Those Racy Emails: What They’re Saying

Kathleen Kane. AP Photo | Bradley C. Bower

Kathleen Kane. AP Photo | Bradley C. Bower

Note: This post contains mildly detailed descriptions of the racy emails shared by state officials.

Attorney General Kathleen Kane took the lid off a burgeoning scandal Thursday, revealing the names of eight state officials who allegedly sent and/or received naughty emails on state government computers — and showing reporters some of the images those officials shared with each other.

The Inquirer gets down to business:

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Ed Rendell Is Using Bedbugs to Fight Brooklyn’s DNC Bid

Well, we owe Ed Rendell an apology.

When Rendell went public earlier this month with his opinion that Brooklyn had the advantage over Philly to host the 2016 Democratic National Convention, we teasingly suggested he was aiming to be mayor of New York someday. Turns out Rendell was doing classic Rendell — singling out the biggest bully in the schoolyard for the takedown.

And it’s kind of awesome. The New York Post reports Rendell has been sending DNC committee members negative articles about New York:
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3 Reasons This Is the Moment to Pass an LGBT Anti-Discrimination Bill


Sorry friends, but there won’t be any hate crimes legislation coming out of Harrisburg this year – not even with the groundswell of support created by the recent attack on a gay couple in Center City.

But that doesn’t mean all is lost.

There’s a lot to be done to enhance the safety and welfare of gays and lesbians in Pennsylvania — and this appears to be a great moment to push ahead with it. Remember: Even though gays in Pennsylvania this year won the right to get married to each other, they still lack the protections of a statewide anti-discrimination law — a marriage on Saturday could result in a job loss on Monday and an apartment eviction on Tuesday. That’s not right.

Here are three reasons that now might be a better moment to pursue an anti-discrimination bill instead of hate crimes legislation:

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Lobbyist Accused of Sexual Assault

Lobbyist A.J. Marisco and 6ABC's Annie McCormick, seen shortly after their April 2013 wedding.

Lobbyist A.J. Marsico and 6ABC’s Annie McCormick, seen shortly after their April 2013 wedding.

Lobbyist A.J. Marsico was arrested Saturday after being accused of a sex assault at a Center City hotel over the summer.

His arrest is notable, in part, because of his many high-profile connections. NBC 10 reports:

“Marsico is a senior associate at Greenlee Partners, a Pennsylvania government affairs firm. He is also the younger brother of Dauphin County District Attorney Ed Marsico Jr. and cousin of Ron Marsico, a Pennsylvania state representative.

“Marsico is also the husband of Action News reporter Annie McCormick.”

6ABC is, of course, a media partner with Philly Mag.

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