Peeps Milk is a Real Thing and It’s Available Now

This is not the Onion, this is real life.

This is not the Onion, this is real life.

Yes, you read that right. For the second year now, Peeps— the cute, sugary, beloved springtime treats from Bethlehem, PA —have milk flavors devoted to them, and they’re now available nationally.

Last year, Prairie Farms in Carlinville, Illinois created two milk flavors in honor of Peeps: Chocolate Marshmallow and Egg Nog. Those two were so popular that Prairie Farms added two more flavors this year—Strawberry Creme and Orange Creme.

As a person who can easily pop a whole five-pack of Peeps into my mouth in one sitting, I’m not sure how I feel about this, but if you want to try them for yourself Peeps milk can be found at Wegmans and Wal-Mart (Orange Creme is only at Wal-Mart).

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6 Strangest Things Ever Done With Peeps

I don’t know what it is about Peeps that inspires such loathsomeness and creativity in people. Maybe it’s the colors. Maybe it’s the simplicity of them–just gobs of marshmallow, and yet imbued somehow with an almost Zen-like calm. Or maybe there’s something in the food dyes that makes normally rational people go plumb loco when in their presence.

Over the years, folks have done all sorts of weird things with Peeps (see for example: Peeps dioramas, Peeps dresses, and the Peep Jesus), but none of those even come close to what we have collected here: The 6 strangest things ever done with, near or involving Peeps.


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