America’s Gun Problem Isn’t Pat Toomey’s Fault

Pat Toomey, Joe Manchin

I get that it’s an election year and thus partisan attacks won’t always be fair, but still: It seems pretty silly that Democrats are taking aim at Sen. Pat Toomey, of all people, on the gun issue.

Why? Because a few years ago, after the Sandy Hook massacre, Toomey became the rare Republican to buck the NRA — he joined Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin and sponsored a bill to expand background checks for gun purchases. Modest? Sure. Watered-down? Probably. And yet: It was still too much for the Gun Caucus to accept. The bill never came close to passage.

Despite this, Toomey is now being criticized by his campaign rivals for not doing enough to end the scourge of mass shootings. Read more »

Rendell to Chair McGinty Senate Campaign

mcginty rendell

Not that Joe Sestak needed additional clues he is not the favored candidate of the Democratic Party establishment in Pennsylvania, but: Former Gov. Ed Rendell just signed on to chair Katie McGinty‘s campaign for U.S. Senate.

McGinty was Pennsylvania’s Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection in the Rendell Administration.

“I am glad that Katie McGinty answered the calls from across Pennsylvania for her to enter the race for U.S. Senate,” Rendell said in a statement released by her campaign. “I encouraged Katie to run because she’s a problem solver who knows how to get things done. Middle class Pennsylvanians will have a Senator who will fight for good schools, good jobs, and affordable health care in Katie McGinty.” Read more »

Katie McGinty Launches Senate Campaign

As expected, Democrat Katie McGinty launched her campaign for U.S. Senate today, two weeks after stepping down from her post as Gov. Tom Wolf’s chief of staff, re-introducing herself in a web video where she promises to fight for working Pennsylvania families.

“I will be a Senator who believes in Pennsylvania’s promise and I’ll work to make us the manufacturing and technology powerhouse we know we can be,” she said. Read more »

Katie McGinty Resigns as Tom Wolf’s Chief of Staff

Katie McGinty has made up her mind.

According to Governor Tom Wolf‘s spokesperson, Jeffrey Sheridan, McGinty has resigned today as the governor’s chief of staff. Effective as of close of business today, said Sheridan, “Katie McGinty is no longer chief of staff and no longer on payroll.”

A report earlier today by National Journal‘s Alex Roarty said that she would resign tomorrow in an attempt to run for Pennsylvania Senator against Pat Toomey in the 2016 general election. McGinty will not make a formal Senate declaration tomorrow, Roarty writes, but the resignation after seven months — when she was appointed Chief of Staff by Governor Wolf when he took office in January — would seem to be a strong indication that she’ll throw her hat in the Senate ring. He added that his own sources expect a formal announcement on that front in the coming weeks. Read more »

Report: Katie McGinty Close to Deciding on Senate Challenge to Pat Toomey

Katie McGinty

The wooing of Katie McGinty has apparently become quite serious.

When last we checked in, McGinty — Gov. Tom Wolf‘s chief of staff — had been approached about running for the U.S. Senate against incumbent Pat Toomey by Democratic leaders desperate not to have Joe Sestak represent the party on the ballot next fall. But Ed Rendell pooh-poohed the whole thing and that, we figured, was probably that.

Think again.

“This weekend the DSCC held a retreat at Martha’s Vineyard. Dozens of Senators and Senate candidates were there. So was Katie McGinty,” PoliticsPA reports. “PoliticsPA has learned she flew to the event on a chartered flight with over fifteen Senators. We were also able to confirm with McGinty’s top political strategist Mike Mikus that she left on Friday night and returned Sunday.”

She’s apparently generating enthusiasm that Sestak, who lost to Toomey in 2010, hasn’t been able to muster.  Read more »

Katie McGinty Approached on Senate Run

Businesswoman and former DEP Secretary Katie McGinty has run a solid campaign, building a network and achieving fundraising success. But most important, she, unlike opponents Allyson Schwartz and Rob McCord, stayed away from attacking Wolf. Given that, combined with Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s implosion and much of the Democratic establishment disliking former congressman Joe Sestak, watch for the articulate McGinty to quickly become the frontrunner against freshman Pat Toomey in 2016.

