyricky

            Get ready for this one! According to some feminist, When a /boy takes a girl out on a date and makes out with her, and ask to have sex, and/or attempt to unclothed her and if she say no, but the boy persist in begging or persuading his date to have sex until she give in, he raped her! Though it is not physical forced rape, it is philological influence over her. (90% might be right if the feminist assessment of rape is correct.)

      • Chris ac
      • You Really like capitalizing random letters, don’t You?

        • Robert

          I KNOW I DO, MURICA

        • AustinTXmom


          • Commissar Molotov

            It means they’re probably not the brightest bulb on the marquee.

      • OneTrueSonOfMrRogers

        “If they ain’t convicted, they ain’t guilty” I think I understand what you meant to say, but for example Matthew Broderick veered into another lane and crashed head on into another car killing the driver. Wasn’t convicted of anything other than careless driving, that doesn’t mean he didnt kill someone. So not being convicted doesnt make someone innocent nor does a lack of evidence. With that being said no one is necessarily guilty because one person says so. Though a number of peopl without any connection to each other (as to rule out a conspiracy) is something else.

        • chettmixx

          Dude, he was convicted of something, Cosby has never been convicted or had charges pressed on any type of account related to this woman’s claims. You just gave a bad analogy.

          • goodhall

            He did it more then once. I know the writers and people he worked with. It is TRUE

          • chettmixx

            So what you’re saying is that you heard if from another person but weren’t there……..That type of crap doesn’t hold up in court.

          • Chappyricky

            Gossip is not fact!

          • Mick Price

            Thank you for that second hand anecdote. Now if you think that’s evidence please refrain from all jury duty. You can just show your post to get excused.

      • Doug Sawyer

        no …Cosby is a worthless and his criticisms are tantamount to calling out Ebonics

        • Doug Sawyer

          as a black man

      • Slim the Grim

        He settled out of court with one accuser in 2004 and several other women gave testimony that they were assaulted by cosby during that case.

        • Josephine Tinker

          He gave her money, because he had an affair, NOT RAPE:

          • chettmixx

            Very likely

          • The Last Word

            Which begs the question why he is taken seriously when he lectures others about morality.

          • Chappyricky

            That was the in result! She wanted money and she got paid off!

          • frances

            The woman’s name is Andrea Constand and she worked as the director of the women’s basketball program at Temple University. She did NOT have an affair with Cosby. I love how people bend themselves into pretzels in order to maintain Cosby’s position on the undeserved pedestal they’ve placed him on. He drugged and assaulted her, and she tried to press criminal charges. The D.A. thought Cosby was guilty, but felt he didn’t have the evidence to obtain a verdict of guilty beyond reasonable doubt. So, Ms. Constand filed a civil suit, and 12 other women who had no chance of any legal remedy because of the statute of limitations in their cases were ready to testify about their own episodes of his predation. Cosby decided to settle out of court for an undisclosed amount under a gag order, so they never got to testify. This was in 2006. Of course, he had affairs, and he also took advantage of women who did NOT want or invite his “advances.”

        • LeadFooty

          A woman named Autumn Jackson was convicted of trying to extort money from Cosby. 40 million. Said she was his long lost love child.

        • Chappyricky

          Copycat accusations… it happens a lot with Celebrities and people of wealth ?

      • cc

        Were you born yesterday? I mean, I consider myself a late bloomer in realizing the extent of sexual violence in our society (at the ripe age of 18, when I found out that several women I had contact with regularly had been assaulted). It’s precisely the idea that “it doesn’t really happen” (ignoring), accepting male sexual urges and inherently violent (normalizing), and taking the side of the accused rather than the survivor (victim-blaming), that perpetuates this culture of rape and makes it ok. How old are you, though? 9? 10? If older, consider taking course on logical flow.
        . What does Cosby’s views on black youth have anything to do with his record on sexual assault.

        • Chappyricky

          My thoughts as well. to extent my viewpoint. Cosby and those women had their day. Let it go! He was accused and that it that!

      • baberger89

        OMG can’t tell if you’re a troll or uninformed about sexual assault. 200,000 are reported every year and it’s estimated that 60% go unreported. It’s extremely common. “If it really happen there would be Cosby consequences.” Uh no, have you looked at the number of reported rapes/accusations in general to the number that are brought to trial? Not many. You’re perpetuating rape culture by casually dismissing the credibility of alleged rape victims. Many of these accusations are not just “remembered” down the road. The mentality of the rape victims is often humiliation and fear after it happens, do you think someone is going to shout it to the world that they got raped? It can take years to conquer that trauma, and that’s why in many cases women finally have the courage to speak out. Can you imagine speaking out against a public figure? Just bc he’s famous and has shown a loving persona doesn’t mean the man isn’t capable of rape

        • I’m going to go with Troll for 1,000 @baberger89:disqus

        • Chappyricky

          My question to Buress is what does he have to gain by trying Cosby in a comedy club? Furthermore, if you can’t prove that the man was guilty then why create the allusion that he is guilty? And too, as for Cosby using drug to get a woman when celebrities have women throwing themselves at them almost daily, why would he drug them for sex?

          • Sarahndipity

            Because if you know anything at all about sexual assault/rape it is not about the sex, it is about the power. Plenty of rapists have girlfriends so it is not about that.

          • Chappyricky

            I’m aware of the power over women. But do you really think that Cosby has that kind of mentality?

          • Chappyricky

            The question of Buress motive has not been answered, only Buress can answer that. Furthermore, your response is not much different than Buress as you are putting Bill Cosby in the category of a rapist. Neither of us know the mind of Cosby.

      • Brandon

        You really think that because someone wasnt convicted they arent guilty? That might be the way the government works, but its the way the world works. If you kill someone… you killed them. Get popped and go to jail or not, that persons dead and you are guilty for doing it. You rape someone and get away with it… you are still a rapist. A court of law doesnt change who you are.

        • dcm5150

          Are you suggesting that OJ was guilty????????????????????????????????????????????

          • Chappyricky

            A man was hung to death and was photographed along with many people. The FBI said that this only prove that the people in the photo where witness to the body in the tree. It does not prove they did it! Though OJ was proved to be in the vicinity, The jury found him not guilty. It’s the world we live in!

        • fredford99

          Yes, you are correct some times in our system guilty people go free. That is the choice made in our system over incarcerating every person that is accused of a crime and thereby sending innocent people to jail (I happen to agree with that). I think it is despicable that this “comic” is saying he is a rapist when the only two people who know that for sure are Bill Cosby and his accuser. He is assuming that the authorities (whom I guarantee saw more evidence than any of us including the “comic”) got it wrong. If this is what he has to do to be “funny” he needs to find a new job.

          • Chappyricky

            Thank you! I questioned the comics motives!

          • Aquaria

            Hey, you stupid woman-hating filth, I was the TWENTIETH rape victim of a pack of thugs. 12 of the victims refused to do anything but ask for an ambulance and go to the hospital. They NEVER FILED CHARGES. THEY NEVER TALKED TO A COP.

            That does not mean they weren’t raped, you misogynistic filth.

            But the family who answered the door that night after I was dumped on a dirt road in the boonies like garbage after being gang-raped told me that I was the TWENTIETH woman that they had opened the door to in the same circumstances.

            I was the only one of TWENTY VICTIMS, the only one of EIGHT who reported the crime at all, who went the damned distance and got a conviction, you woman-hating scum.

            When you are this much of stupid, woman-hating vermin who doesn’t know a fricking thing about what he’s talking about, sit your sorry scum filth butt down and shut your stupid scum pie hole.

        • Chappyricky

          Yes, there is a difference in being accused and presumed guilty and being guilty by way of proof. Thank God we have this built in to our system of government. Could you imagine being accused of being a Witch and then being drowned to prove your innocents, if you drown you are not a Witch. if you live you are a witch and then sentence to being burned at the stake!

      • Keyser Soze

        “If they ain’t convicted, they ain’t guilty.”

        If they arent convicted, they arent LEGALLY guilty. But it doesnt mean they didnt do it.

        • redhand126

          Exactly. “Not guilty” and innocent are two very different things.
          As far as conviction of rape and/or sexual assault – if females in the armed forces can’t get trails and convictions to stand up- how do you think the average woman is going to do so? Welcome to the real world, people.

          • Chappyricky

            Are you asserting that Cosby is guilty or accused?

        • Jennifer P

          Yes, exactly. The number of people who don’t seem to understand that is alarming!

        • Chappyricky

          True, however, how doe one know of guilt without proof. I used this analogy earlier, If you are accused of being a witch you area witch! So you’re saying Cosby was accused and is therefore guilty?

      • Muad’dib

        Cosby consequences = HUGE payoffs.

      • noname63

        Why do you think why most alcoholics or drug users started abusing their poison of choice in the first place? Yes, that many people were sexually assaulted! Sex abuse is epidemic!

      • caitlinIsGreatlin

        This post is CaSe SeNsItIvE.

      • James

        I hear ya on the ‘just sayin.’ Other Than that, you Are Very naive, and Have a Problem with Randomly holding Shift on your keyboard As you start Typing A word.

        A lot of people who are guilty go unconvinced…I take it back, you aren’t even naive, just straight stupid.

      • When you have enough money and prestige you can pretty much get away with anything. At the time these allegations popped up, Cosby was still big business. Bet you never heard of Jay Z hitting a young woman during one of his concerts huh? Right, money and prestige can get you out of a lot of things.

      • Yes, because famous people *always* pay the consequences for their crimes… esp. ones against women… *eye roll*

        • Chappyricky

          What crime?

      • Monty

        “not convicted = not guilty”? that has got to be the most backwards logic I’ve ever heard in my life. Because no criminal who’s committed a crime has EVER gotten away with it because there wasn’t enough evidence to convict, or because of some legal technicality that prevented a jury from being able to legally convict. People “get away” with crimes they’re guilty of all the time. Hell, in my youth, I used to shoplift and even tried my hand at selling weed. I was never caught, arrested, prosecuted or convicted, but I was definitely guilty. And I got away with it. Am I saying Bill Cosby definitely sexually assaulted women? No. Am I going to reject the possibility of it because he was never formally charged or convicted? Absolutely not. And you’d be surprised at how many people get sexually assaulted in America each year. And one of the reasons it remains so prevalent is because of people like you, who dismiss it or excuse with backwards logic like your argument here.

      • AustinTXmom

        no it doesn’t make sense to me. you want black americans to conform to YOUR idea of what it’s like to be young in the USA. not right.

      • Johnny

        Hey, you Don’t need to Capitalize every Other word, people Might not Take you Seriously…..that and you’re an idiot.

      • parkzark

        Your argument is so flawed. Cosby is super famous and well-off, so he undoubtedly has been able to not be convicted of these crimes because of a top legal team. Not sure we’re looking at the same judicial system, but often times just because something “Really happened” as you say, does NOT mean that some will be punished for it whatsoever. Your statement “If they ain’t convicted, they ain’t guilty” should be changed to, “if they ain’t convicted, they most likely had the funds to buy themselves a really really good defense lawyer.”

        To answer your other question, yes that many people in our country really have been sexually assaulted. Male sexual privilege continues to be a rampant problem in the United States and around the world. This was honestly one of the most ill-informed and ignorant replies to an article I have ever read. Read a book on male privilege and get back to us all.

        • Smartpatrol

          …not to mention the number of people in his employ whose financial heath and monetary well-being depends on keeping their meal-ticket’s repulsive behaviour out of view, especially when said meal-ticket’s public & professional persona is built on presenting him as The Chipper, Almost-Hip Dad We’d All Sorta Wish We’d Had.

      • gabbie

        I TOTALLY agree with you. It’s SO easy to get in front of AMERICA and slander and accuse a famous personality especially someone that is trying to tell young Black people how to stop disrespecting themselves and the whole Black race. Apparently it hit a nerve with Buress, who is content with the way our Black youth are spiraling out of control.

        • black_dontcrack

          Hold up. What Cosby says about black youth aside, the allegations still stand. No one is accusing him of being a pedophile, but he has been accused of having a casting couch. The reason the allegations died is because the “victims” were less than perfect, which means they had a past. That’s not slander, those are facts.

          • Chappyricky

            black dontcrack, you don’t know for a fact why the allegations died, If you do, write a book and get paid the big bucks!

        • Chappyricky

          Amen! ….. My question to Buress is, What is there to gain by calling out Cosby?

      • theghostwriter

        Sorry, PPA, but you’re wrong that there would definitely be “consequences” (aside from the consequences of Cosby being subjected to such public allegations). There is often a power disparity being a rapist and victim, wherein the victim feels too powerless or ashamed to press charges or report the crime. I won’t go into the subject in great detail here, but I do politely suggest that you do some more research on this subject before making such sweeping assertions.

        Try looking at this from the other angle: with the number of allegations and accusations that have been leveled at Cosby, don’t you think there would be “consequences” (such as lawsuits) for the accusers if they really were making things up?

        Just because a victim does not report a rape does not mean the rape didn’t happen.

      • MsNae Wrknonmines Perry

        Wow You my friend are BRAINWASHED.. .Ppl tend to repress these memories due to the memory being associated with a high level of stress or trauma. The theory postulates that even though the individual cannot recall the memory, it may still be affecting them consciously….

      • Damien

        Your comment is incredibly ignorant. “Could that many people really be sexually assaulted?”, you ask. Ummm… a famous man on the road and with resources, could assault 17 a month, and surely would given how unlikely it is that the women will come forward (because of a**h*les like you)

      • mk

        Your mansplainin’ denialism is finely honed.

      • Gracie

        One of the best comments I ever heard was
        I haven’t enough information to make an informed statement.
        As someone who blocked out most of the 1st ten yrs of my life
        & decades later recalled such horrific abuse that I can’t even find any ref to it on the internet .Yet yrs after I remembered what my evil bible carrying preaching dad did to me I went on a date with a man
        who knew my secret because my dad & his friends did it to him
        & other kids at church & no none told but me at 4 yrs old not believed punished never told again & blocked it out to survive .
        So words do hurt :(

      • andy hazel

        I definitely agree with you.

      • liberals_steal_your_money

        Bill Cosby needs to stop raping women.

