Around the Web: Taqueria Paintings, Catahoula & Other Stuff

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The best thing the Beer Lass ate last week was the smoked hot dog at Johnny Brenda’s. Sounds tough to beat. [Beer Lass]

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Yelp on Catahoula

Local bloggers haven’t weighed in yet on this Cajun spot on Front Street but Yelp has.

A $5 Boilermaker of Jim Beam and the just-launched-in-PA Narragansett beer immediately won over Elite yelper Jon D. He does soak up some of that alcohol assault with “the hands-down best po-boys around, killer hush puppies and a menu I can’t wait to continue eating my way through.” [Yelp Philly]

“Sometimes a girl likes to be told what she likes,” confesses Elite Tina N. An “on-point” server who was quick to recommend duck jambalaya, crawfish bisque and banana fosters bread pudding had her “ready to call him daddy.” Ye-ow. [Yelp Philly]

“Butter is what binds this place together,” writes Emily M, who scored the first Yelp review of Catahoula on August 4. Barbecued shrimp, griddled cornbread and peach cobbler all drip with that sunny substance; hushpuppies studded with fresh corn get a dip in truffled tartar sauce for an equally heart-stopping riff on the Southern snack. [Yelp Philly]

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