Morgan’s Pier Gets a New Chef


Morgan’s Pier, which opened on the Delaware riverfront two summers ago has made a splash each year with a significant name in the kitchen.

In Morgan’s Pier inaugural year it was David Katz of the much loved Mémé who ran the restaurant operation. Last year, the ownership group that includes Avram Hornick and Sean Agnew tapped George Sabatino who had just made a name for himself at Stateside.

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Chef Collaboration Dinner Series At Bar Ferdinand Kicks Off With Koo Zee Doo


David Ansill has been getting up to a lot of cool things lately at Bar Ferdinand. There was his Spanish-inflected Chinese New Year menu, the new industry happy hour deal the kitchen launched a couple weeks ago. And now, he’s working on a chef collaboration series that’s set to start up on February 27.

And not only that, but the very first event in the series will be with Dave and Carla Gilberg of the recently closed (and seriously mourned) Koo Zee Doo. So basically, if you missed out on getting your final hit of Portuguese food from the Gilbergs back when their operation was an actual restaurant (and not a catering operation, which is what it appears to be now), this will really be your best shot.

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Emmanuelle Goes Creepy Tiki for Halloween


This Halloween Emmanuelle is turning into a creepy tiki bar. “The Huna Hut: Skelatons of the Deep” is being hosted by head-bartenders Phoebe Esmon and Christian Gaal who will be pouring tropical drinks from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m.

The event will also feature snacks from Carla Goncalves and David Gilberg, formerly of much-loved KooZeeDoo.

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Six Pack: Suckling Pig In Philadelphia


Editor’s Note: This week, we’re going to be introducing our new army of interns to you, the Foobooz readership. And it occurred to us that what better way for you to get to know them a little then for them to tell you all about something they loved to eat. Thus, we set them each to assembling their own Foobooz Six Pack, focusing on something they loved.

Our first submission came from Alex Tewfik, a student at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA. As a food and restaurant enthusiast, Alex spends every waking moment of his day inventing new ways to keep himself eating while hiding how fat he actually is from the rest of the world.

Take it away, Alex…

Matyson’s Suckling Pig Sundays are no more. They have moved on to bigger things. Fortunately, the rest of the city hasn’t. So if you need to satiate your suckling pig cravings, there are plenty of places in and around the city that know how to cook that piglet just right. So with that in mind, here it is: The best places to get suckling pig in Philadelphia.

Slow Roasted Suckling Pig at Il Pittore

Chef Chris Painter’s claim to fame at his semi-eponymous restaurant, Il Pittore, takes three whole days to perfect, and that’s exactly what it ends up being: perfect. Cured in salt, sugar, and herbs for 15 hours, it’s then slow roasted for 12 hours, then buried in pig fat, then portioned and pressed over night. The slow-roasted meat sits on a bed of whole baby carrots and sautéed cavalo nero, swimming in a rich guanciale jus. Crowned with sweet pear mostarda, this pig is a real beauty.

Il Pittore (Rittenhouse)
2025 Sansom Street

More suckling pig this way…

Around the Web: Taqueria Paintings, Catahoula & Other Stuff

Midtown Lunch eyes up lunch at Los Taquitos de Puebla even if they skip the eyeball tacos. [Midtown Lunch]

All the good things you’ve heard about Koo Zee Doo, Mac & Cheese is here to tell you they’re true. [Mac & Cheese]

The best thing the Beer Lass ate last week was the smoked hot dog at Johnny Brenda’s. Sounds tough to beat. [Beer Lass]

Lunch at Square 1682 is free and loaded with oil. [Living on the Vedge]

Drawing for Food follows up Adam Erace’s review and checks out Sky Cafe. [Drawing for Food]

Yelp on Catahoula

Local bloggers haven’t weighed in yet on this Cajun spot on Front Street but Yelp has.

A $5 Boilermaker of Jim Beam and the just-launched-in-PA Narragansett beer immediately won over Elite yelper Jon D. He does soak up some of that alcohol assault with “the hands-down best po-boys around, killer hush puppies and a menu I can’t wait to continue eating my way through.” [Yelp Philly]

“Sometimes a girl likes to be told what she likes,” confesses Elite Tina N. An “on-point” server who was quick to recommend duck jambalaya, crawfish bisque and banana fosters bread pudding had her “ready to call him daddy.” Ye-ow. [Yelp Philly]

“Butter is what binds this place together,” writes Emily M, who scored the first Yelp review of Catahoula on August 4. Barbecued shrimp, griddled cornbread and peach cobbler all drip with that sunny substance; hushpuppies studded with fresh corn get a dip in truffled tartar sauce for an equally heart-stopping riff on the Southern snack. [Yelp Philly]

Catahoula based on 7 reviews

Chicago Tribune Finds Philly Food Friendly

We’ll glaze over the fans behaving badly and the cheesesteak references in this Chicago Tribune article and focus on the parts where food critic Phil Vettel finds us quite willing to talk about all the great food we have in this city.

Special nods of respect for finding Koo Zee Doo and skipping Pat’s/Geno’s for John’s Roast Pork.

Food Friendly Philly [Chicago Tribune via Midtown Lunch]

Charcoal Grill for Koo Zee Doo

koo zee dooVictor Fiorillo has the details on the new charcoal grill that’s going live at Koo Zee Doo. This is good news for fans of the Portuguese restaurant. Back in September we were quite impressed by Koo Zee Doo’s barbecue at the A Full Plate annual Rib Cook Off.

Koo Zee Doo is getting bigger with outdoor seating on the sidewalk and on the back patio.

Exclusive: Cookin’ Out at Koo Zee Doo [Philadelphia Magazine]
Koo Zee Doo [Official Site]

Quick Bites

We’ve got the menu for 500°, the Sansom Street burger spot coming on March 23rd from Rouge’s Rob Wasserman. Basic burgers are under $6 and you can have it your way, even if that means rare. [Menu (PDF)]

The Capogiro on Passyunk Avenue is aiming to reopen for the season on Friday, March 19th. [Grub Street]

Argan Moroccan Cuisine on 17th has added a full-fledged dinner menu to its offerings. [Meal Ticket]

Meal Ticket has word that Jet Wine Bar is looking to open at 1525 South Street sometime in July. Jill Weber, the owner has to do some archaeology in Syria first. [Meal Ticket]

Cedars Cafe is now serving up Mediterranean food in Frazer. [Main Line Restaurant Guide]

The Washington Post’s restaurant critic, Tom Sietsema has plenty of praise for Fond, Koo Zee Dooand Mémé. [Washington Post via UWISHUNU]

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