      • Michael Puckett

        That is incredibly callous of you to suggest that a person who has been raped at a young age who sufrers from alcohol or drug addiction as a result is lying when they finally can face the abuse and openly talk about it. That is the first step to ending the destructive behavior. Don’t be so naive as to believe because one is not convicted or has not been charged that they are not guilty. Sexual crimes are only reported in a small percentage of cases and when the accused is rich or famous this is even more likely due to the exact type of people like yourself. The victim becomes the accused and what woman would want to endure the further abuse by the attack on her character and dignity? Think before you make such a thoughtless statement. I don’t judge either way here but I have some difficulty believing that many women are all lying. Of course maybe it is all a conspiracy against blacks by the same people that killed Michael Jackson and framed OJ right? Lol.

      • pudding pop her cherry

        1. Our rich, famous and opinionated love to rape underage girls.
        2. There was a time when Cosby was a black youth.
        3. Are you really so stupid and naive that you believe that just because someone doesn’t get convicted they may not be guilty of a crime? Really?

        • Richard

          and are you really so stupid that just because someone is accused of a crime they are guilty?

      • Fantasy Maker

        The statute of limitations has run out on all, if not most of these allegations. So, the legal authorities have no right to pursue allegations and the “alleged” victims cannot sue in civil court for the same statute of limitations.

      • Stretchmypaycheck

        I have never heard of Hannibal Buress before this issue. It is irresponsible on his part to make a joke of this. Obviously he is trying to get ahead at the expense of others. Bill Cosby is right when he tells people to take personal responsibility, stop calling women Ws and Bs, take care of your children, get off of drugs, stop the profanity, etc. All women need to be treated with respect. I for one will never go to see Buress in concert. I have never seen Bill Cosby in person either, but his comments are correct and should not be made fun of. I do not know if he actually sexually abused anyone, but that needs to be played out in court or some other venue.

      • velvet

        Lots of women do get raped, but do not report it – it’s a hard thing to talk about – and sometimes you question yourself and bury the awful ordeal in your mind especially if you are young. Not until you are grown and become confident in yourself and take your mind back to the incident you will be able to talk about it . Famous people who think the world beckon to them think they can get away with talking advantage of others – the young and vulnerable (weak in the mind).

      • Trinity

        – thank you this doesn’t makes any sense now they all want to say oh he touches my arm sexual etc it doesn’t add up

      • Danceroflife

        I agree with Samuel L. Jackson’s assessment on WWHL with Andy Cohen this last Thursday..

        Samuel L. Jackson was a “stand-in” for Cosby on his “Cosby Show” for three years. Paraphasing what Jackson said when asked about the Cosby allegations: “There is this saying that “where there’s smoke there’s fire. The jury is still out on this one. Women are vunerable in this society and powerful people take advantage of them. I have a wife and daughter and I certainly wouldn’t disbelieve them, even if the man is rich and famous or Black.”

        My two cents:
        People believed Mike Tyson over Robin Givens who said that he was abusive physically and sexually. Over Desiree Washington who said that during the time that he was raping her, he repeatdly threatened to bite her. People didn’t believe that Mike Tyson was a violent monster, until he bit Evander Hollyfields ear; until he assaulted a man.

        Females aren’t valued in this society or the world. And it’s a shame when one considers that every single one of us came from a woman and most of us were nurtured by one.

      • The Truth

        Not only am I saddened by what you said but I’m also sad that a person who doesn’t even understand the proper use of capital letters received 198 upvotes. There’s no better way to make a point and make sure it hits home then to use poor grammar and just have a general lack of understanding of the English language. Well done PPA. My advice to you is to run for political office. If 198 people agree with a person who can’t even structure a sentence properly you just might have a shot at winning.

      • King Arthur

        No the things he says about black youth make no sense at all. Wearing jeans higher on their hips will not change your perception of them and it would have saved Trayvon Martin’s life.

      • AdamLucifer

        “If they ain’t convicted, they ain’t guilty”

        What an asinine comment. Hitler and Stalin weren’t guilty of war crimes, OJ Simpson was innocent and Al Capone was innocent of being involved in organised crime in your fantasy world, because they were never convicted. Reality is not decided by a panel of lawyers, and such risible attempts to defend the indefensible only highlight the lack of credibility in both Cosby’s denials and your attempts to defend a self-confessed sexual predator. You people are so obsessed with fame that you believe someone can do no wrong just because they are famous – that’s exactly why peopl like Simpson and Cosby get away with it.

    • Xarias

      Michael Eric Dyson is a joke.

    • PurplePlushUnicorn

      Cosby still knows what he’s talking about when he says black people are the ones keeping themselves down.

      • Chappyricky

        No matter his past, Cosby is speaking the truth about Black youth! That should be applauded!

    • LeadFooty

      Google “Autumn Jackson”

    • Hal the Robot

      Yeah… and that guy has been lying to you, he ain’t no doctor!

    • SistaWoman

      Agreed Amala, Cosby does need to turn his crazy down a couple of notches…a son killed by Russian mobsters for foolin’ around with a girlfriend of theirs; a daughter who makes Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan look normal; a wife who, years ago, took out a full spread in the newspapers decrying racism for the death of her son; and a daughter who Cosby was extorting to keep quiet and lie about his paternity?! CRAY CRAY ALL THE WAY!

    • Chappyricky

      Successful me get the women! Not one of these women said he raped them, they said he harassed them. Sexual harassment of women was commonplace as it was almost a way of life for men in America. Women fought back and changed that cultural behavior starting about the late 80’s. Hannibal Buress is completely out of line as this is undermine a true pioneer of Black entertainers. Buress may not even have an audience if not for men before and after Cosby who fought for equality in the industry. As often said, Black folks are lie Crawdads and Buressis one example. Pulling Cosby down to lift himself up.

    • Santini Perico

      I think 50% of american men have a long history of messing with women. Join the club.

    • SenatorKang

      Keeping it real? Jus sayin? Word. Where you be stayin? Oh no you di’unt!

      Amala is giving a course on unsubstantiated claims mixed with Ebonics… it will be called “A lil’ Su-Uhm-Su-Uhm 315.” Check your local community college course listings. Seriously. I am just saying what I just said.

    • stormin2014

      what do you expect? he is a man. and then, you was not there, ur jus going by hear say. who died…..and made you judge?

    • stagzdbs3

      stfu, jus sayin

    • andy.lotiya

      The current market is nothing but debt fueled smoke.[]][[]
      Jobs and job growth. Very funny, that was a good one. You know there are actually people out there who don’t know what is happening and believe that. Good one!!..
      Next Page

    • AdamLucifer

      “Cosby has a long history of messing with women…”

      Not just women… and “other people” as well, apparently… this needs to be cleared up as it has even more disturbing implications.

  • musikhead

    It is really baffling how some of the men commenting are so dismissive and defensive of these accusations. Legend status trumps rape. Male privilege prevails.

    • Presbyton

      Not really, when the person has never been charged with a crime. If anything, it is shocking how many commentators have convicted someone in their minds.

      • sabretron


        • Presbyton

          Make all the jokes you want but plenty of black men not much older than cosby were killed for false rape or sexual assault claims.

          • dragonhat

            Why were black men even older than Cosby falsely claiming they’ve been raped? And why were people killing them?

          • And many were justly executed, though that is another discussion.

          • Presbyton

            ^lynching is never justified, racist.

          • Mr. Man

            And many more have actually raped and killed someone.

          • smartguytvshow

            “And many more have actually raped and killed someone.”

            shut up moron. you’ve already show that you have a bias against bill and other blacks, so of course u would say this garbage. btw, prove to us bill actually raped anyone, and maybe people with a brain can take you seriously

          • You should have clarified that you were talking about lynchings and not death-penalty cases. Your failure to clarify is only your fault and certainly no excuse for verbal abuse.

          • Guest

            It was pretty obvious that he was talking about lynching. Only an oblivious fool would’ve missed the reference.

          • Presbyton

            It was obvious based on the context.

          • Josephine Tinker

            Yes they were:

    • joe smith

      No, facts trump rumour and innuendo.

    • Tom Berndt

      Probably because so many men have experienced first hand the lies of so many privileged women!

    • MPLS-STP

      So you think its ok just to tarnish someone’s reputation based on another persons unconfirmed story? Guilt till proven innocent? THAT my friend, is female privilege.



        • Bryan McCormick

          joking about rape is sideline privilege and disgusting

          • Who said I was joking about rape? The fact that people believe there’s a thing called “female privilege” is amusing.

            It’s just interesting how when men get called out for alleged sexual assault or rape, people absolutely RUSH to defend them, but the women can’t be telling the truth, right?
            All I’m saying is that the possibility is there. Don’t understand how that’s “female privilege”.

          • dragonhat

            Whole groups will flock to vilify or defend.
            All are idiots, since none of them really know.

          • jim

            You are aware that the majority of Lynchings of black men under Jim Crow were motivated by accusations of rape of white women right? this issue is a hell of a lot more complicated then you are making it

          • Bryan McCormick

            well then no i’m sorry, i thought you were laughing at the idea of women deserving to be heard
            it’s so humiliating and helpless thinking about what victims go through, that for men or women to lawyer up and display non-victim scenarios as the root of ‘liberal sympathy’ as if rape was a political ham for dissecting and empathy was some emasculating, intellectual nuance
            it does make for this grotesque scene of being on the sidelines, but truly that is anyone not in the shoes of the victims
            actually the metaphor itself was just giving into the frustration
            men can be raped, but there’s a guile toward women i think because they can’t be as assiduously accused
            that’s where this lark of privilege lends so much scofflaw opinionation, people that would prefer to see rape culture as a sleeping dog beyond accountability
            all of the conflation between victim and exploiter only strokes the napes of actual culprits, which is a phantom slap in the face to victims, and a recursive, vestigial tie between exploitation and rape culture that may perhaps beckon closer examination
            the fallacy of male privilege leads to the social vengeance that also finds itself outside the law, therein the law has shown a faultline of not connecting properly
            people don’t respect other people, because the law gerrymanders it’s way from cut corner to cut corner, unprecedented reform has to be the only option, something worth enduring and believing in, beyond the sneering of good people

      • Cosbyrapist

        um bill cosby apologized for his behavior and to his wife saying his actions were misunderstood. he even apologized to one of the victims… so yea he’s a rapist.. a rapist with narcissism

        • MPLS-STP

          Why, then, has he never been convicted? Why hasn’t he been taken to trial?

          • Jonathan Joseph Reddoch

            The women settled out of court. Guess they wanted the money more than justice.

          • Josephine Tinker

            It was an affair, not RAPE, and the lawyers had to make their money: IJS:

          • MPLS-STP

            Or maybe they stirred up this controversy for the pay out. If they were assaulted, wouldn’t they have a responsibility to other women to make sure he was convicted, or at least to try?

        • microphone

          Who’s “um bill cosby”?

        • sourceCiter

          Also, cite sources.

        • smartguytvshow

          hes never even been charged with rape. no evidence to show any rapes factually took place. it’s it possible he did it? sure, but until the accusations are backed up by fact, then no one should take them at face value. brains are for thinking, use it instead of pretending to know what actually happened

    • Gary Ashman

      No, it’s baffling how people will believe any accusation and give no credence to the fact that no charges were ever filed.

      • Bryan McCormick

        you can recognize how disturbing ‘cosby as a rapist’ is without defining cosby as a rapist even if he were convicted
        to think otherwise is to pigeonhole people as both stupid/inferior and deserving of getting what’s coming to them, people aren’t stupid they’re justifiably scared of a scary world, there isn’t much else to add to that except empathy, but people insist on poking fun at this emotional reality as if it were part of some script from the matrix

        • jennifermavens

          What the hell did you just say? English please…

          • Tharn Coultas

            He was saying the thought of Cosby being a rapist is disturbing, and you can point that out without believing he is, implying such, or accusing him.

          • Mr. Man

            That was English, moron.

        • jennifermavens

          Sounds like a bunch of neo-feminist mumbo jumbo. Boy have you been brainwashed.

          • Bryan McCormick

            some hairs are worth splitting, but it’s easy to go too far with anything
            i’m not important, even if i was brain-washed
            what’s important is people recovering from trauma
            people’s day in court doesn’t matter to people not involved with the case
            but from a social standing there are iconic figures that learning of their having led secret lives or having made certain gross mistakes is world-altering. it isn’t mumbo-jumbo. it’s just dwarfed in significance to the separate issue that winds up being crammed into the same discussion which is how the victims are. there’s really no way to discuss cosby as a public figure in the same sentence as his being a rapist. humor can suggest an impression but this isn’t a feminist slant. i’m just trying to reserve the possibility of what victims there might have been instead of glossing over the huxtable image with some typified jaded lens.
            not feminist or mumbo jumbo. just saying whether there are charges filed or not, it’s sad to have to move cosby from mr rogers to michael jackson. it’s the sort of thing that can make you want to kill yourself if you hadn’t grown up cynical enough. which is a sad thing in itself.

    • microphone

      It does? I don’t think so.

    • Tim Boetch

      It’s really baffling how a thinly-veiled anti-male is so dismissive of a little thing called “burden of proof.” You’d better have some genuine evidence before you start throwing around such accusations. But go ahead and keep tossing your buzzword phrase (“male privilege”) around.

    • Tharn Coultas

      It’s interesting how you call it privilege, when the whole of society considers the presumption of innocence until there is proof of guilt to be a RIGHT of all people.

      • Meh

        And how often has the media portrayed otherwise?

        • Tharn Coultas

          Constantly, as unfortunate as that is. But everyone, no matter who they are, or what they’re accused of, has a right to be viewed as innocent until there is proof of wrongdoing.

      • Ren Chant

        that is a legal distinction and has nothing to do with everyday society. moreover, one is legally not guilty of ANYTHING until proved in a court or confessed. for example, that charming guy ray rice isn’t guilty of anything. he’s not been accused, charged OR convicted. does anyone want to say he didn’t do anything? the point here is that the gov’t can’t do anything to an individual who hasn’t been convicted…well, unless you’re droning, but the neighborhood can surely shun that “alleged pedophile” down the street that your 5 y/o niece said touched her. i recommend against more than shunning, but if you must employ bats, wear ski masks.

    • jennifermavens

      Because that’s all they are – accusations. Or do you know something more? There’s a little thing called defamation of character which you might want to research before you go around believing things about people you don’t even know. Reading something on the internet doesn’t make it so.

