Han Dynasty Offers Free Dan Dan Noodles to the Uninsured

Han Dynasty owner Han Chiang is not exactly apolitical. He has strong opinions on how things in this country are going and even stronger ideas about how people should look out for each other when times are tough.

So when it came time to figure out how to celebrate Han Dynasty’s 10th anniversary (which happened this past Sunday), he decided to do something good for the community. Namely, to give free dan dan noodles to those who really need them — in particular, those with no health insurance. This is how “DanDanCare” was born.

He announced it late last week via his Facebook page. And now he’s looking for your help.

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Han Dynasty Running a Trump Special

Orange Chicken Special at Han Dynasty

Orange Chicken Special at Han Dynasty

Han Chiang, the bombastic owner of Han Dynasty or Handy Nasty if you prefer, is preparing to “make Americanized Chinese food great again.” For a limited time, Chiang is serving an Orange Chicken dish on the menu of his Old City location. To go with the dish, he’s released the accompanying poster, which features a patriotic Chiang chasing a very orange caricature of Donald Trump as a chicken, with the headline; “Orange Chicken (white meat only)” on it.

Because Chiang usually shies away from American Chinese dishes, you won’t find General Tso’s chicken or pork fried rice at Han Dynasty. Instead, Chiang prefers the authentic heat of Sichuan cooking but he is offering this dish for a limited time. The orange chicken is listed at $12.95.

Han Dynasty – Old City [Foobooz]

Ballast Point Beer Dinner at Han Dynasty

ballast point han dynasty 400wTomorrow, February 17th, Han Dynasty Old City is hosting a six-course Ballast Point beer dinner including seven Ballast Point beers. Four of the beers are the super-rare Thai Chili Wahoo Wheat, Ginger Big Eye IPA, Habanero Sculpin IPA, and Coconut Victory at Sea Imperial Porter.

The dinner starts at 7 p.m. and is $65 per person. You can make reservations by calling the restaurant at (215) 922-1888.

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New Han Dynasty Opens Today With A Late-Night Taiwanese Street Food Menu


And yes, we have a copy of that menu, so you can plan your assault on it in advance of hitting the brand new bar at the brand new location (123 Chestnut Street) tonight.

Word from the kitchen at Han Dynasty is that this is just the menu for now–that the whole thing is subject to change whenever they feel like it and that, in the future, they’re going to be bringing in “accomplished chefs in the Philadelphia area” to expand it. Can’t wait to see how that works out. And to see what kind of “accomplished chefs” they have in mind.

Check out tonight’s menu after the jump.

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Updated First Look: Han Dynasty Moving Into Reserve Steakhouse

Han Dynasty – Coming Soon

It is true: as first reported a couple months back, Han Dynasty‘s current Old City location is going to be shutting down soon (their lease runs out October 1) and the whole operation will be moving across the street to the former home of Reserve–the ginormous and super-luxurious steakhouse that died under the weight of its own ostentation last year.

As things look right now, it will re-open as the largest Han Dynasty yet (200 seats, give or take) at the end of September and will not just be a restaurant but “a nightlife destination for Old City” according to Danielle Drew-Wolas who, in addition to being Han’s personal assistant and in-house counsel, is also in change of PR and marketing, real estate development, business affairs and lease negotiation. She’s also project manager for the Reserve project. And is Han’s mother’s personal assistant. Busiest woman in show biz, that one.

But anyway, She was kind enough to show me around the new space, with its giant ceilings and imposing bar. And then she got to talking…

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