South Indian Summer Vegetable Thali at Bindi

Tonight, Bindi’s $20 Thali menu features summer vegetables, keep it vegetarian or add your choice of meat  or fish.

A thali is a complete meal that offers a sampling of Indian dishes.

Tuesday, July 6th

chicken tikka vindaloo
spiced-yogurt marinated chicken kabobs, spicy vindaloo curry, radish kuchumber


seafood coconut curry
light fish and shellfish stew, spices, green chile, xacuti-coconut milk curry


paneer tomato masala
caramelized onion, spinach, chickpeas, tomato curry


choice of the following÷÷÷÷

cucumber and pear tomato salad, jicama, mango, sprouted beans, chutneys, yogurt

south indian poha
flattened rice with coconut, mustard seed, urad dal, chile

south indian toor dal, coconut milk, tamarind

vegetable masala
spice roasted summer zucchini, favas, mustard seed, dill

roasted garlic-lemon raita
cumin-cucumber yogurt raita, roasted garlic, lemon oil

aloo-paneer paratha
hand rolled griddle bread, south indian potato-paneer stuffing, ghee, sea salt

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