      • Ren Chant

        so, if he’s wrong, cosby will sue for slander and win, right? no problem.

    • Keyser Soze

      Its not Male Privilege, its Wealth Privilege. Capitalism doesnt care what shape your genitals are. It only cares about how much money you have in the bank. Money beats race or gender any day.

      • really

        so do you think its equally easy for people across gender and race to make money? you would have to, otherwise your point is moot.

    • Gorhob Perkins

      Innocent until proven guilty prevails, but in the SJW mind every other man is a rapist.

  • mary

    You are all listening to accusations made by a fool, not one of you have seen this man do anything wrong come on wake up this gut puts everyone down!!!!!

    • SisterChristian69
    • Guest

      I have, and I know people that have witnessed his inappropriate behavior. I was an up and coming actress, so I had no voice. Cosby was a God to many, at the time.

      • Self described ‘up and coming actress’ explains it all to you on PhillyMag.com. Film at 11 with Tolly.

    • km

      I’ve witnessed his inappropriate behavior, as have others that I know. If you knew the full scope of his activities, you’d be sick!

      • ‘Inappropriate Behavior’ according to whom? Burping and farting in church comes under that same heading, and is hasn’t made me sick yet.

    • Jennifer P

      Wait… so you’ve NEVER believed in something that you didn’t witness personally? I’ve never been to China, but I believe it exists.

  • blackliberationwithsanity

    Cosby did have settled with females over accusations back in 05.. This has been well-known for quite sometime at Temple University..

  • A P

    A friend of mine works at a hotel where Cosby stayed and said he was an extremely pompous, rude, hostile guest who verbally abused the staff when they failed to meet (or anticipate) his very particular demands. Of course, that doesn’t make him a rapist, but sounds like he might be that too.

    • Bad public behavior= Rapist. Interesting logic. Illegal Parking= He might be guilty of Murrderr. [scary music plays]

      • Jennifer P

        Does bad public behavior make him a rapist? Um, no. But, if true, it does prove that his actual persona is very different from the one he portrays in the media. The fact that he’s been accused of sexual assault by more than 10 individual women has a lot more to do with the probability that he is a rapist!

  • Presbyton

    Calling someone a rapist who has never been convicted is absurd.

    • SisterChristian69
      • Presbyton

        Again, you need an “alleged” there, especially when no one has charged him with a crime, let alone convicted him.

        • Rai_Golden

          You’re working awfully hard to defend him, and he wouldn’t let you in his front door.

          • You don’t have to work hard to defend him, You have to work hard to Convict him, and that hasn’t happened.

          • Presbyton

            Actually, I’m fairly sure Bill Cosby would not only let me in his front door, but have a drink with me as well.

        • Sara

          You do realize that, on average, only around 3% of rapists ever serve a day in jail for their crime, right? There’s a huge history of people getting off the hook for sexual assault, even when it’s glaringly obvious they did it (i.e. Joel Warren in Illinois – courts overturned his conviction because his victim “didn’t resist hard enough” – http://leagle.com/decision/1983114113IllApp3d1_1114.xml/PEOPLE%20v.%20WARREN ; or the five men who got away with raping a woman at a bar because “she didn’t actually say no” even though she was passed out – http://leagle.com/decision/1996445169Misc2d276_1408.xml/PEOPLE%20v.%20CURCIO )

          A lack of conviction does not mean that the person is not a rapist, it means our system grossly fails to give victims justice.

          • Presbyton

            You can’t use a couple examples to find someone guilty without a trial. That’s just not how things work. People get off the hook for every kind of crime every day in America. We only solve 40% of the murders in this country, and that’s counting all the cases where they know who did it but were unable to convict.

            I realize usually people aren’t lying when they say they were assaulted, but that gets thrown out the window when you are talking about someone who is rich and famous.

          • Sara

            And why would the fact that most people are not lying about sexual assault charges get “thrown out the window” simply because a person has status and money to push things under the rug?

            There’s an awful lot of consistent smoke with Cosby for there to be no fire.

            And if you would prefer, there’s a bunch of legal cases you can pilfer through that also show the legal system does next to nothing for victims and rarely does it ever convict a rapist. A lack of conviction does not mean an assault did not occur.

          • Presbyton

            Again, most of the time I’m with you, but when the person in question is a rich famous black man, the rate of false accusation skyrockets.

          • Dennet

            That’s cool. You can’t call Cosby a rapist before he’s convicted though.

      • boosto

        thoroughly absurd, especially since it’s all accusation and hearsay. NOT proof.

        • Dave’s not here

          The fact, he paid these women off, to go away, is that not proof of wrong doing? Why would you pay someone to go away, if you didn’t do it.

          • Vincent Vega

            Think it through Glenda, assume he did not do anything and an accuser comes and says “Give me money to go away or I’ll go public and say you did this, that, and the other.”

            It does not matter if it is true, the allegation alone is enough to damage his name and reputation, damage his ability to earn, etc. It can actually be worth paying someone to go away.

    • No it’s not. There are many people in this country that are rapists that have never been arrested or convicted for one reason or another. Too many women are scared to report a rape because of the stigma attached to it..that doesn’t make our rapes any less real nor does it make them any less of a rapist.

    • Jennifer P

      Not really. I have no problem calling O.J. a murderer, despite his acquittal.

      • Presbyton

        OJ probably did it, but that’s a case where there was enough evidence to go to trial and the conviction was 90% there. Not a case with a bunch of allegations and not a single charge.

        • Jennifer P

          Ohhhh… here comes the fine print! Just hours ago you believed an accusation in the absence of a convinction was “absurd”. Now you think O.J. was probably guilty, even though he wasn’t convicted. You are contradicting yourself!

          I, for one, would not come right out and call Bill a rapist, but I do believe that a dozen accusers, including ones who had very specific allegations and were not seeking compensation, is enough indication that it’s absolutely likely that he is a rapist.

          • Presbyton

            I still can’t call him a murderer.

          • smartguytvshow

            still need evidence to show bill actually raped anyone as oppose to just believing an accusation just cause an accusation was made.

          • Jennifer P

            It’s been more than 10 accusations, and no, I don’t. I can think and say whatever I want. ‘Innocent until proven guilty’ applies strictly to the court of law, not the court of public opinion.

  • HomeBoy

    he just has money enough to make it go away! And he had a baby out of wedlock, he hates that too!

  • boudin

    Doesn’t change the fact that you fools need to pull your pants up.

    • microphone


    • Millie678

      Hahahaha!!! That’s a right one right there. ^ Pull up your damn pants.

    • Josephine Tinker

      Do they really know where and why they sag their pants, and that it came from PRISON:

  • airtech1

    Louis C.K. doing Burress doing Cosby would’ve been something.

  • PMCarhart

    I’m not defending the man. I don’t know Mr. Cosby at all. But I see a lot about “accusations” and “allegations.” Has the man been proven guilty of anything? Because, in this country, I don’t care if you’re white, black or green, a millionaire or a pauper, he has a right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. There’s a fact you can take to the bank.

    • Glenda

      Yeah . . . the sheer number of unconvicted unindicted Pedophiles in Hollywood is shocking, especially among “talent scouts” according to some former child actors. I’d rather we reflect on that.

      • Tharn Coultas

        I hope you know there’s a difference between pedophiles and child molesters. Many, many pedophiles will never touch a child in their entire life, in spite of attraction to them. I suppose it would carry more weight if I were speaking from experience, rather than psychology papers and statistics, though.

  • bubbastank

    I don’t immediately assume accusation is equal to being convicted.

    • boosto

      then you’re apparently in the minority here. seems like with a lot of people here, it’s “guilty until proven innocent.”

  • Judas3192

    Here come’s the Pudding! It’s not rape if you warn them first. Go team Bill m/

  • Marti Sherrill

    hannibal –
    you’re the prime example of the n word. he’s so much better than you – you’re so jealous

  • Glenda

    Well NOW he’s been “publicly accused”.

  • AKA

    Cosby is right about guys pulling up their pants though.


    It’s crazy how an allegation or allegations directed at a celebrity is perceived as guilty. Without being charged & convicted it’s nothing more than rumors & slander.

  • slf816

    That’s not funny.

  • Tom Berndt

    He’s been “accused!” I have no doubt he has been FALSELY accused. Knowing how a number of women have falsely accused me of harassment, I feel for Bill. There’s an old adage found in ancient scriptures: “cursed is the man with a contentious wife.” We could add, cursed is the nation with contentious, lying women.

    • Jennifer P

      Most normal people go their whole lives without being accused of assault or harrassment. It’s kind of odd that you’ve been accused “a number of times”. By the same token, maybe Bill is guilty and maybe he isn’t. But he gives off the major creep vibe to me, and I sure as hell wouldn’t accept a drink from him!

  • Glenda

    I believe the (now) women. Some were teenagers, or barely in their twenties.

  • Jennifer P

    He has been accused by approximately a dozen women, one of whom he was known to have had an ongoing student/mentor relationship with and settled out of court with for an undisclosed amount, another of whom didn’t want a damn thing from him but came forward with very specific allegations, including the fact that he gave her herpes. Do I KNOW that he’s guilty? No, of course not. I also don’t KNOW that John Travolta is gay. But I’m a pretty firm believer in the adage “where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire”.

  • DeanWormer

    Interesting. Cosby refuses to toe the line and calls out african-americans on some of their self-destructive behavior. Next thing you know, “Uncle Tom” Coz is being dragged through the mud. Political correctness is a cruel mistress.

  • stacyc

    I found it interesting that in Mark Whitaker’s biography of Billy Cosby, nothing was mentioned about the many accusations of sexual assault or rape. Mark Whitaker said that Bill Cosby told him if he even said one word about it in the book- he would sue him.

    • stacyc

      Rather interesting to skip over that, which is a rather large part of Cosby’s life, or whatever you want to call it. . Who would want to press charges against the perfect “coz”? You’d be run over the coals. Maybe true, maybe not. Maybe just people out for money, or maybe true and women are afraid to speak out. Who knows. We’ll find out when he’s dead, I’ll bet

  • Bill Cosby in the 60’s, the original Bill, talking about every gas station attendant being named Bob and how he couldn’t grab his balls during a televised college football game. He said he played for Temple. I don’t know. He was truly hysterical then.

    • lyle

      ran track and played fullback at Temple.

  • Dorothy Mudd


  • cJinL

    Why do black people hate Cosby so much? Is it just an emotional reaction from hearing the truth?

    • Keon

      What makes you assume black people hate Cosby? Because one black person said something negative? It’d be really cool if the actions of a few were not ascribed to the whole, especially when they’re used to make character damning statements like, “Is it just an emotional reaction from hearing the truth.” -_-

      • cJinL

        What makes you assume that I’m assuming? This incident just reminded me of the very well known controversy and uproar that Bill Cosby caused when he criticized the black community in his “Pound Cake speech” and numerous other occasions as well. Do research before you wrongly accuse me of assuming things…

  • whtsurprob

    There are characters on TV and Films,and there are people in real life.
    One is an ACTOR!,they PRETEND,to be a certain way or character.
    The other is their REAL self.So someone may ACT/PRETEND to be nice on screen,are general a REAL Awhole in REAL,life.
    Many AWHOLES and mean psychos on screen are some of the nicest people you will ever meet in REAL life.

  • John hedlenssonn

    Bill IS – WAS – AND ALWAYS WILL BE – 1000X more relevant then this beta nobody comedian assclown.

  • John

    Did you notice how no one has accused him PUBLICLY OR LEGALLY? I wonder why that is? Could it be because it’s not true? I know some women are scared to stand up and file charges, and I’m sure it is even more intimidating when it is a successful star, but as we’re learning with the new “Consensual Sex Contracts” on college campuses, sometimes drinking too much ends up equating to “I was taken advantage of” Now, don’t attack me. It certainly means that SOMETIMES. It certainly did in the John Smith v Jane Doe case when the guy got kicked out of school after the girl told her friends Repeatedly she was having a consensual encounter then later said she felt victimized BECAUSE the guy Seemed less emotionally effected by the encounter than she was. If SO MANY women were victimized by Cosby, wouldn’t ONE OF THEM press charges?? After all, all women know that if they press charges they might save a future woman from the same fate. So now, let’s talk about why this comedian attacked Bill Cosby. He doesn’t like that Cosby expects black americans to act respectably. And that’s ALL there is to it. (Again, don’t attack me for your misunderstanding. Most black americans ARE acting respectably. The ferguson riots, the knock out game, the rampant shootings in Chicago and Detroit probably don’t fairly represent black america, I’m sure. Every black person I know is an excellent upstanding citizen whom I would trust at my back or my side, come hell or high water!)) But, he said it himself, and used prior totally unsubstantiated ALLEGATIONS as a weapon against him. Morgan Freeman holds the same opinion that black americans should and can be responsible, respectable citizens, that they have as much opportunity to succeed in america as anyone else. Cosby did it, Freeman did it. Jackson (samuel) did it, Winfrey did it, plenty of them did it. Sure,it’s hard to pull yourself out of the ghetto. It’s hard for whites and hispanics to do it, too, but they do! And yes there are still a few racists in america. But not NEARLY as many as when their generation pulled themselves up. And, there’s LOTS more extra opportunity for minorities that were not there for their generation today, as well. There are many millions of black doctors and lawyers and judges and politicans in America. So, Stop using this race card as an excuse for mediocrity, success is there for the taking, and SURE AS HELL stop attacking black american who say things you don’t like. Allen West, Condoleezza Rice, Mia Love, Clarence Thomas, all are called horrible racial slurs by members of their own ethnicity, but the other political spectrum. Uncle Toms and things worse that I won’t even type. And why? Because they have a different point of view from the victimization, entitlement culture that Encourages some to settle for less than they are capable of. Sharpton and Jackson Want black america to be divided, to settle for less, to be addicted to frustration and hate and anger, because that is their bread and butter. Go look at the newest movement in Ferguson. They want to elect a REPUBLICAN! And Why? Because, it has finally dawned on them that the democratic party does Not have their best interests at heart. Hopefully the Republicans can show them a better way, but if you look at the political history of detroit, when it thrived and which party led it when it did and when it didn’t, you’ll learn something interesting, but I’ll leave that to you to discover. We are all Americans, we are all brothers. There is no difference between us but our hearts and our minds. The difference comes down to who we listen to and who we let lie to us. Stand up, America! Stand up for Truth and Honesty! ANd if someone says something you don’t like, give it a little thought as to WHY you don’t like it before you spout off about it. Remember, the sagging pants style originated in prisons to advertise sexual availability to other male inmates. Now, That just screams I’m Tough! lolol…

  • tensacross

    remember the good old days, when men and women were PRESUMED INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY IN A COURT OF LAW?

    i miss those days.

