Only Three Thali Tuesdays Remain

Bindi is only offering three more Thali Tuesdays before the Indian BYOB shuts down to be transformed into a Spanish wine bar.

This week the $20 sampling menu includes the choice of chiken tikka almond curry, seafood coconut curry or summer vegetable saag plus a plethora of other bites.

÷÷÷choice of the following÷÷÷

September 6th

chicken tikka almond curry
spiced-yogurt marinated chicken kabobs, 1000 almond curry, watermelon radish kuchumber


seafood coconut curry
mussels, shrimp and mahi stew, spices, green chili, coconut milk-yellow dal curry


summer vegetable saag
grilled zucchini, charred corn, roasted pepper in a spinach cashew curry


jicama-mango chaat
cucumber, radish, jicama, mango,
sprouted moong beans, chutneys, yogurt

lemon rice
mustard seed, green chili, urad dal, curry leaf

chickpea curry
chickpeas, caramelized onion, tomato curry, garam masala, cilantro

lancaster vegetable masala
rainbow chard, mixed sweet peppers, caramelized shallots, curried butter, herbs

roasted garlic raita
cumin-cucumber yogurt raita, roasted garlic, chive oil

south indian potato-carrot paratha
hand rolled griddle bread, ghee, sea salt