Win Tickets to See Tina Fey in Upper Darby

Tina Fey is returning to her hometown of Upper Darby this Saturday for a benefit event for the fantastic Upper Darby Summer Stage program.

There will be a screening of her film Mean Girls followed by a Q&A with Fey. Tickets ($40 to $100, tax-deductible) are nearly sold out, but we have a pair of $100 seats that we’re giving away to one lucky Philly Mag reader.

To enter, all you have to do is sign up for our weekly newsletter in the box below. We’ll draw a winner at random after 5 p.m. this evening.

The Upper Darby Police Facebook Page Has Won the Internet

upper darby police

Over the weekend, Philadelphia comic great Chip Chantry sent me a link for the Upper Darby Police Facebook page. Being that the link was coming from a master of parody (as demonstrated by Chantry’s genius Hall & Oates Christmas video) and that the content didn’t seem to be what you’d expect coming out through official police channels, I thought it was a joke. But it’s not. It’s real. And it’s gold. Read more »

Best Thai and Lao in the Area


Craig LaBan reviews Sa-Bai-DeePhiladelphia magazine’s pick for best Thai in the suburbs in 2012 and finds it just as enjoyable. The Upper Darby BYOB serves up Lao cuisine as well as Thai and LaBan says it is as good as any Thai restaurant in the area.

I was impressed simply with the vivid freshness of flavors and delicacy of the cooking. The satay chicken was notably tender and completely infused with its marinade of coconut milk, turmeric, and galangal. The bone-in BBQ chicken app reminded me more of a Thai-style jerk, the gingery, lemongrass-rubbed meat roasted to a juicy brown over the charcoal grill.

The pad Thai was excellent, the fettuccine-wide rice noodles wearing a perfect sweet-and-tangy brown shine (with a faint fish sauce undertow) as they tangled with tender shrimp, cilantro, and roasted peanuts.

Two Bells – Very Good

Sa-Bai-Dee [Philadelphia Inquirer]
Sa-Bai-Dee [Official Site]

Retail Alert: A New H&M Is Coming!

Prepare yourselves, West-of-the-Schuylkill fashionistas, to get dizzy with joy: Upper Darby will soon have an H&M store. That’s right — the Shops at 69th Street will get its own location with all the Swedish tights, tunics, pointy pumps, lip gloss, gold hoops, headbands, silky shirts, tight pants and zippered blazers you could ever want — not just in regular sizes, but in plus sizes too.

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Woody Allen Inspired by Upper Darby Mice Criminals

So yeah, it appears Woody Allen was inspired by the story of that Upper Darby pizzeria owner who dumped mice in a competitor’s pizza shop.

In the latest issue of the New Yorker, Allen pens “Not a Creature Was Stirring,” a story that is centered around mice with criminal minds.

“It’s all schlock,” the impresario railed. “Chazerai for pubescent sub-mentals.” Producing a clipping from his pants pocket, he said, “Lamp this. I culled it from a little magazine called The Week. Is this or is this not our open sesame to Fort Knox?” The kernel of the Grossnose squib centered on Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, where it seemed that a pizzeria owner was charged by police with planting mice in rival pizza shops. “We never had anything like this,” the Police Superintendent said, “where mice have been used as an instrument of crime.”

Not a Creature was Stirring [New Yorker]
Woody Allen Reads “Not a Creature Was Stirring” [New Yorker]

Philadelphia’s Hottest Restaurant Neighborhoods

The January Philadelphia magazine is on sale now and features the area’s hottest neighborhoods and towns for restaurants.

Welcome to the Neighborhoods [Philadelphia magazine]


Yang Yang? Call It Dumpling House

Adam Erace discovers Yang Yang Express in Upper Darby. Yang Yang might be on the sign but everyone calls it the Dumpling House and here’s why.

Long, skinny and twisted at the ends like joints, traditional pork-and-shrimp [dumplings] are prepared steamed or pan-fried; I tried (and enjoyed) both, but the amber caramelization of the latter added a nice, crunchy textural contrast ?to the soft, stretchy dough. Pinched at the top to seal in droplets of savory pork broth, Shanghai soup buns (not technically a dumpling, but in the same vein) jiggled in stacked perforated steel steamers lined with parchment paper, while the “Three Delicious” dumplings lived up to their name, justifying the braggadocio with a mix of tender orbs of shrimp, pork and leek inside thin skins. But the resounding favorite was the seafood dumplings, satchels stuffed with a mousse made of flounder, shrimp and scallops. They sparkled like Pop Rocks with the addition of fresh grated ginger.

Bundles of Joy [City Paper]

Best Tacos Al Pastor in University City


Trey Popp gives us two reviews in one yesterday as he reviews the bricks and mortar Don Memo Restaurant in Upper Darby and the Tacos Don Memo cart in University City. What Popp raves about is the tacos al pastor coming from the cart at 38th and Sansom.

A double-tortilla wrap cradles a griddle-fried dice of spicy pork in which every single morsel seems edged with the perfect crisp. There’s a bit of pineapple, a tuft of cilantro, a thorough douse of chipotle salsa as earthy as kiln dust. By the time you squeeze your eighth of a lime on top, the doubled tortilla has become a structural necessity: barely enough insurance against sloppy disintegration that you can still revel in its threat.

Got the Memo [City Paper]