  • robertloggia16

    By all means… Keep your pants sagging and without a job… To show the grumpy old man you’re the boss.

  • Jack

    This was said on stage during a standup show, not in an interview. Congratulations on the pageviews, you’re a garbage human being.

  • Cosbyisarapist

    um bill cosby apologized for his behavior and to his wife saying his actions were misunderstood. he even apologized to one of the victims… so yea he’s a rapist.. a rapist with narcissism so deeply enthralled in his DNA that he cant accept any action he does is wrong. Basically he’s stephen collins but smart enough not to write novels or be recorded detailing his crimes

  • skeptik

    Whos Bill Cosby?

  • Zahra

    If true, Cosby is one of the biggest hypocrites.

  • One of two scenarios will happen: either Hannibal Buress will (hopefully) get prosecuted for criminal libel (and not sued in any case, because suing is just a waste of time) or (depending on each allegation and the statutes of limitations relating thereto) Bill Cosby will be investigated (even if not charged in the end).

  • Bleah Bloobly

    I don’t understand how being “accused of drugging and sexually assaulting multiple women” isn’t the same thing as being accused of rape.

  • Brian

    Screw accusations. I remembered when two women came forward with allegations and each time they came forward after they tried to Black mail Cosby first. The first lady at first said he fathered her daughter, then when the daughter got arrested for trying to Black Mail him the mother changed the story to he drugged her. At first she was all over the news claiming they had a consensual relationship for years and then when he refused to help her daughter get out of jail it turned into rape accusations. People like her should be kicked for trying to make money off a crime when other people who are ACTUALLY RAPED are scarred for life by it. Well, anyone could allege something. Without PROOF it is just hot air. Some people want to convict him just because. I want PROOF before I start hating.

  • Randy Anderson

    This was a lie and it’s mean-spirited as can be. What a despicable thing to say! I hope Buress chokes on his words.

  • People are so quick to believe evil things about other people, but rarely do they stop and consider the source and what that person has to gain.

  • More Americans have been married to Kim Kardashian than have died from Ebola.

  • theAcaptain37

    just my opinion, this guy’s career is over…can’t attack a legend like that

    • justacasualobserver

      His career isn’t over, it never got started. Have you ever heard of him. Because I haven’t.

      • theAcaptain37

        he had a small part in Neighbors

  • stella

    Just saying, when I was a young girl and Bil Crosby came to Green Bay he wanted white girls for sex………..I lost out on that job it was a NO!!!!!!!! It made me sick I had children to feed I needed a job, thank God some other establishment hired me jobs were hard to come buy. NO respect on this end!1!!11

    • Millie678

      So you’re saying you lost out on a job because Bill wanted women instead of men for sex?

  • justacasualobserver

    Sadly, people don’t get what Buress is really doing. He wants to discredit Cosby because he is calling out blacks, the youth especially, about how to conduct themselves better and act more appropriately. Listen to him talk about ” pull your pants up ” and ” don’t curse on stage ” the latter referring to the casual, and over use of the N-word. Sadly a lot of black celebrities have taken shots at Cosby over this issue. Listen to Buress tell us he thinks Cosby is an old curmudgeonly black man that thinks he can tell young black men how to act. Whether he’s right about the rape allegations or not, it’s clear what his motivation is.

  • Ross Peeler

    Ju$t for the record, Bill Co$by has been acu$$ed of rape, but for $ome rea$on he’$ never been charged. Ju$t paying…er…$aying.

  • CSA

    The people that are quick to believe just from an accusation..I hope (very soon) that you or your family members are accused or slandered (right or wrong) and that other people believe it regardless. It’s the only way you’ll learn …to be human again. (Some people have to learn the hard way.) If he’s guilty-get him. If he’s innocent-defend him. If we don’t know-stay neutral… It’s not hard.

  • Daniel J.

    Seems like one comedian trying to build his fame by cannibalizing another.

    If Cosby was guilty of sexual assault, then that’s a travesty. If the allegations were made up by people trying to squeeze some money out of the man, then that’s a travesty too. Either way, I’m not sure that Hannibal Buress is the authority on those cases, and making such an accusation during a show is pretty poor form. Hope he enjoys his 15 minutes over this.

    • Blazy

      i agree.

  • thetruthdealer

    Bill Cosby is still the leader of the black race

  • Tannim

    Hannibal Buress who?
    Oh, some two-nit unfunny rejectard who is jealous of a self-made man. Got it.

  • Joseph Campagna

    People have nothing better to do than to air the opinions and accusations of others, just some crabs in a bucket. Bring everybody down so that the trashy celebs at the top can go on making none of it matter if it was true,.. but if you have to attack somebody to be funny with what many, maybe too many non celebs do, maybe that makes it a non-issue. Cuz if it was, it would have surfaced. And who cares what they think. I like the coz! He’s cool!.

  • RightWingPooFlinger

    so? It works for Jesse Jackson, too.

  • oldman66

    Cosby had a successful career spanning 50+ years because he had talent. Get some, Hannibal.

  • UnmutualOne

    Somehow, I doubt this is actually about rape, but more about discrediting Cosby because he doesn’t toe the line when it comes to blaming whitey for everything.

    He may well be guilty, but if he hadn’t criticized certain aspects of black culture, then people like this Hannibal Buress would be circling the wagons to protect him.

    And you all know this is true, deep down inside.

  • TheeAverageSoul!!!

    A comedian making fun of another comedian’s fallacies. Tell us something new…However, I would say that this was really funny; and then it had you thinking? Bill Cosby is legendary even though this is a funny awkward speculation/allegation. As for reading about the actual allegations, you gotta think maybe the women are not making this up about Bill.

  • Kevinpatrick Brady

    Buress is cheap, common, wont go very far. He spent first part of his standup picking his ass and rolling dingleberries.

    • Blazy

      lol good one

  • Danno

    If anything Mr. Buress, you have a huge pair of balls doing that Cosby bit in Philly. Haven’t googled ‘Bill Cosby rape’ yet, and whether it’s true or not, that takes a pair my man, in frickin’ Philly!

  • thing unreal

    The only white people that like bill cosby are people with a bad sense of humor, or racists in denial that like how he doesn’t like black people, and take that as validation that they aren’t really racist.

  • Dale Burden

    “Cosby has been accused of drugging and sexually assaulting multiple women, including Barbara Bowman in Philadelphia magazine. He has not, however, been publicly accused of rape.”

    Someone fact check me here. Isn’t drugging a woman to sexually assault her…rape? Seems to me he has been publicly accused of it. They just called it something else. If I hit you with a potato and call it a tuber you have still be hit with the same plant part.

  • dcm5150

    Uhhhh, he’s a comic doing a set at a comedy club.

  • Keyser Soze

    “Cosby has been accused of drugging and sexually assaulting multiple women, including Barbara Bowman in Philadelphia magazine. He has not, however, been publicly accused of rape.”

    Pretty sure that drugging and sexually assaulting people IS rape

  • Smith

    I’m not familiar with Hannibal Buress, but he sounds inebriated to me. Or is that just his normal delivery? Just a question, not related to the current debate taking place.

    • dcm5150

      He’s actually got some really smart stuff. He’s got a bit different delivery which can make him sound inebriated at time (but he possibly may be inebriated at times). He has some great material though

  • Marvan


  • Ado Christian

    I wonder if Mr. Buress has ever taken the time to GOOGLE a definition of the word “slander” ? I can almost see The Coz’ highly paid legal staff with broad grins and hi-fivin’. This looks like a whole lot of easy money to me… :-)


    The perpetrator of sex assault crimes committed, needs to register as a sexual offender its the law of the land.

  • Jared

    So basically the joke went, “Bill Cosby encourages blacks to be responsible, how dare he, uhhh, rapist”

  • musikfanat22

    If you weren’t there, you don’t know it and you can’t say anything about it.
    Years after Mike Tyson was convicted of rape, testimony came out that the woman lied and when the jurors were shown it, years later, they said that they would not have convicted him if they knew it…
    Many celebrities settle just so that they won’t have to go through the embarrassment of a trial. that said-STAY AWAY FROM GROUPIES AND GOLD DIGGERS!!!

  • Dee Jamacek

    So he doesn’t like it because Bill Cosby told him to pull up his pants. I remember that speech, Bill also said, we can no longer blame the white people. I am sure that boiled Hannibal as well. smh I find it hard to believe that Bill Cosby would do that.

    • justacasualobserver

      You’re right. He has always wanted the younger generation to to take responsibility and act like men.

  • Tim Basham

    …but was it ‘legitimate’ sexual assault?

  • Ghost_Babel

    If Cos was guilty, why would no one have successfully sued him? They were ALL willing to settle out of court? I call BS.

  • BoscoMoney

    Theres a reason someone was projectile vomiting at your house show igger. Eff you, and eff you for trying to make your name off a legend BOY. You wont amount to SHi@.

  • BoscoMoney

    BTW, your are NOT funny.

  • Richard

    This guy hates Cosby for his pull your pants up black people, so he thinks Cosby is a uncle Tom ! Cosby worked hard to get where he’s at in life, but he isn’t trying to hurt anyone, trying to motivate and have white people change their perspective about black people ! Does he step on some toes….I suppose so…. Cosby is not the first celebrity to be accused of wrong doing !!! Slander is a serious matter in court ! Maybe someone should try to change peoples perception of Red Necks !!!!

    • justacasualobserver

      You are right on the money. He’s calling out the me generation, and they don’t like it.

  • jkpalmdale

    If he was doing this to so many women, why has he never been charged? Oh they probably are not true.

  • Richard

    Hannibal Buress , trying to lift his career on the back of Cosby !!! Rumor has it you were caught kissing under aged white boys…. but the person that claimed that said…..no proof of roofies involved…..just tongue lashing !!!!! I don’t believe the story on tweeter, but………………..

  • Punkandglamour

    My only qualm with this is that the guy isn’t saying this in an attempt to get sympathy for the alleged victims, he said it to get a laugh. He’s actually a FAN of Bill Cosby. And now look, when we google Bill Cosby Rape it will be tied to Buresses name. Exactly what he wanted to have happen.

    I also take issue wit him saying that telling young people to dress for success is “smugness”. Cosby is harsh and old which as most of us with black grandparents know makes them extra honest, but his sentiments aren’t really wrong. We are a culture of people almost bound and determined to aid in our downfall. We don’t support each other enough, and we teach our kids that self expression is more important than the assimilation sometimes necessary to be successful. The only way to fix the system is to work within it, and you can’t work within it when you show your underwear. Even Jay-Z wears suits. I feel like Buresses comments are very similar to the “uppity negro” stuff people have been saying about black folks who DARE to be intelligent and non-Urban.

  • owin

    Some “comedian” who I have no business knowing about has gotten a little more publicity for saying something outrageous. Give him another day to go back into oblivion while the world continues to watch reruns of the Cosby show.

  • Acefwh

    Truth tellers will always be hated and Cosby is a truth teller in the black community and black folks think it is disingenuous when 1 of their own calls them out but guess what HE IS RIGHT! Call him what you want but call him RIGHT while you’re at it! Anyone can alleged anything – no one has proven it to the pint where charges have been filed. Cosby has proven EVERYTHING he has spoken. Grow up little man – stop trying to bring Cosby down to bring your act up!

    • Marceline

      Or perhaps the truth tellers are the 13 women who accused him and the people hating on them are the people like you.

      • Acefwh

        Not so much but hey if it makes you feel good than go for it…There is no denying the truth in what Cosay has said and I noticed you did not address it either…Truth is Cosby is a hated man in his own community for trying to hold his ppl accountable and calling them out….much like Malcolm X was killed for telling the truth in his own community and trying to get his ppl out of the slave holders mentality. As for the rape stuff…again they may or may not be true, know one knows becuase the alleged VICTIMS sold out for cash….Should have took him to court, got him CRIMINALLY convicted, and then went after the CASH…In the end I have no issue with the comedian bringing this up in his act but to somehow suggest that wah Cosby is laying down is CRAZY? That’s wher I draw the line…COsby is right on point with everything he has said from the baggy pants to the unraised welfarew babies who grow up to kill one another…

        • Marceline

          “Not so much but hey if it makes you feel good than go for it…There is no denying the truth in what Cosby has said and I noticed you did not address it either.”

          Why should I address it? It’s irrelevant. It has nothing to do with the fact that the man is a sexual predator.

          • Acefwh

            Well for 1 the article and piece itself addressed both sides of the situation – the ALLEGED rape(s) and the ACTUAL point that Cosby made amongst several points at the NAACP acceptance speech he delivered…The comedian suggests that Cosby is crazy and a rapist – 2 things that are not bound in any FACTUAL presentation of EVIDENCE before any LEGAL body!, and that somehow his stance on the social issues that plague the black community are without merit because of his ASSERTIONS. I addressed both in my post and the factual stuff as it pertains to how the African American community has allowed a very large segment of itself to get sucked into the slave mentality that Malcolm X railed against. Where it has become okay to be ignorant and “hard”. Where dependence and submissiveness is accepted over indepence and self assertion/control. That’s all…You do know it is quite possible the man could be both of these things? Problem is the facts that have been established right now only point to Cosby being 100% right and not crazy. the other is a hazy tangled web of mess which may or may not be true.

  • Garlont

    Bill Cosby’s biggest crime was telling black youth to have some self respect and dignity. After that, the allegations poured in… The truth may set you free, but it won’t make you many (black) friends.

    • Marceline

      Actually the allegations started long before that.