Katie McGinty, who ran for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination last year, has been approached by party leaders about running for Pat Toomey’s Senate seat.

It’s starting to look like the Democratic establishment really doesn’t want Joe Sestak challenging Pat Toomey for the U.S. Senate in 2016. Sestak hasn’t always helped himself as a candidate, and each week brings fresh rumors of efforts by party leaders to recruit a primary opponent for Sestak.

The latest? Katie McGinty.

McGinty ran for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination last year, losing to eventual winner Tom Wolf, but ending up as his chief of staff.

“Former governor, Ed Rendell, says national Democrats have contacted Governor Tom Wolf’s top aide about running for U.S. Senate,” WITF reports. “However, Rendell says he doesn’t think Katie McGinty will run and that she’s committed to working through a budget standoff with state lawmakers as Wolf’s chief of staff. ” Read more »

2,500 Youth Summer Jobs Announced

Council President Darrel Clarke, PYN President Chekemma Fulmore-Townsend, State Senator Vincent Hughes, Governor Wolf's Chief of Staff Katie McGinty and Deputy Mayor Mike DiBerardinis

Council President Darrel Clarke, PYN President Chekemma Fulmore-Townsend, State Senator Vincent Hughes, Governor Wolf’s Chief of Staff Katie McGinty and Deputy Mayor Mike DiBerardinis

What will the city do about the 46,000 teens and young adults who are not enrolled in school and not working?

Well, today, on the first day of summer for public school students, local and state officials announced that 2,500 new paid jobs will be created this summer for Philadelphians ages 12 to 24, particularly those living in low-income and high-poverty areas. The new jobs are part of a statewide initiative that’s being created with $7.5 million in funding from TANF and federal money, the latter tacked to President Obama’s efforts to secure summer jobs for low-income youth.

Out of that total, $4.4 million are allocated to Philly and will go a long way towards reaching Mayor Nutter’s goal of creating 10,000 jobs for youth this summer.

Of course, that’s a mere drop in the bucket for the metro region overall — which has more than 107,000 youth and teens not working nor enrolled in school — but it will foster a lot more opportunities for kids to work at community centers, with small businesses or as lifeguards this summer.

Officials at the podium for the announcement included City Council President Darrell Clarke, City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson, Governor Wolf’s Chief of Staff Katie McGinty, State Senator Vincent Hughes and President of the Philadelphia Youth Network





PHOTOS: Barack Obama and Tom Wolf at Temple University


President Barack Obama was at Temple University yesterday stumping for gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf. Pennsylvania’s Democratic machinery, including State Senator Mike Stack, Mayor Michael Nutter, U.S. Senator Bob Casey, U.S. Representative Chaka Fattah, and Wolf’s one-time opponent for the nomination, former Pa. Department of Environmental Protection Secretary and former chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, Katie McGinty turned out.

Jeff Fusco was on the scene, as well as at a Tom Wolf campaign stop at the 52nd Street ShopRite on Saturday.

View the full gallery after the jump »

Katie McGinty Running for Pennsylvania Democratic Chair

Katie McGinty — the Democrat who ran a positive campaign for governor this year (and, partially as a result, finished dead last) — is running for Pennsylvania Democratic chair. She’s being supported by the winner of that Democratic gubernatorial primary, Tom Wolf.

Wolf has also thrown his support behind Rep. Jake Wheatley, of Allegheny, for the vice chair position.

Read more »

7 Ridiculous Political Ads From the Pennsylvania Governor’s Race

Election Day is almost here! Tuesday is Pennsylvania primary day, so politicians will be ceding television commercial breaks back to their usual occupants (ads for drugs, beer, cars, etc.) for a few months — until general election commercials start.

For the past month, seemingly every commercial break has been clogged with ads that are ridiculous in one way or another. (Another possibility: I just happen to watch a lot of TV that’s generally aimed at old people.) I guess I’m tired of them, but I’m going to miss the ridiculousness of a lot of the spots. Maybe it’s because they all use the same cliches, but there’s something about political commercials that is just hilarious. Here’s a roundup of some of the more notable ones from this election season.

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