Tashan: The Best Restaurant You’re Not Going To

Second Chance

Philadelphia is now home to one of the best Indian restaurants in the country. So why aren’t you eating there?

Once upon a time in Philly, there was a small and slightly troubled high-end Indian restaurant called Bindi, owned and operated by Valerie Safran and Marcie Turney, the Lords of 13th Street. It wasn’t a perfect restaurant. It was a BYO operating in a highly competitive environment. It was cash-only.

But the thing that really killed it was that it was a high-end Indian restaurant in a town that just doesn’t get high-end ethnic cuisines. “After a while, you get tired of hearing people say, ‘We don’t eat Indian food,’” Safran said in an interview shortly after it was announced that Bindi would close in September of 2011. She blamed Philadelphians for being unwilling to take a chance on something different. At the time, I didn’t completely buy her argument. Now, I’m not so sure.

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Only Three Thali Tuesdays Remain

Bindi is only offering three more Thali Tuesdays before the Indian BYOB shuts down to be transformed into a Spanish wine bar.

This week the $20 sampling menu includes the choice of chiken tikka almond curry, seafood coconut curry or summer vegetable saag plus a plethora of other bites.

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Greatest Hits and What You Missed:

Didn’t you hear? The damn hurrica-pocalypse is coming! You’re supposed to be out there boarding your windows and panic-buying cans of tuna fish, so what are you doing sitting on your ass reading food news?

Ah, well. For those of you who’ve decided to bunker-down in front of your computers this weekend, here’s what you might’ve missed while stocking up on whiskey and Oreos in anticipation of the coming storm.

Moon Out At Talula’s Garden The story that started as a rumor and exploded into a mini-industry for food writers this week
Collingswood Gets a Krispy Kreme Donuts, donuts, donuts, donuts, donuts…
Geno’s Joey Vento Dead at 71 Hope English is the official language of heaven. Otherwise, Joey is in trouble
Bindi to Become Jamonera And yeah, it’s your fault
New Digs For Fish Mike Stollenwerk swims upstream
Oktoberfest Guide Beer and pretzels (and squash) for everyone
Think You Can Guess The Next Talula’s Garden Chef? Then step up to the mic and prove it
Diving Horse Pop-Up on Saturday One of the benefits of a catastrophic storm, I guess

Stay dry, everyone. See you all on Monday.

From India To Spain: Bindi To Become Jamonera

What do you do when you’ve got three restaurants and a food market, a spare liquor license and an underperforming Indian BYOB? If you’re Valerie Safran and Marcie Turney, you drop the Indian concept and turn the space into a Spanish wine bar. On September 24, the pair will close Bindi, their 4-year-old Indian restaurant across the street from Barbuzzo, and reopen it as Jamonera sometime between early December and early January.

The explanation for the drastic replacement?

“After a while you get tired of hearing people say, ‘We don’t eat Indian food,’” sighs Safran.

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Around the Web: Brewer’s Plate Edition

Royal Tavern Roast Pork | Bridges, Burgers & Beers

The annual Brewer’s Plate fundraiser for Fair Food was held this past Saturday at the Penn Museum. It’s one of our favorite events of the year and this year it was bigger and better than ever. The event received plenty of coverage that we’ve compiled below.

West Chester Dish filled up and declared the turkey meatball and chana masala from Bindi as the clear food winner. [West Chester Dish]

Brian from Bridges Burgers & Beers gave up meat for Lent but what he couldn’t enjoy, he photographed. [Bridges, Burgers & Beers]

We spotted Messy & Picky’s Albert Yee racing around snapping pictures. He may have forgotten to take photos of some of his favorite bites but we’ll forgive him since he uploaded a slide show of 1200 pixel wide beauties. [Messy & Picky]

Philly2Philly was also there and scored an interview with Marcie Turney. [Philly2Philly]

As for our favorites, we enjoyed the foie gras and terrines but found the roast pork shoulder and broccoli rabe sandwich from the Royal Tavern was a delightful upgrade to the traditional roast pork sandwich. On the beer side we had several favorites including McKenzie Brew House’s award-winning Saison Vautour and Flying Fish’s just released Exit 9 Scarlet Ale.



Get your $20 Thali Tuesday deal at Bindi.

Check the menu after the jump.

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$20 Tuesdays at Bindi

Bindi in Midtown Village is offering $20 Thali Tuesdays. A Thali is a round tray made up of a selection of Indian dishes. The complete meal can be made with meat, seafoood or vegetables. Check out the menu after the jump.

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Eat Healthy Out

The Restaurant Club proves it’s possible to eat healthy as you eat out with these seven dishes.

  • Chifa – Peruvian Ceviche
  • Zahav – Galil
  • Lacroix – Venison
  • Bindi – Chicken Tikka Masala
  • Supper – Striped Bass
  • Buddakan – Sesame Crusted Tuna
  • Pub & Kitchen – Chicken Breast

A Philly Foodie’s Guide to Healthy Eating [Restaurant Club]

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