  • JJMAC57

    The Legal System is, in itself, complex and I know, as a former attorney, “What’s Right or Wrong Seldom Enters Into the Outcome, in a Court of Law”. That being said, it seems that the majority of the 13 “Jane Doe” witnesses cite incidents alleged to have occurred some 20 to nearly 30 years ago. NOT ONE ALLEGED VICTIM APPEARS TO HAVE MADE ANY PREVIUOS PUBLIC MENTION OF THEIR CLAIMS. Highly improbable if not realistically an impossibility. Many “High-Powered” Persons have been brought to task…”Bill Clinton…….Monica Lewinski” ? Secondly, just because Criminal Statutes may have tolled, there are Civil Remedies which may still be pursued. NOT ONE OF THE 13, to my knowledge, HAS EVEN FILED A RESTRAINING ORDER< SUMMONS OR SUIT. Again, Not One??? As for the similar testimony as to the allegations. This has been bandied about in various media for nearly 30 years, isn't it likely that each of the "13 " have read, heard, or been otherwise exposed to enough information to come forth, over 20 years later and "Pile ON" possibly in hopes of some kind of joint Civil Suit for damages and a windfall. That being said, I do not discount all the allegations outright, simply, I see another "Media Circus" trying a case in the "Court of Public Opinion" to no good end.

  • Calvin Gregory

    remember it’s accused of rape not convicted of rape. anyone can say anything, and a lot of people will join in if they think there’s money to be made. People will sometimes attack you for no reason at all. It could simply be because they hate how you live your life, or they hate themselves. And accusations sell tabloids which is where most of the people who make these kind of accusations get their money, it’s not from winning the lawsuit, as they’d stand no chance of winning that in an honest court. I do not know if he’s guilty or not, but I need more than accusations to convict the man.

  • lightbluecollar


  • Boboe

    You knuckledraggers obviously don’t know the definition of “allegation”. No arrest, no investigation, no trial, no verdict. Nothing but some unproven claims. STFU, losers.

  • George

    Buress has no problem with his massa, BJ Clinton, being a serial rapist, tho.

    • chettmixx

      Cheating on your wife isn’t rape.

      • George

        Tell that to Juanita Broaddrick, Eileen Wellstone, Paula Jones etc, etc etc.

        • chettmixx

          Let me shoot this down for you:

          “Five people have stated that Broaddrick told them about a rape shortly after it allegedly occurred. Of these, two were Broaddrick’s co-worker Norma Kelsey and her sister; Slate Explainer proposes that they may have a grudge against Clinton for commuting the sentence of the man who killed their father, noting further that a third corroborator is Broaddrick’s current husband, who was involved in an extramarital affair with her at the time. Broaddrick did not tell her then-husband, Gary Hickey, of the alleged assault at the time.”


          Is completely made up, there’s no witness’s; There’s no testimony: no paper work, just a name and a year.

          Paula Jones was propositioned, not raped, which led to a sexual harassment case.

          So once again cheating on your wife isn’t rape.

  • Harvey Elwood Jr

    Like Most People Here Have Said – This Younger Fella (Hannibal) Is A Bill Hatter That’s All – Get A Life Son – Or Try To Become As Good As Bill …..And Stop It …

  • Raydonn

    Golly, I’m *shocked*…………no, really……………..

  • AMeatPopsicle

    Uh ohhhh lmao

  • Jody McKibben

    In this country “Innocent until proven guilty” has gone right out the window…. Now if there is even the slightest allegation you are Guilty…… Frankly I think his bit is ridiculous and he should grow up and get over his jealousy… Bill Cosby has been an institution for YEARS way before his sitcom days…

    • chettmixx

      Totally agree, I never heard of Hannibal before this BS making news. Calling out Cosby as having only a successful comedy, Hannibal might want to humble himself and ask what has he done to have his voice heard. Cosby’s a giant that paved way for positive family values and the re imaging of blacks in entertainment as successful. If I recall the Cosby show wasn’t just a successful sitcom but the most popular show on tv in the mid 80’s.

      Cosby calling on the black community to get it’s act together isn’t something to knock either.

  • chettmixx

    Who’s Hannibal Buress?

  • chettmixx

    A man with fame and money might as well tie twenty bloody steaks around his neck and run through the lion exhibit at the Bronx Zoo. People will kill for money, this is slander against a great man that has done nothing but promote family values and raised his voice to encourage young thugs to clean up.

  • Marceline

    It’s pretty clear that the people defending Cosby have absolutely no idea how many of these allegations have been made against him and how far back they go (Hint: decades). It’s sad to see how many people need for Cosby to be perfect. He’s not. He’s done some good stuff and he’s done some bad stuff. You can think he’s funny and still acknowledge the fact that he’s a sexual predator.

    • chettmixx

      Yeah you can, without any allegations actually leading to prosecution I am left to believe that this is a case of greed. People kill for money….they’ll lie as well.

      • Marceline

        Have you looked into the actual allegations? Did you do any research at all? Here’s a quick article outlining some of the charges (yes it’s Buzzfeed but still):


        Burress is right. Cosby has no moral authority to tell other people, black or white, how to act. Time to let the hero worship go.

        • chettmixx

          Funny thing, that Buzzfeed article quotes the following:

          “I was aware of the allegations, but ultimately decided not to include them in my book. I didn’t want to print allegations that I couldn’t confirm independently….In the case of the other allegations, however, there were no independent witnesses and no definitive court findings, which did not meet my journalistic or legal standard for including in the biography.”

          The article also states that the woman did file a police report but no charges where brought forward. A lawsuit was pushed a year later and Cosby settled out of court.

          Now settling out of court could mean a few different things. Cosby paid a woman that he had an affair with in the 1970’s $100,000 to keep quite, a young lady in the late 90’s who knew of the affair tried extorting 40 million dollars from Cosby. So it’s easily possible to think that Cosby could be the target of such claims from money hungry people.

          The man’s worth over $350 million dollars.

          • Marceline

            Which doesn’t mean he can’t also be a serial rapist.

          • chettmixx

            If he was there would probably be enough evidence to press charges and have them stick.

  • Jody McKibben

    Yes instead of calling him out, he might want to thank him for paving the way for him to have a comedy career to begin with… Unfortunately Mr. Cosby’s is only a small voice in the sea millions that want to change the way African-Americans are seen in this country… Calling for them to change and not take the easy way out… Such as murdering, robbing, raping… But Mr. Cosby has a valid point… NO BODY WANTS TO SEE ANYONE ELSE”s UNDERWEAR SO PULL UP YOUR DAMN PANTS!!!! but then again if you want to tell everyone your “available” like they do in the prison system just let them fall to your knees then….

    • chettmixx

      Agree totally, Cosby does multiple good deeds and speaks up about the elephant in the room and we get Hannibal slandering him and trying to discredit his efforts to change society for the better.

  • Zhon Henry

    Maybe an attempt to destroy Bill Cosby like they destroyed Michael Jackson. http://mamanetbebe.blogspot.com/2009/06/michael-jacksons-victim-speaks.html Why did the father of the alleged victim kill himself after MJ died? Guilt from a lie that got out of hand, maybe? http://mamanetbebe.blogspot.com/2009/06/michael-jacksons-victim-speaks.html

    • chettmixx

      Completely agree…….Jackson was an odd fellow but there’s a lot of evidence discrediting the people who accused him of being a pedophile. Unfortunately which hunts usually lead to innocent people being burned at the stake by people unwilling to use reason and logic to distinguish the difference between guilty and slander.

  • Harvey Elwood Jr

    Like Most People Here Have Said – This Younger Fella (Hannibal) Is A Bill Hatter That’s All – Get A Life Son – Or Try To Become As Good As Bill …..And Stop It … – How Is That The 1st Positive African American Television Image Now Become A Negative In the Sight of People Because of What This Boy Is Trying To Make A Joke About – Wake Up People – Cosby Is A Man Who Continues To Expose All That Is Wrong With Society – And Works To Improve Mankind – Don’t Believe The Negative Hype – And Please Don’t Be Fooled ….

  • Willard

    What a foul mouth.

  • Akron

    I heard of this once, but nothing ever came of it. What next? Too bad Blacks don’t have others backs. If the alleged victims aren’t coming forth with information, why is this guy talking about it or are the victims afraid they won’t be believed? Sounds like someone is ‘hating’ Bill Cosby’s success. If it’s true, why hasn’t it come out? Karma is alive. Leave it alone.

    • Marceline

      So you think black people should protect a rapist because he’s black? What about black people having the back of the black women who accused him or don’t those backs matter?

      You’re right. Karma is alive and it’s coming for Bill Cosby.

      • chettmixx

        If it’s coming for Bill Cosby, then karma must be a one legged turtle crawling in circles!

  • chettmixx

    1. Who is Hannibal Buress?
    2. An allegation is just that, I can claim that my ex’s is a killer but it’s just a claim
    3. Cosby has done nothing but promote family values and called on young thugs to clean up and help their community out, but Hannibal’s trying to discredit him and this helps society how?

  • CLK

    Bill Cosby seems to be a racist. He also is a JERK; he bought the rights to the Little Rascals series because he thought the black folks in the show was portrayed in a bad way???????????????

    • chettmixx

      It’s his choice how he spends his money, and IMO he wants his race to succeed and to stop being the black sheep of society, so how is that wrong or being a jerk in anyway? This also has nothing to do with the article.

  • Oracle

    Bill Cosby has done more “good” for the black community than Obama ever could or would. The rapist here are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who rape the black community for gain only when something bad happens. Where are they in these inner city communities otherwise.

  • Marceline

    We’ve seen this with famous predators over and over again. Some people will forgive anything if the person doing it is rich and famous

    • chettmixx

      If you won 100 million dollars you’d have more than a few folk trying to figure out how to get some your cash from you. Allegations can also be falsehoods with hidden agendas

      • Marceline

        And they can also be true.

        • chettmixx

          True but I don’t find it in the best interest of society to jump on a bandwagon without any evidence to support the claim.

          Here’s a true story:

          I dated a girl 17 years ago when I was 18 for a month. Got into a heated argument because I didn’t have my license and she had a temper so we broke up after that one argument. She worked at our local Kroger and I happened to have talking to a girl that worked with her, went out on a date and called her 2 days later. The girl told me that Jessica the girl i had dated before) told her that I hit her, that was the last time I talked to that girl. The allegation was completely untrue, and IMO was a c–k block to prevent me from dating the other girl.

          True story, people will lie for all types of reasons, don;t believe everything you hear, just use caution.

          • Marceline

            It’s not a “bandwagon.” It’s decades of charges filed by 13 women who signed their names and agreed to testify in court and still stand by their statements today. It’s also a man who has a history of lying about his sexual behavior. (See: his daughter by another mother.)

          • chettmixx

            Not filed at all….one woman filed a dozen others jumped on the money train and it derailed without ever having charges delivered. Cheating isn’t rape.

  • Farmer_Joe

    Leaving aside the sexual assault allegations, which are just hearsay at this point, what are the terrible things Bill Cosby has said to the black community? Pull your pants up, and speak proper English? Oh the horror!

    • chettmixx

      Apparently someone’s (Hannibal’s) feelings got hurt when he said pull your pants up.

  • Jeff1954

    Do you realize that Bill Cosby can now sue you for defamation? I’m just saying……..

  • Bill Brennan

    I don’t know if he did it or not. No one here does. My only point is that it’s the same allegation every time. They claim to be drugged and sexually assaulted. Seems pretty consistent, unless you think it’s some conspiracy to take down Bill Cosby.

    • chettmixx

      If you’re trying to get money wouldn’t the most believable allegation be the same as the previous allegations. There’s no need to come up with an elaborate story, it’s already written for you.

      Also if a woman does lie and claims to have been drugged and raped by Cosby, she has people like you with your logic to believe her claims.

  • Sean

    Who is Hannibal Buress? Never heard of him….

  • Ellabulldog

    Many are missing a point here, accusations don’t mean you are guilty, yet many accusations by different women at different times can lead people to believe he did it. Now just because it can’t be proven in court does not mean he did not do it, it just means there is not enough evidence for a conviction, so many allegations, multiple women, he has settled out of court leads me to believe he has a problem and has done these things. My opinion of him is not good so I do not hold him in high esteem. He can be funny, smart, outspoken and has done many good things, yet that does not excuse how he has treated some of these woman. I don’t need a conviction to know he has done these things, just read or watch what these woman have said. Society has a problem excusing bad behavior just because someone hasn’t been put in jail for it. We need to hold people to the old moral standards of the past and stop supporting these types of people. Some actors and musicians should never work again based on what they have done, corporate folks too. Whether convicted or not.

  • Sheepstaiil

    There is nothing I like better than people without a clue posting as though they had any expertise in the field they are posting about…..

    I am surprised that this statement, “Yeah, but you rape women.” has not been met with legal issues as slanderous. He states it as a fact, and unless he was there when it happened, he has no direct knowledge of the alleged activity.

    • chettmixx

      Exactly, either stand up for Cosby or allow the same to happen to us all. Our justice system is in place to bring justice to victims and to prevent the slander of our own names.

  • jb1907

    Suck my pudding pop….

  • g-main

    When whatever-the-f*** a “Hannibal Burress” is, reaches the level of personal, educational, and career achievement as William Cosby Jr has achieved, I’ll give him some credence. Otherwise, we’re looking at another foul-mouthed pretend comedian with neither the class or the wit of his predecessors like Richard Pryor. Next week, he’ll be cleaning up the vomit with a mop as the new janitor, instead of tweeting about it….

  • piltdownman

    A long time ago, a woman I knew worked on a TV program with Cos. He was a complete and utter pig. Had a different girl on his arm every time he came to town — and it wasn’t his wife. The production company had to pay for the girls’ shopping sprees downtown while he was shooting. Oh, and he messed with little kids, too — one time asking one little boy if he was enjoying his ice cream cone — then telling the kid it had rate poison in it. I couldn’t make this up if I tried. He was and is and thoroughly repulsive human being.

    • g-main

      A long time ago I believed everything I read on the interwebs…

    • chettmixx

      You know this because someone told you this???? yeah second hand stories mean what…..I knew a guy who worked with Piltdownman and he told me that they use to go to the local gay bar and at the end of the night Piltdownman would get in the middle of a circle jerk!

      Yep true story bro

      • piltdownman

        You can believe what you want. But it’s true.

    • Marceline

      There are more stories like that than people want to admit.

  • Huh?

    How can you be accused of drugging and assaulting women, but not rape…?

    • chettmixx

      How can you be accused of something and not have charges pressed…..ohhhh, no evidence, that makes sense

      • Marceline

        “How can you be accused of something and not have charges pressed….”

        Settle out of court.

