5 Reasons Fall Could Be Great for Politics in Philly


All hail the end of summer.

Sure, that means it’s time to stop being lazy and get back to work. But for journalists, that means the dog days are over — actual news will start to happen again, and we can find new things to write and opine about. Hallelujah.

In fact, this stands to be a very newsy fall. And if everything breaks right, it might even be a really good fall, with city and state government finally making some breakthroughs on issues that have needed breakthroughs for a long time.

Here are five things that could make this a very good political fall in Philadelphia:

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Poll: Wolf’s Lead Over Corbett Widens


This could be the most boring gubernatorial race ever.

A new poll shows Democratic challenger Tom Wolf 25 points ahead of Republican Gov. Tom Corbett, with just two months left before the election — favored by 49 percent of poll respondents compared to 24 percent for Corbett. That’s a bigger lead than most polls that have shown the Democrat about 20 points ahead.

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Montco Man Starts Write-In Campaign for Governor

Well, maybe this will liven up a humdrum election campaign.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports a Montgomery County man named Dave Naples is running a write-in campaign for governor — taking on the large bank accounts and established organizations behind Gov. Tom Corbett and Democrat Tom Wolf with … the power of Facebook. The problem? His Facebook page had only 44 “likes” as of this morning.

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Death of 3-Year-Old May Spark New Gun Rules

Spurred by this month’s death of 3-year-old Tynirah Borum in a shootout, D.A. Seth Williams led a group of local officials this afternoon in calling for new rules requiring a mandatory minimum two-year prison sentence for illegal firearm possession.

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Philly Is Putting On Quite a Show for the DNC Site Selectors

The official City Government of Philadelphia Twitter feed is really on board with efforts to bring the Democratic National Convention to Philly in 2016. Whoever runs the feeds has been documenting the site selector visit — replete with actual cheerleaders (and not just the rhetorical, civic kind played by Ed Rendell) — all morning.

Yes, cheesesteaks are already involved.

Some highlights:

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Corbett Calls For Amish Mafia To End

Levi and Alvin are blowing up a car. This makes Gov. Corbett mad.

See, this is a scene from Amish Mafia, a Discovery Channel reality show about … Amish who violently defend their culture and religion. None of them look like Harrison Ford, though, and the whole thing comes off as a kind weird Amish-Fascism that doesn’t really square that well with any of the intentionally gentle people we’ve known.

Which might be why there’s pressure to cancel the show, and maybe why Gov. Corbett is joining the chorus.

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