Greatest Hits and What You Missed:

Didn’t you hear? The damn hurrica-pocalypse is coming! You’re supposed to be out there boarding your windows and panic-buying cans of tuna fish, so what are you doing sitting on your ass reading food news?

Ah, well. For those of you who’ve decided to bunker-down in front of your computers this weekend, here’s what you might’ve missed while stocking up on whiskey and Oreos in anticipation of the coming storm.

Moon Out At Talula’s Garden The story that started as a rumor and exploded into a mini-industry for food writers this week
Collingswood Gets a Krispy Kreme Donuts, donuts, donuts, donuts, donuts…
Geno’s Joey Vento Dead at 71 Hope English is the official language of heaven. Otherwise, Joey is in trouble
Bindi to Become Jamonera And yeah, it’s your fault
New Digs For Fish Mike Stollenwerk swims upstream
Oktoberfest Guide Beer and pretzels (and squash) for everyone
Think You Can Guess The Next Talula’s Garden Chef? Then step up to the mic and prove it
Diving Horse Pop-Up on Saturday One of the benefits of a catastrophic storm, I guess

Stay dry, everyone. See you all on Monday.