        • chettmixx

          Settling could mean alot of things

          • Jennifer P

            Like…”OMG. The accusers are flying out of the woodwork. I need to shut this down. Now”.

  • Name

    Hannibal Buress is one of the women Cosby raped. He’s buttsore and gettin’ even!

  • Dilligaf0124

    Sometimes there are no charges because a famous person had the wealth to buy out of a situation. The flip side of the coin famous people because of wealth sometimes are accused as the first step in extortion. That is why “innocent until proven guilty” should always be the “citation”.

  • Spirit Equality

    Buress forgot the first rule of comedy, though: make it funny. This bit isn’t funny at all. Where’s the punchline? “But you’re a rapist”? And his timing is awful. It sounds like he’s reading his “jokes” from note cards. This guy isn’t 1/1,000th the comedian that Cosby is, whether the allegations against Cosby are true or not. Work on your comedy craft, Buress, then I’ll care about your thoughts on a legend in your field.

    • Marceline

      “This guy isn’t 1/1,000th the comedian that Cosby is, whether the allegations against Cosby are true or not.”

      So you give rape a pass if the rapist is funny?

    • Beth

      Well said and just what I was thinking.

  • Jesse Houghton

    He is using Cosby to get famous

  • Jackie B.

    WHO is this guy anyway??? NEVER heard of him….Open mouth insert FOOT!

    • Marceline

      There’s 8 billion people on the planet. I wager you’ve never heard of most of them.

      • chettmixx

        I’ve heard of Cosby and there’s 7 billion not 8 billion.

  • Awax Ture

    So what

  • cone

    I never knew who this Burress Hannibal is, until now, I now know his name and that is exactly what his intents for the Cosby laundry is; cheap publicity but am not about to start looking for his show, comedy tickets, not in this life time.

  • etalk411

    Hannibal the Cannibal is a hater wanna be. If Cosby did all this he would not be walking free. Who has Hannibal raped? Cosby is a powerful Black man that isn’t afraid to criticize his own, and hold us to a higher standard. GET OVER IT!!

  • Muad’dib

    It’s ok. Cosby probably didn’t see it and, if he did, he probably doesn’t remember it.

  • chettmixx

    Heard Cosby plans on replying just as soon as he counts every dollar and nickle of his 350 million dollars.

  • chettmixx

    Jealous girl friend be like: “She’s a sl-t, every man in this town has slept with her”

    Hannibal’s that jealous girlfriend!

  • chettmixx

    Hmmmm, I’m going t go watch me some Cosby now!

  • noname63

    IF these rape allegations are true – and I believe Cosby settled out of court with at least one woman – then I hope they become public knowlege. Maybe more victims will come forward, too, if they exist.

  • Jennifer P

    Several of the accusations over the years have come from respectable women who are not asking for anything. One is a University athletic director, another is an attorney. I encourage some of you to actually read the 8 year old article that is cited here. This is not ONE claim from some money grubber. Several of the accusations are very detailed and extremely disturbing.

  • Patrick Smith

    This guys obviously drunk and spitting Bill Cosbys name out for attention. Well played sir!

  • Sadsadsociety

    I hope this guy will be sued for defamation of character. You don’t assassinate someone just so you can earn a living. I never heard of him before and I don’t want to see him again. He has no point of reference because he was born in a time when everything was handed down to him and doesn’t know what real struggle is…because of people like Bill Cosby, he can now get on a stage and rant and rave about people he knows nothing about. And…you are NOT funny, Mr. Buress

  • LeadFooty

    Mike Tyson is an actual convicted rapist. He was in jail for something like six years for RAPING a woman. Jamie Foxx is all set to portray him in some BS biopic and nobody seems to give a damn at the morality of this. I hope Hannibal gets sued for libel.

  • Morty

    Where is Rodney King when we need him? “Can’t… can’t we all just get along?”

  • Aurora Wright

    So apparently, if enough people accuse you of a crime, you are automatically guilty. Skip the trial, save the taxpayers money, do not pass go, go directly to jail.

    • baldwin

      Cosby’s in jail??!

  • chettmixx

    1 Cosby Show episode> anything Hannibal Buress’s ever done

  • Mandy

    I don’t know who this guy is, seriously, but if he has any facts to go along with these accusations, I’d be naming names and demanding that “all these women” come forward and make formal charges against Cosby. Whatever….they both now have their names out front, and maybe that’s what it’s about–just a little new publicity.

  • mike sisco


  • Bob Stockton

    This character is what passes for comedy today?

  • Benjamin Hitz

    This is my comment. Enjoy editing it, Metro Corp.

  • AustinTXmom

    All Black Americans should not worship at the Bill Cosby altar.. he’s smug and he cannot relate to what it’s like to be black in America today. He’s a Richie rich.

    • shotz90s

      Whats it like to be Black in America today?

  • EBizGuru

    C’mon people … there are going to be consequences … it’s not like he’s the President or anything …

    • Judy Benjamin MP

      Exactly. Why would anyone expect there to be a fairness in justice when the POTUS repeatedly lies. Let’s start with this quote – “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

  • Harold Knuttz

    Most women close their eyes when they kiss, so getting a conviction is tough.

  • ShaunRKilroy

    There’s an interesting issue here about how we view presumptions of innocence. It seems like if the accused is someone famous or of statute, the general public is adamant that conclusions not be drawn until they are found guilty in a court of law. It is quite a different story when the accused is someone unknown. Casey Anthony anybody? How many people are convinced that she is guilty even though she was found not guilty in a court of law? Dare I bring up George Zimmerman? Yet, here we are on the comments to the Bill Cosby article demanding that his character not be degraded without a guilty verdict. I agree that we shouldn’t judge without all the facts, but maybe treat the unknown guy accused of DWI or drug possession with the same respect. There is just as much chance that they are falsely accused as Bill Cosby or Woodie Allen.

    • ShaunRKilroy

      Also, Hannibal Buress is hands down the best young comedian. Check out his specials if you haven’t already.

      • LeadFooty

        I’ve seen him perform about 8 times in New York. At least half of those times he was up on stage drunk.

        • ShaunRKilroy

          I’ve only seen him live once, in New Brunswick NJ, and he was spot on… a lot of his material deals with drinking though, so I’m not totally surprised. Did his drunkenness hurt his performance? I could see it going either way honestly with his delivery.

  • Jim Kirk

    Cosby is also a racist! A bad actor also!

  • wbramh

    “Cosby has been accused of drugging and sexually assaulting multiple women, including Barbara Bowman in Philadelphia Magazine.”

    How do you assault someone inside a magazine? Not much room to move around in there.

    • LeadFooty

      not convicted

  • Randy Poole

    But to say someone is a rapist has to rank among the highest and serious accusations a person can make…unless he was there, he should shut up. Let’s just hope his 5 minutes of attention was worth it…hope he has a plan B.

  • black_dontcrack

    People here defending Cosby like he’s the 2nd coming or something. Hey people…it happens. There are people no one ever suspected and guess what…they did bad things. Don’t make me start a list!

  • Chris

    If she says NO or can’t say NO because of drugs and or alcohol, then it is RAPE! Anybody who takes advantage of someone under the influence or forces themselves on an individual is a rapist whether or not they are tried and convicted. Shame on you people who think differently.

    • Jennifer P

      Especially when the drugs are adminstered by the rapist for the sole purpose of rendering their victim helpless.

  • goodhall

    I know plenty of info on Bill Cosby and his past, from writers that worked with him. Cosby is a scumbag. Not a sweet, father type at all.

  • Uncle Joey

    Any feminists here? They should be proud. We’ve gone so far to appease them as a society that they only have to point a finger Salem Witch Trial style and BOOM, whoever is at the receiving end of the accusation is condemned as a witc…I mean rapist. Anyone ever consider that maybe, just maybe, there are women out there who aren’t full of unicorn glitter and fairy spice that would actually falsely accuse someone of a sexual crime to extort money from them in a settlement? Of course not. We’ve bred our society into a giant Lifetime movie, where men are inherent evil, preying on women as they innocently eat their rainbow sugar pies.

    • Jennifer P

      He paid off one of the accusers to shut her up, but many of the rest are highly educated professionals and made it clear that they wanted nothing from him. Seriously, read the 4 specific accounts in the 2006 story that’s linked above. There is a lot of graphic detail.

    • baldwin

      If he was really “condemned as a rapist” he’d be in prison.

  • TJ Bradders

    It’s not cool for a black guy to be on a list with Justin Bieber but Hannibal Buress just got added to the list of people that will make me look for the remote.


  • Wha???

    Nobody ever believes this but I read about this years ago. Disgusting man he is. Some guy almost imploded when I mentioned it and called me all kinds of things. Dude, chill. I didn’t rape anybody.

  • Master Hamachi

    I already thought that Cosby was a POS by the way he treated his illegitimate daughter Autumn Jackson.

  • Bobnalice Winslow

    Ok Bill Cosby is one of the biggest hypocrites and racists! I wonder if he still supports Obama?

  • JesusdeVegas

    Everyone on here who believes that Cosby is a sexual predator and is angry about it – Did you stand up and denounced Bill Clinton too?
    You know Billy boy is going to be American’s next “1st Lady” if you vote for Hillary.

  • Bladeistrue

    “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” –
    People are hypocrites and have no respect anymore.
    Hannibal (nice name bro) ; FAIL

  • PacificKnight

    That’s just what I want to see when I go to a comedy club. A lesser known comedian whistle blowing on a much more successful comedian instead of doing comedy.

  • Geko

    Cosby’s cases of allegations were all tainted with financial motivations inconsistency in the stories of the known claiming to be victims.

    Cosby has not been publicly combative (name calling/ reputation smearing) of the people who have made allegations and while there were claims during his show run, the most recent person came forward in a tell all style magazine article with a financial payoff for ‘her story’.

    Lets put it this way: Michael Jackson got off b/c in each situation the kids couldnt keep their stories straight, they found zero evidence of child porn or semen or abuse, and in the early 90’s case and the 2004/5 case both parental guardians were caught trying to extort MJ prior to turning to the police.

    In Cosby’s case the people making claims against him couldnt even provide verbal testimony to bring indictment, and there is no known record of intimidation on Cosbys part so I have always felt the allegations against him dubious where even with an FBI/Interpol and Japanese investigation of MJ clearing him I still am suspicious he might have done something wrong.

    And I absolutely believe Woody Allen and Roman Polanski, and Ben Roth and a few other folks are guilty

  • looneylad

    Hannibal is on point, as always.

  • Phil Babilino

    Expressing ones opinions about someone in a public forum are fine but when a comic goes on stage i expect to hear something thats gonna make me laugh and really dont give a flying crap about what one feels about a certain someone. You calling Bill a rapist when im paying good money to see you act is not funny……at all.

  • Soup

    Since Burress isn’t that funny, I guess it’s alright to divert the fact that he’s not making you laugh to dump on cosby

  • Soup

    Word to Phil

  • Chappyricky

    Sexual harassment of women was commonplace as it was almost a way of life for men in America. Women fought back and changed that cultural behavior starting about the late 80’s. Hannibal Buress is completely out of line as this is undermine a true pioneer of Black entertainers. Buress may not even have an audience if not for Black men before him like Cosby who fought for equality in the industry. As often said, Black folks are like Crawdads and Buressis one example. Pulling Cosby down to lift himself up that’s what crawdads in a buck it do. When one tries to get out of the Bucket the others pull him down..

  • Santini Perico

    Wheres the Proof!?!?

  • burt reynolds

    How is telling black people to dress with respect for their selfs, talking down to them? The answer is, its not.

    • burt reynolds

      by the way … i have no idea lol why my account is named burt reynolds. wtf?

  • burt reynolds

    The Bill Cosby I know, knows that race is irrelevant. So its no surprise its his turn to be smeared.

  • Thomas McKenna

    “keeping it real”…idiots like this make me chuckle. I think we all know what’s behind this…Cosby’s refusal to stand with and take part in the “everyone is a racist” and “nothing is ever our fault” crowd. Cosby didn’t get to where he is because he’s a fool.

  • burt reynolds

    No matter what anyone tells you your race, language, sex, sexual orientation, religion and cultural background are completely irrelevant. We are human and thats all that really matters.

  • dectra

    Congrats, Hannibal…you just committed libel. Hope Cosby sues your ignorant backside into the poor house.

    • baldwin

      But Cosby won’t. Wonder why?

    • Jennifer P

      You know it has to be false to be considered libel right? The fact that Cosby has more than 10 accusers, one of whom is now a lawyer and another of whom he paid off for silence, would make that an impossible case to win.

  • HC

    These days…depends on what the definition of “rape” is! I stick with the violent variety with at least a threat…a weapon would really elevate it! But with what is considered “rape” today, even I could be charged. ABTW, Cosby is 100% correct in his dresscode/language/behavior bit about Blacks. It’s expanding to everyone else! Let’s start over , getting rid of Federal influence in our schools and governments, especially Common Core, and GIVE these products of self-serving politicians, a good education w/o an agenda! I think we would be surprised at what outstanding, smart humans we can all be if we learn at 100% capacity! This comedian is the real idiot.

  • torture666killer

    I’m so glad at some point everyone is going to die.

  • kenhowes

    Excuse me, but this is supposed to be a comedy routine. What is funny about this? Cosby is an iconic figure in entertainment. If he has committed a crime, that is a tragedy; I would wait for proof of such accusations.

    • Jennifer P

      What would you call “proof”? Because he’s been accused by 11-12 different women since the mid 90’s, but it hasn’t been caught on video yet, so I guess he’s innocent…

      • kenhowes

        oh, do you live in a country where you’re guilty until proven innocent? That’s why we have things like jury trials and a Constitution. If someone has committed a crime, get an indictment from a grand jury and then get a conviction.

        Evidently no prosecutor thought he or she had enough proof to take the case to a grand jury; if any did, the grand jury refused to indict. Since a prosecutor can, in the old saying, get an indictment on a ham sandwich, the evidence had to be thin if a grand jury returned no indictment or if a prosecutor thought an indictment couldn’t be gotten. The woods are full of prosecutors who would like to prosecute a celebrity defendant. Prosecute a celebrity to a conviction and you start getting offers of six-figure salaries from large law firms. On the other hand, going to court with no case is a good way to wind up prosecuting drunk driving cases for the rest of your career.

