New Han Dynasty Opens Today With A Late-Night Taiwanese Street Food Menu


And yes, we have a copy of that menu, so you can plan your assault on it in advance of hitting the brand new bar at the brand new location (123 Chestnut Street) tonight.

Word from the kitchen at Han Dynasty is that this is just the menu for now–that the whole thing is subject to change whenever they feel like it and that, in the future, they’re going to be bringing in “accomplished chefs in the Philadelphia area” to expand it. Can’t wait to see how that works out. And to see what kind of “accomplished chefs” they have in mind.

Check out tonight’s menu after the jump.

Han Dynasty late-night Taiwanese street food menu

Fried Chicken Wings – Dried Pepper or Cumin Flavored
Pork Belly in Buns – Braised pork belly slices served in steamed buns, chopped pickled vegetables, crushed peanuts, and cilantro
Minced Pork Over Rice – Minced pork braised in soy sauce, sugar, and spices, served over rice
Coffin Bread – rectangular fried toast with center carved, with chowder within the toast
Sticky Rice – Glutinous rice with mushroom strips, pork strips, dried shrimps, and fried shallots, mixed with soy sauce
Pork/Chicken Chop – Popular Taiwanese lunch dish with fried pork or chicken chop
Turnip Cake – Very popular breakfast dish, made with daikon and rice flour, served with soy paste with minced onions

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