        And no, you don’t need to be “caught on video”. But the case has to be credible, and a complaint is not automatically credible because it has been made. The circumstances of the allegations may make them more or less credible. (Contrary to what many people imagine, you can get a conviction on circumstantial evidence.) Were these accusations made very shortly after the alleged incidents, at times when he was not clearly somewhere else and at times when one accuser wouldn’t have read in the papers about some other accusation? Or did one person make an accusation some time after the alleged incident, and then 10-11 other people made copycat allegations shortly after the first one became public knowledge? Until one of these accusations is actually prosecuted to a conviction (or to a dubious acquittal, e.g. O.J. Simpson), you can’t assume that these charges were true.

  • SallyForth

    This is definitely not the smart, imaginative comedian that I enjoyed 40+ years ago. Cosby has devolved into a smug, unfunny old scold. Simply insufferable.

    If the accusations are true (and I’m inclined to believe them) then he’s also, in addition to being a rapist/molester, a profound HYPOCRITE. Which puts him in the company of so many of his so-called “family values” compatriots.

  • Diana

    Where is Al Sharpton? Oh I forgot! Bill Cosby is black so it’s ok to rape women Not!

  • crosstown

    This person is a mediocre stand-up comic who is using the subject of “Cosby rape allegations” to further his floundering career.

  • Dead dog

    Ok so you found out that Brother Bill has dirty laundry. who doesn’t. Everyone in his/her life will do things we cannot admit or face. But Bill Cosby made his effort and did his thing to obtain his success. He is loved by millions.
    Why don’t you as well as others believe that things in our village are not correct. Look in the news each day and watch the videos of our people shooting,violating and destroying our community. brother this crap is not totally due to poverty.
    The crime rates for our population are off the charts. And someone’s bad behavior is wrong but Mr Cosby has to live with it not you.
    Be a comedian and make people laugh not to destroy a man that basically is good and is a value to the black community.
    Look in your own mind and explore what you do not to destroy this man called,Bill Cosby. His family lost a lot and a is not equal to the loss of his son. But he as a person has lived long and visualizes the hypocrisy that ghetto pimps of our community throw out to our people and bring nothing except hysteria. Your statement is also hysteria and not productive for our community.

    Grow up.

  • white_day_black_river

    Philly Magazine itself still needs to formally retract this article:

    “Can rape really be in the eyes of the beholder? It appears it can” …

  • freebo

    Cosby is such an arrogant jerk. Then to find out, after telling everyone else how to raise their kids, how to do stand-up, how to talk and act, he’s assaulting women. That makes me dislike him even more.

    • nobody

      You dislike him because he makes you feel bad about yourself.

    • nobody

      You dislike him because he makes you feel bad about yourself

  • Puddin Pops

    Results for “Bill Cosby Raping” – 3 million
    Results for “Hannibal Buress” – 790 thousand

    Well dang…

  • Ming Cash


  • Debra

    Hey Hannibul! Guess what? If it weren’t for Mr. Cosby, you wouldn’t have the opportunity to perform…like him or not, you are standing on his shoulders. You’d be wise to pay homage and thank him for breaking barriers!!!

    • Postwreck

      He’s also broken quite a few hymens.

  • commenter

    Oh gawd could you imagine a worse sight than having that thing force himself on you?! “Beepidity..boop..I’ma gunna have-a sex wit you.skippity whoooo”

  • FishtownYo

    Bill Murray beat his ex-wife, but people still love him relentlessly cause he’s hip.

  • nobody

    It amazes me how quick people are to try to discredit somebody’s message simply because of what that person has done. It’s just like when everybody tried to pile on Paterno because they didn’t like feeling like they were inferior to him.

    The truth hurts. Bill Cosby grew up in a rough neighborhood and unlike the majority of black comedians he never acted ghetto. Furthermore, if it weren’t for him then there wouldn’t be black comedians or TV stars to the level that there are now. Show respect where it’s due.

    • Jennifer P

      How can you possibly be “amazed” that people would discredit a person’s message based on their actions? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Bill Cosby has dedicated his post-sitcom career to condesending upon other black males to be better role models. How is that message not affected if he’s a rapist?!

      • nobody

        Really? You’re going to take it there? Can’t make your point without being disrespectful? Fine, let’s take it there.

        Give me a break. He’s called them out for being proud to act trashy and be stereotypes. Most black comedians are from the suburbs these days anyway. Martin Lawrence was from PG County yet he talked and acted more ghetto than Chris Rock who is from Bedstuy. You see nothing wrong with that? Cosby could’ve acted like that, but he has self respect.

        Furthermore, anybody who ignores a message based on the person who says it is an idiot.

        • Jennifer P

          I am SO baffled by the point you’re trying to make. My comment wasn’t even remotely disrespectful. I said that if he’s a rapist, then that has EVERYTHING to do with his message about being an honorable, upstanding black male role model. He has no right to condescend upon people for wearing their pants too low if he’s drugging and raping people! I’m horrified that you aren’t on the same page. That seems like the most basic level of common sense.

          • nobody

            Saying it’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard isn’t disrespectful? Really?

            His message is to not act like a stereotype, and either way the message is the same no matter who says it. He doesn’t say “follow my example”, he says what to do and what not to do.

            Actually he does, because in a lot of cases he comes from a harder neighborhood than they do, he went through actual racism, and yet he’s never been a stereotype.

            Of course you’re “horrified” because to you the message of acting like a grown up isn’t as important as the person who used that message allegedly doing something that has nothing to do with it.

            The fact that he is the ONLY black comedian who nobody puts the word “black” in front of it when referring to him shows that he is very much a role model for how a black man should carry himself in this world. That’s his message.

          • Jennifer P

            Are you serious? The message is not “the same no matter who says it”. Who says it has EVERYTHING to do with the message. Actions speak louder than words. If he is writing books and taking paychecks telling black men how not to act like stereotypes during the week and then raping women on the weekends, then his message is entirely erased. 100% erased. More harm than good. Better that he never lived. He should be behind bars or dead. An absolute 100% useless waste of oxygen and cells. I hope that’s clear enough for you :)

          • nobody

            Dead serious. “His message is entirely erased” despite the fact that his action has NOTHING to do with not being a ghetto stereotype.

            You’re a joke.

          • Jennifer P

            Ohhhhh… I forgot that the ghetto is the one place where rape never happens. Thanks for the reminder. It’s too bad Hitler is dead. He could probably give some great lectures about the importance of peace and community. His actions wouldn’t matter, because his message was nice!

          • nobody

            Yeah, because that’s exactly the same thing. Please talk about how Bill Cosby was “middle class” some more.

          • Jennifer P

            Bill had two parents, one in the Navy and one in the service industry. That’s not poverty. Those were the same professions my grandparents had, and they raised 4 educated, non-rapist professionals. Pardoning a sex-offender’s crime because he has a good speech writer and because he wasn’t raised rich is pretty much giving 90% of the population a free pass to drug and rape whoever they want.

          • nobody

            In one of the worst parts of the city, and a very working class one. That’s not middle class. There’s a HUGE difference between middle class and poverty.

            A good speech writer? No, he’s an educated adult. 90% No, don’t think so. Try MAYBE 25%. “Not being rich” isn’t the same as being raised in one of the worst neighborhoods in the city during one of the most tumultuous times in its history. Period.

          • Jennifer P

            Okay, let’s play your game. He was poverty stricken and one of the most disadvantaged young males to ever survive our cruel country’s history!!! (Not true, but let’s pretend it is if it makes you feel better). What does that have to do with raping women in the late 80’s and early 90’s? He was already famous and rich at that point.

          • nobody

            The only game you’re playing is your own. Keep twisting my words. He was a working class kid with a stable household. Nothing more, nothing less.

            It has to do with him not being middle class, despite you claiming he was.

          • Jennifer P

            He’s was a kid 65 years ago. Now he’s a 77 year old rapist who has ruined a lot of lives. I’m sorry that you aren’t bothered by that. I’m actually incredibly disturbed that you aren’t bothered by that. I at least hope that you are not, in any capacity, responsible for the safety of children.

          • nobody

            You mentioned his upbringing. That means it doesn’t matter how old he is, because you were talking about his childhood. That’s why I used kids.

            Who says I’m not bothered by it? I don’t know the facts and it’s yet to be proven.

            Come again? Who the F are you to say that to me? I’ve been through abuse so you shut your mouth right now you clueless wonder.

          • Jennifer P

            So you’re defending rape? That’s the only point I can take from this interaction.

          • nobody

            Please tell me how I’m defending rape.

          • Jennifer P

            Bill Cosby rapes women. You defend him. Therefore, you are defending rape. It’s not much of a stretch!

          • nobody

            Except it’s a huge stretch. I never once defended his alleged actions. I said how ridiculous it is for people nowhere near on that level to disrespect him and everything he’s done based on something that has nothing to do with it, and especially discount his message.

            Do you have any idea what he represents? He represents a generation of black men and women who because of the fact that they did not act like stereotypes, carved out their own place in the professional world. He broke the color barrier for black entertainers in all sorts of ways. He went from going to school at 8th & Parrish to getting into Central High and then despite not graduating going on to get a degree in education at Temple after getting his GED in the navy. He comes off as one of the most educated, professional, adult black entertainers in history. You think he seriously has no place telling other black people how not to act or that his message means nothing now? That’s a joke. Him doing what he did means every other kid from his neighborhood can point to him and say “it’s possible”.

  • Dark Diggler

    Just because someone says something happened, does not mean it happened. You hannibal fans must be getting paid.

  • coocoo_cachoo

    Statute of limitations on rape in PA is only 5 years…

    It’s kind of sad, really.

  • Joshua White

    Quite so:- “that the legal definition of rape is jurisdiction-dependent”.
    …as is the very concept of ‘rape’. Anyone ever heard of a rooster ‘raping’ a chook?

  • midddletownwatch

    these chicks wanted some chocolate jello pudding and got what they asked for…hahahahaha

  • Ian

    Wow I dont know what to think of Mr. Cosby after reading the amazingly well-written Dr. Huxtable Mr. Hyde story on here. But I think the title is apt. Lets be honest. Most of us have done amazing things and done awful things. His amazing accomplishments dont erase what he did (if he did) but the molestation doesnt erase the accomplishments either. If that makes sense.

    • Jennifer P

      I agreed with your comment until the second half of the last sentence. If he’s a rapist, then that ABSOLUTELY erases everything positive he’s ever worked towards. He portrays himself as a positive role model, telling his fellow black males to pull up their pants, be active and admirable parents and live a respectable life. How could that not be erased by raping multiple women??

      • nobody

        He portrays himself as a strong black man who despite his circumstances and life isn’t a stereotype.

        • Jennifer P

          What circumstances? He was a middle-class kid from Philly with two married, working parents. I would almost respect you more if you were just claiming that he was innocent. You seem to acknowledge that there’s a good chance he was rapist and don’t seem to care because he’s given some good speeches. That’s really disturbing.

          • nobody

            Middle class kid? He grew up in one of the worst parts of Philly.

      • Ian

        because HES pushing those struggling fellow black males to rise up so loudly and strongly BC hes trapped too. thats the whole point. Look bvack in histroy. Some of the absolute worse people in history have insipred people to believe and achieved amazing things because theyre trying SO HARD to counteract their deviant disgusting actions and try to prove to THEMSELVES that theyre an ok person. MLK had 100 affairs with women cheating on his wife. that doesnt erase what he stood for. monica lewinsky doesnt erase some of the good Bill did. JFK marilyn monroe. etc….

        • nobody

          Did he really? I knew MLK cheated but 100 women? Wow.

          You know what’s sad is there’s so few of those hugely influential figures who didn’t cheat.

  • csmif

    I have never been a fan of Buress prior to this (I don’t really think he’s funny), but this has got to be the best thing he has ever done. Cheers.

  • vidlecture

    the time to report it was then not 20 years later . help was there say something . stop benefitting from him at that time they would have love to put that black man away touching a young white girl come on let’s be real here.

  • Carshmail

    I think all that young man accomplished was to ’emburris’ himself. He has done nothing but to exploit a situation for his own purpose(s), and that is sad. Without absolute proof of wrongdoing by Mr. Cosby, then I consider it an act of cowardice to get onstage and level an accusation like that. Feeding on your own people for self-promotion might make you ‘Hannibal the Cannibal’…….sad, really sad!

  • Delano Kidd

    I think he`s guilty as s%!t. Self righteous a$$. Send him to prison. And i believe, someone in the entertainment business is getting sexually assaulted every second of every day.

  • morgybaby

    To satisfy both sides of this argument, prefix Cosby’s name with “alleged rapist”. Then alleged rapist Bill Cosby might not have to settle out of court in future as alleged rapist Cosby would, himself, recognise the value in court proceedings to decide the case.

  • Y K

    I would like to see Bill Cosby go to Ferguson and “lecture” those [crazy] “protesters”; that would make for some good video footage

  • Confused in NY

    Do you think for one minute if Bill had of actually done these things in the ’80’s that he would of had the career he did? I hate to use this statement but for this it fits “do you ppl forget he’s black”? For him to have been on television as long as he was and then get the Jello contract where his face is plastered with little white and black children all across my damn TV that he wouldn’t of been crucified?

  • spidersabitch

    I am glad we live in a time where we respect and validate individual’s claims of abuse. We can’t really dismiss any claims outright because we just don’t know until we (or better: an impartial hearing authority) can give the situation a fair assessment. That said, I am very distressed by the ‘mob mentality’ displayed through the internet/social media outlets. Particularly the rash judgments made re: guilt and the rush to demolish and destroy a human being (especially one that has attained some level of achievement/honor/respect/’celebrity.’ And God forbid in this day and age that there’s even a whiff of child molestation—you are done as soon as the allegations hit the waves…..just ask Stephen Collins. Knowing that there is plenty of easy support and interest and ATTENTION when one cries rape, makes it that much easier for unscrupulous people to play fast and loose with truth (for whatever idiosyncratic reasons that may propel them including getting their ’15 minutes of fame.’ Its a McCarthyism like climate, a free for all and I fear this is a runaway train at this point.

  • John Melland

    Right on for speaking up Buress! We only know these chomo’s and rapist by t.v. . Will Hayden was another wack job gone down for rape and molestation of his daughters and another 12 yr. old as well. Sick f**ks!

  • MJ

    Ghost Dad will get her for this….

  • Jane Doe

    If you read other articles (Washington Post, for example), it states that Bill Cosby’s cases did not go to court because they settled out of court with undisclosed compensation to the victims… People who believe that he is still innocent because he didn’t get a court conviction, WAKE UP! We should be protecting the people who were assaulted, not Bill Cosby’s false persona… He should be eating his jello pudding pops from behind bars.

  • pilgrimsjog

    Bill Cosby should contact Bill Clinton for advice on his next move!

  • Daniel Drason

    type 1 sociopath?

  • Matthew

    Our society generally holds that “Innocent until proven guilty” is a very important maxim, and there is a lot of literature in support of this ideal. It’s awful that this means that a lot of people will get away with rape, but it’s also awful that it means a lot of people will get away with murder, or theft, or any number of crimes. But I believe, for reasons others have argued before me, that it’s better to have a hundred criminals walk free than convict an innocent man. In this particular case, there is a lot of reason to think that Cosby may be innocent, in that all we have against him here are allegations, and some of those allegations are coming from people who didn’t even consider it rape at the time. Bowman herself says her lawyer told her to get a pregnancy test, and it came back negative, and she admits all physical evidence would have been long since destroyed. Add to that the fact that Cosby has a lot character references, and the decision to not vilify him has nothing to do with victim shaming — it’s just what we consider due process. That doesn’t mean that we should call Bowman a liar, but it does mean that we shouldn’t call Cosby a rapist, either. It sucks, cos we know one of them’s lying, but we don’t know who. Is there a better system? Convicting people (even in the court of public opinion) based solely on allegations? It’s certainly hard to make that case in the general sense; I don’t see why we should make it in this one man.

  • jack lee

    burress another liberal who will attack hes own race ,if they don’t go along with the liberal agendas. Bill says pull your pants up ,true grown men need to keep their nasty underwear covered,also crosby says blacks need to stop depending on the gov ,get out go to work for themselves ,true everyone needs to get to work an stop looking to gov to give them a living at tax payers expense. if he raped anyone he be arrested already ,but what he said about blacks is true all the same . depend on yourself get your rears out and go to work earn it for yourself ,pull your pants up dress the part may get a job.

  • nn55nn

    Bill Clinton has a much longer and much more hideous history with rape than Cosby.
    Interesting that Bill Clinton got a total free pass by Hollywood and US Media and Bill Cosby didnt.

    Both named Bill
    Both have last names start with ‘C”
    But Bill Clinton raped and groped many more and got away with everyone of them.
    Hollywood didnt care at all about Bill Clinton’s crimes !
    Maybe they figured if it was ok with Hillary, its OK for them?

  • andy hazel

    He is going on here say. He was only a toddler in 87 wen supposedly all this happened . He admits is jealous of Cosby because of his fame. Nobody heard of this guy. You sound like a wanabe who can’t make it on your own without defaming somebody else.

  • Guest

    Couldn’t be more transparent what this is about. This nobody stereotype black ‘comedian’ doesn’t like the fact that Cosby criticizes the pathological hip hop culture that produces zillions of talentless, Amos and Andy ‘entertainers’ exactly like Hannibal Buress. So Buress calls him names based on paper-thin allegations from wanna-be actresses looking for any possible way to get into the public’s attention. The kind of thing a pathetic punk loser would do.

  • Anthony Artesto

    I don’t buy it. Cosby did exactly what other respectable blacks should do; tell their race to pull up your pants, talk properly, and you have every opportunity, if not more, to educate and succeed. Obama and The democrats want to keep you dependent for your votes and to create a racial boundry. Back in the day, even flirting would be considered sexual harassment today and I believe it was harmless by Cosby and he is being attacked by liberals because if you do not agree with them, they attack relentlessly. Their big war now is attacking masculinity so I have no reason to believe any of this nonsense…Obama and the dems lie habitually so, how can anything said by a liberal (democrat) be taken seriously?

  • D M Brown

    At my age I still shake my head in dis-belief at the
    multiple reasons/excuses that young black men give not to pull their pants up
    or to admit that black on black assaults needs to end. 11/15/14; today I read
    that Bill Cosby’s appearance has been cancelled on Letterman’s TV show. Apparently
    the standup comedian Hannibal Buress has another double standard: someone that
    he does not like has been accused of a crime, therefore, Bill Cosby has to be
    guilty. Listen to Hannibal’s rhetoric, “Bill
    Cosby wants to talk down to black people and say, I had a successful TV show,
    therefore, I can tell young black men to pull their pants up. I want to put so
    much heat on Bill Cosby that when families watch the Cosby’s Show they will
    feel awkward.” Hannibal does not care if Bill Cosby has “raped” women or
    not. He is angry that Cosby has attempted
    to improve the looks of young black men on how to wear their clothing. Otherwise, he would not care if the devil
    himself was telling young black men to serve God and not Satan.

    In the late 1980’s Tawana
    Brawley, a young black female, accused several white men of abduction and rape.
    Either though from the beginning
    Tawana’s claim of abduction and rape sounded weak at best or totally false from
    the beginning Bill Cosby and Al Sharpton came to Tawana’s defense/aid. Bill Cosby donated money to Tawana’s cause
    which was later proven false and Al Sharpton strongly stated that those “white
    devils” have raped another one of all black Nubian princesses’ women. Now Bill Cosby is in the same boat, women
    have accused him of sexual assaults, therefore, he must be guilty because
    someone has accused him of a crime.

    Now during the Ferguson Mossiour matter involving Brown and
    Wilson in Missouri, for the most part, blacks are demanding that Police Officer
    Wilson be tried for murder and most whites are demanding that we wait for the
    grand jury to determine the guilty or innocent or Officer Wilson. The United States Attorney General Holder
    arrived in Ferguson, promising an impartial review of Brown’s death, but before
    he concluded his investigation, he stated, the Ferguson Police Department needs
    major changes in its structure.

    My point is, this nation has divided its self on race
    relations and lately the way that I see it, blacks who least can afford this
    discord among its own race is like the old proverbial statement, that I was
    told when I was young, “Negros are like crabs in a pot because they are always
    trying to pull each other down.” The moment
    a black person advances, another black person out of jealously will make false
    or unproven accusations against another.
    Thanks to Hannibal Buress and other blacks like him, this methodology is
    still strong in the black race. In conclusion, black people need to stop
    fighting against each other and should unify themselves to improve as a race
    and to improve this nation for everyone.

  • D M Brown

    D. M. Brown Correction/

    I wish to correct my error: Grand juries only determine if
    there is enough probable cause that a crime might have been committed to issue
    a warrant for an indictment. They do not determine if a person is innocent or guilty.

  • The nature of women’s rape fantasies: an analysis of prevalence, frequency, and contents.

    …62% of women have had a rape fantasy, which is somewhat higher than previous estimates. For women who have had rape fantasies, the median frequency of these fantasies was about 4 times per year, with 14% of participants reporting that they had rape fantasies at least once a week.

  • LB

    Soo sad that any person has to trash another to make their career. I would never go see Burress now. This was totally unnecessary. Just like Spike Lee talking down about Tyler Perry. Don’t we have enough people bringing your people down without you talking part in the hanging too?

  • guest

    So this Buress idiot (whoever he is) is now judge and jury? Calling someone a rapist is not comedy. Cosby paved the way for black comedians so this idiot should be thankful. Innocent until proven guilty. And yes, Cosby is right, pull your pants up! It’s hard to get a JOB with your pants around your knees! Oh wait, it’s ok because that’s the “culture”. I’d rather have a job than be on welfare with my pants down.

  • Kari L Johnson


  • lemonobsessed

    I used to think he was such a great man. An awesome family man. Then I learned he cheated on Camille and paid his mistress to cover it up. Whether the rapes are true or not I have no respect for a “man” who cheats on his wife and then goes on stage and praises her as his reason for living. Or one who sleeps around with other women then creates a wholesome father figure like Cliff Huxtable and wants people to think because he wrote the character he IS the character. It’s unfortunate the women he seduced with his promise of wealth and fame were young and naive. I would have taken him to the cleaners. It’s also too bad that that was back in the day before everyone had cellphones with cameras and the Internet and YouTube was a button click away. He is sooooooooooo effing lucky.

  • Paul Dale

    Mr. Cosby is being tried in the court of public opinion. Time will tell whether this is proper or just. However, one thing is certain. The chorus of women alleging abuse by him has reached an alarming crescendo. For, cries of outrage have no statute of limitations. And, whether just or not, a badge of infamy needs no tribunal.

  • So this just lessons my already non existent faith in the media. They had to have known and ABC, NBC, CBS news ….but did they say a word? NO.

  • Lou

    This is the meanest way to treat Our Elders. People we grew up with, maybe not my family, but the way people at commenting about Mr. Cosby (like they know him. through MEDIA. BLOGS, or tv), who knows the facts? I looked at a few of you. and NO one had any fact to a story of an alleged situation. It’s defamation, and theories, Prove one! I don’t see the need to slander your Grandfather.

  • GIR55

    Hey Hannibal….I’m not agreeing with Mr. Cosby. But he admits his wrongdoings. Then offers money to cover up his deeds. Do you really think he’s the only person in Hollywood doing it? The women don’t have to take the money. But they do. Then come back years later because they’re broke and need more. I just wonder what his wife thinks of all this. I guess she likes the money too.

  • BumBotSays

    Bill Cosby is just another DemocRat doing what DemocRats do. The entire country is being raped by “The Head DemocRat”at this moment.

  • Abbott L. Lewis

    I am an experienced litigating attorney. It takes two sides of the “v” to settle a civil lawsuit. If Cosby agreed to pay money to end the lawsuit, the plaintiff-accuser agreed to end the suit in exchange for money. Settlements routinely include a confidentiality agreement to prevent either party from disclosing the settlement amount and possibly some other details. If the press knew the amount Cosby paid, it would be reported. If not reported, the accuser agreed not to disclose how much she was paid. And vice versa.

  • Trey

    Free speech? Come to CA and say you don’t believe in Law enforcement, gay marriage or any other of these things. Say you don’t believe in gun regulation in CA, urban Ca… I guarantee you get arrested, beat or worse. Nobody seems to recognize freedom of speech UNLESS it’s coming from someone that’s somewhat famous or have some kind of connections to the “insiders”. I know they’ll be a lot of naysayers BUT until you at least give my reality a try you can claim all you want that you kniw, but you will never have any idea… Rapist or not they wouldn’t press the issue that’s Bill Cosby… remember MJ didn’t get protected either, nor OJ…

    • Trey

      I forgot. I was arrested in 2008. I admit I was wrong deserved to be arrested. But I didn’t deserve to be stomped, kicked and beat by the LA County sheriff’s for staring one in the eye. Didn’t deserve to have a face so swollen my mother and girlfriend could barely recognize me a visiting. Got a lawyer and everything but my story didn’t have enough to go on… Years later and they’ve been indicted… Google the 3000 floor gang, LA county sheriff’s department.

  • brenrod

    I always knew that Cosby was a BS empty suit so it is not surprising that he is even worse….

  • JLS1

    so is this bozo a comedian or social commentator, not sure how this gets into a comedy bit. And Cos can’t speak his opinion about kids pulling their pants up because he was popular in the 80s!!!!

    • Trevor

      I thought it was funny, but humor is subjective anyway.

  • You don’t know that. These women are probably golddiggers. They are mad because they aren’t superstar. Where are the police report? Is there any evidence? If he gave you drugs… why take them for? If he put something in your drink… why not go to the hospital and get the doctor to see what kind of drug he put in your body system?

  • ß۞Ь¥ ҊɸЊŁѮ§Ե

    buress has made lies in the name of “comedy” to slander a famous comedian and attempts to destroy his wholesome family-friendly image with disrespectful words that are neither funny nor appropriate. what if a comedian insulted hannibal and called him a sex offender just because his jokes suck? like, really, its such a surprise to see you talking without eric andre’s hand up your backside. I sense a lawsuit from cosby’s lawyers to mr. hannibal burress is in the works. this is just as bad as the michael richards incident that happened years ago.

  • Bryx86

    this is one hell of a
    country that I see mature adults acting like bunch of kids… assuming all this
    allegations did happened why coming out now after how many years to make a
    mockery of yourselves… are you guys just waking up now? The man
    has paid his dues let him be!!! Go find something important for yourselves and

  • newt dal

    Cosby was never convicted in a court of law because these so called “rape victims” never pressed charges against this “powerful” man. No Black man is powerful under the system of Racism White Supremacy. White women know this since time immemorial. That’s why they have falsely accused Black men of rape. If he had any power, the main stream press would not be relentlessly driving this 50 year old story over and over, giving these women credibility, even though the statue of limitations says it’s over. This is a setup and “real” powerful people are out to destroy and financially break Bill Cosby. And the Black community can’t connect the dots.

  • Deum Timentes

    I am sure Cosby will be invited to the White House soon to celebrate his new found fame and hang with the other criminals in D.C., Obama, Holder and gang, et al.

  • Corebare32

    Ok, I’m going to read a few comments, but before I do, I’m just going to guess out loud that SEVERAL people here have somehow turned this into a racial issue. I don’t know how some people can turn a issue like this, (which has more to do with women’s rights and the abuse of “celebrity” than anything else) can read the article and then post a couple comments about race….

  • PoindexterQueue

    When someone is attacked *PERSONALLY* for his or her social and political opinions, it generally means that person has hit very close to the heart of the matter. Replying anything about “rape” to that issue is a smokescreen — an attempted distraction because the topic has strayed too close to reality.

    I’m not justifying rape, or any such nonsense, btw.

  • Trinity

    – i think that Cosby didn’t do it . when your famous everybody wants you they throw themselves at you . but why confess when he so old and can’t even help himself i feel bad that all you women are accusing him of rape . if you look at him and know him real good he’s not capable of any of that . & just because he plays a role that he takes drugs that doesn’t auto means he is . Stupid ass people

  • AdamLucifer

    I’m rather more concerned about a remark of Cosby’s in his testimony which seems to have gone un-noticed – he confessed to using drugs to render unconscious and have sex with a woman and “other people”… so who are these “other people” who apparently don’t come under the heading of women? Because Cosby is heterosexual I don’t imagine “other people” means men, so what does that curious phrase “and other people” mean? Or is just that Cosby command of English as erratic as his other conduct?